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Sunbeams 'Walking Through The Jungle'

This term the theme for the Sunbeams is the jungle. This has been chosen to go with the children's interests. They enjoyed learning about farm animals and their favourite story is currently Walking Through The Jungle. We will be learning the animal names and the sounds that they make. It will also provide the opportunity to use size and pattern language. In music and movement the children will move like jungle animals. The Sunshine room has been transformed into a jungle and equipped with resources so that the children can become explorers. The children will also be designing and making musical instruments to investigate different sounds.




This week the children have made animal masks. They mixed the paint to make the correct colour for their elephants and were amazed when it changed to make grey. The trunks were made by folding two pieces of paper together . The children concentrated really hard and they look fantastic ! We also went on a 'lion hunt' in the garden. The children thought about the different things we'd need to take . "I want to take pictures of the animals",  so we took a camera . "I need binoculars" and they were needed to see the monkey hanging in the tree! " Can we bring a backpack?" What a great idea , then we can use them to carry the animals back to nursery. The Sunbeams were amazing jungle explorers !




In cookery this week we made chocolate cakes and jam buns . The children took turns to weigh the ingredients and mix them together . "They smell delicious" "yummy" they declared when they were cooking in the oven.  





Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/04/2015

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