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Superheroes are Go!

Phew there are some worn out Super Heroes in Reception Class! We have been so busy going on problem solving missions. In maths we have had to find lots of different ways of making numbers and we have had to sharpen up our number spotting 'vision'. We had to do lots of ordering of numbers to solve problems too.

We acted out lots of missions and then used them as ideas for super stories which we photographed and made into comics. We really enjoyed starring in them and have been writing captions on them too. We have also had to read lots of secret messages made with invisible ink, or hidden, to solve clues and save people (or cats).

 In phonics, we have been learning super sounds! These are two letters that make one sound together and they are particularly useful for making up super comic words like; Woosh, Thwack and Kaboom!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/02/2015

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Name: Year 3

We have begun our new topic of Chocolate with gusto in Year 3. We are learning the history of chocolate and about its origins.

The children are enjoying discovering characters in our story, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and imagining their own inventions to be considered by Willy Wonka!





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