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Autumn and changing colours

This week we have been learning about Autumn and the changes it brings to our environment. We have been learning about hibernation and birds migrating. The children experienced Autumn on an Autumn walk in the school grounds.

In number we have been counting conkers and matching numerals to quantity. We have explored shape through leaves and music and movement.

To learn about the changes that happen to the leaves in Autumn we have been painting green leaves with Autumn colours, created a large scale piece of leaf printing and made leaf rubbings. We used the 'signs of autumn' natural items that we collected on our Autumn walk to make leaf wreaths and pieces of transitional art.    

In music and movement we created wide and thin tree shapes, listened to Autumn sound effects and moved our bodies like swaying trees and then represented the leaves falling from the branches to the ground. We then made leaf shapes while we layed on the ground. 

Next week we will be following the children's interests in spiders and spiders webs.  




Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/10/2015

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