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Cadbury World!

Friday was our incredibly amazing trip to Cadbury World! We thoroughly enjoyed every second of our day.

We started by exploring the Aztec jungle and learnt how cocoa made its way to Europe. After that, we learnt about how John Cadbury set up his store in the 1800s. He sold cocoa powder to make drinks and was very talented generating business. We found out how his business grew and how he came to build Bourneville village.

After that, we had a jaw-dropping tour of the factory. We saw the production line where we watched chocolate bars being made and packaged, ready to be delivered to stores across the country. Part way through the factory tour, we were given a delicious cup of warm, melted chocolate, which we completely devoured! 

yummy chocolateeating chocolate!

We then hopped onto a ‘Beanmobile,’ a small car which took us on a ride through a chocolate wonderland and then took a walk down an advertising avenue, where we got to see a history of some of Cadburys finest adverts.

Our day ended with a special presentation where we learnt all about how Cadbury designs, packages and advertises their products. We’re now very excited about the next stage in our topic, which will be inspired by our trip to Cadbury World.

 year 3


Watch this space… we will soon be uploading all our photos of the day to the online gallery!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/03/2015

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