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Friday 19th June 2015 - Underwater Adventure.

We have continued our Blue Planet theme this week in our writing, producing some amazing sea creature descriptive poems, but best of all, we went under the sea without even leaving school!  Off we went, out to play leaving behind our classrooms just as we would normally expect them to be and then the whistle blew for the end of playtime and we were shocked to find a total transformation had taken place.  We went into the Y1 classroom and climbed on board a huge rowing boat.


But ... oh no!  We capsized and had to swim underwater.  We swam under the sapphire blue sea and we saw a mermaid, a shipwreck, amazing sea creatures and so many wonderful treasures.  So, of course, we just had to write about our adventure!

sea 2

sea 3



Did you guess our riddle from last week?  The answer was Orca (Killer Whale).


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/06/2015

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