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Who's a pretty boy then?

We have really enjoyed learning about pirates in Reception; we have found out all sorts of information about pirates and how they live and behave in stories. We can talk like pirates and we can sing like pirates. We have made up some brilliant new stories about pirates too. We made story maps so we could tell the stories in the correct order and we acted them, did puppet shows of them and wrote them in books or with I.C.T.

We have got better at using positional language by folllowing maps and looking for treasure too.

We got quite interested in seagulls (because they kept landing on our roof!) and parrots last week. So we compared them to see how they were the same and how they were different. We spit into two research teams to use books and computers to find out more about them. Then we shared our new facts with the rest of the class.

We were very excited to have a parrot to visit us on Friday.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/12/2014

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What a wonderful trip to Morrisons we had on Thursday morning!

We tried several Italian foods such as fresh Ciabatta with olive oil and fresh basil leaves, various cold pastas, Italian meats and cheeses including a blue cheese.

We tried Italian olives and Greek olives to compare them to.

The butchery department talked the children through the process of making minced beef, used for bolognaise and demonstrated making fresh burgers too.

Our children were also luckily enough to look at and touch various fresh fish including a squid!  We have since tasted some cooked octopus in school which got very mixed reviews!

In school we learnt about how olive oil is made and we visited the oils aisle to look at the various choices on offer.

Morrisons provided cookies and a drink each in the café to conclude our visit which the children (and adults) really enjoyed.