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Growing in Reception.

We have continued with our theme of 'When I Grow Up' this week. We have been finding out about the lifecycles of animals that come from eggs such as frogs, butterflies, chickens and even snakes and sharks. We've had a good chat about and painted some pictures of what we hope to be when we grow up and now we have begun to think about the life cycle of plants.

We enjoyed reading stories about a boy called Oliver who never ate vegetables until he saw them all grow. So we had a look at different vegetables and decided on prices for them according to how heavy they were.


Also we had a look at the salad that we had at lunchtime. We pulled it all apart and named each vegetable. Then we decided to plant the seeds from those vegetables so that we can grow a salad of our own. We read and ordered some instructions so we knew how to plant the seeds correctly and now we are writing some instructions too.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/04/2015

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