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Young Writers Competition

Last week, we all worked incredibly hard on our poetry skills, because we decided that we wanted to enter the Young Writers Out of this World competition. We decided to link our poems to our creative curriculum topic by writing poetry about either the sun or stars.

We began our writing journey by learning about different features of poems, such as alliteration, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, and rhyme. After that, we gathered our ideas in preparation for our first draft. We had our own mini-working walls, where we collected all the different vocabulary and phrases we could think of that could possibly be included in our poems. Then we began our draft writing.

competition entries

Every single one of us put in our absolute best effort into both our drafts and edits. After neatly copying up our final poems, we filled in our competition forms and sent our entries off by post!

Here is one example poem:

The stars happily float

They shine as bright as diamonds,

They shimmer, they sparkle,

In the lush, light blue sky.


Stars like aquamarines

Sometimes they illuminate,

They always wave hello,

When they are sleepy.


Gliding, flying stars

Making smiles as you go

They are like flying crystals,

When you look at the stars they watch.


Dreamy stars glide as they smile

Hovering like black spiders.

Glowing, shining stars,

Always make you sleepy.


Below is an extract from another poem:


The stars whizz and dance happily.

In the sky the stars illuminate

In the starry, shooting night,

Surrounded by a hot, roaring fire ball,

Like lava.


Shining for all the earth to see,

The stars shimmer.


Fingers crossed and wish us luck!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/02/2015

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