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Chocolate Market Research

This term, we’re now going to start creating our chocolate companies and begin to design our own chocolate products.

This week, we’ve learnt all about the importance of carrying out market research and why it is necessary. As a class, we discussed existing products, competitors and shared our ideas about potential target markets.

We started our market research by finding out about people’s chocolate-eating habits. We wanted to know what the most popular flavours and types of chocolate were, as well as what chocolate products people would want to see in the shops. We had the freedom to decide how to carry out our market research. Some of us created questionnaires, some made tally charts and others created bar graphs. We obtained our information from children in other classes, school staff and parents. We then presented this information in our chosen way and learnt how to use the research to influence our future designs.

 market research         asking questions

We ended the week by focusing on existing products. We examined different types of chocolate packaging and worked out who the target markets were. We then sampled some of the products to get ideas about flavours and evaluated the range of tastes and textures. 

tasting products

Now, we can start designing our own chocolate products based on the research we've carried out! 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/04/2015

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