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Sunbeams Get Busy!

This week in cookery the Sunbeams made fruity milkshakes. They used knives to cut the fruit and then they had great fun pressing the button on the blender to mix it with the milk. They observed that the milk had changed colour and the fruit had disappeared! The best part was the tasting, they all agreed that their favourite flavour was banana.



We explored different textures in the large tray this week. The crispies made different sounds when they crushed them in their hands or squashed them. One Sunbeam put them on the floor and jumped on them " that's louder!" he said. He then noticed that the consistency had changed and he used his finger to make patterns in the powder. They also used them in their role play to fed them to the babies.  



The children enjoyed going into school for a story session in the library this week.  


We are exploring different sounds. This week the children made 'egg shakers'. They chose different resources - coffee beans, sugar , rice , buttons - and carefully put them inside their plastic eggs. They then found the matching lid , put it together and shook them . The children noticed that they all sounded different.   




Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/04/2015

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