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Blast Off!

We have really enjoyed our learning all about Space this term. We started by reading and acting out the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy and this inspired us to make our own big rocket out of a huge cardboard box. We have been going on missions to different planets ever since.


We asked lots of interesting questions about Space like; 'Where do Astronaughts live when they are in space?', Why is Space Dark?', 'What makes a rocket blast off?' and 'Are Aliens real?'. So we went off to the library to find some books to help us find the answers.




In P.E we have made up dances to show with our bodies and our faces how we might travel and how we might feel if we were visiting different planets.


On some of our journeys we met some aliens and communicated with them. So we drew them or made them out of construction or junk. Then we made them passports and 'missing posters' because they were lost!

We also enjoyed the stories 'Alien's love Underpants' and 'The Aliens are coming!'.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/03/2015

About Me

Name: Year 3

We have begun our new topic of Chocolate with gusto in Year 3. We are learning the history of chocolate and about its origins.

The children are enjoying discovering characters in our story, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and imagining their own inventions to be considered by Willy Wonka!





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