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This week we have looked at different types of houses and then used shapes and 3D modelling to create our own houses for the 3 bears.

We have designed and selected materials to create bear collage pictures and we have made Goldilocks puppets. There has been oats everywhere this week..... in the water tray, mixed with sand and in the play-dough! the children have been thinking about the texture of different materials and how textures and consistencies can change when other materials are added.

The children have explored non-fiction books about bears and have learnt about different types of bears, where they live, what a baby bear is called and how bears live in their environment.   

We continued to investigate our interest in size by measuring each other with bricks and counting how many bricks tall we are.

It has been lovely watching the children re-tell our focus stories in the outdoor learning environment and negotiating who is going to take on the role of each character. The children have demonstrated their understanding of key events and sequences while being involved in some complex role play scenarios.      


Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/10/2015

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