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Our Silhouette Art

Last week, Year 3 began our new topic: Are You Afraid of the Dark? We started our topic off by creating our very own silhouette art.

First, we investigated dark and light colours. We were given the three primary colours – red, yellow, blue – and then had to mix them to create orange, green and purple. Following that, we had to create a variety of darker and lighter shades. We took our time to investigate how this could be achieved, as were only given the original primary colours to do this. We painted a colour wheel to help us identify the different shades we’d been able to create.

Next, we used our knowledge of colour mixing to create our backgrounds for our silhouette art. We re-created our chosen shades through mixing and then painted our backgrounds. We had to be careful when we did this, as we had to try and make sure our backgrounds went from dark to light and that we were repeatedly painting in the same direction.

Finally, we created our silhouettes by using black card and sticking them to the backgrounds. Take a look at some of the art we created!

silhouette art


silhouette art

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2015

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