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New Term - Tuesday 22nd April 2014

It was great to welcome all of the children at school today after the Easter holidays. When we met for assembly this morning, the children were enthusiastic and happy to be back in school and looking forward to the new term. It was a really positive way to start the week!

We talked about holiday memories and things the children have done during the last couple of weeks that have made them feel proud. It was great to hear about individuals winning dance competitions, practising their singing, volunteering as part of their Legacy challenges, taking more exercise and trying to eat more healthily!

I shared with the children about Mrs Davys, our business manager completing the London Marathon in 4 hours and 38 minutes. This was a great personal achievement for her and also an inspiration to the children, especially those who attend the running club provided by Mrs Davys on Mondays. We would all like to offer her our congratulations. Mrs Davys will be talking about her experience and showing the children her medal in school this week.    

We are all looking forward to a positive and successful term ahead!    

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