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Dark Day!

On Monday, we arrived at school to hear that something mysterious was going on in our classroom… When we got upstairs, we discovered that our classroom was plunged into complete darkness! We weren’t entirely sure what had happened, but we were told that unfortunately our learning would have to take place in the dark!

In our first lesson, we had to write a diary entry about our experience. Because we were unable to see, we were given torches so that we could write by torchlight. We could hear unusual sounds and used some of our best vocabulary to describe our experience. Here is an extract from one of our diary entries:

Dear Diary,

You’ll never guess what happened today? I came into the classroom and I saw that all the lights were out. I was feeling extremely scared. I heard pencils scraping on rustling paper. All the people were whispering quietly because they were scared. It was very cold… I started to get goose bumps.

 writing in the dark

Following that, we read our diary entries by torchlight and tried to create some of our own sound effects to match what we were describing.

listening to our stories

For the next part of our dark day, we created and performed our own scary stories. Our challenge was to use the sound effects we practised earlier on in the day and change our movements and voices to create an effect on the audience. We then spooked each other by retelling our stories in the dark!

We finished our day by using pastels to draw a picture of Laszlo, a new character we will be finding out about in our English lessons.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dark day and can’t wait for the next learning in our topic!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/01/2015

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