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The Sunbeam's Post Office Opens!

The Sunbeams opened their post office this week. They put their letters into envelopes , remembering to put stamps on and write  the address. There was some fantastic mark making. The children took it in turns to deliver the post to each other. We are planning a trip to the post office in town so that the children can buy stamps and post letters home.

We were very busy this week washing clothes too. They put them in the machine , hung them on the line and ironed them! They were able to match the patterns on the socks and count them before they put them away.

In cookery the children made pizza. They chose their toppings and used knives to cut the ingredients before arranging them on the base. When they were cooked we went out for a picnic . It was delicious!

Our focus this week , going with the children's interests , is Elmer. We are learning about elephants and colour.  


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/10/2015

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