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The Great Debate!

In English, we’re learning about the skills of persuasive writing. We’ve been focusing on using paragraphs to organise our persuasive arguments, as well as using a variety of connectives and conjunctions to link sentences, paragraphs and ideas.

On Wednesday, we began to plan for our persuasive writing, which is based on the following question: Should children be allowed to snack on chocolate? We began by considering arguments for and against allowing children to snack on chocolate and then the following day we held a class debate!

We split the class so we were sat on the side we were arguing for and used our fantastic speaking and listening skills to either support or argue against each other’s points. We were fantastic at listening to each other’s arguments and taking it in turns to share our ideas. As we debated, we had to include some of the conjunctions and connectives we’d been learning about, which is something we all did brilliantly.



Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/02/2015

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