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Pyramid Perimeters

This week, in our Creative Curriculum, we’ve been learning all about pyramids and perimeter. We discovered how pyramids were constructed and were surprised to discover just how complex the process was. We used our learning to write diary entries from the point of view of Ancient Egyptian labourers and agreed the days must have been long and gruelling!

We also discovered that the Egyptians planned and built the base of the pyramids first, using the stars to align one of the edges to the North. We had our own challenge to complete based on this: the pharaoh challenged us to plot the perimeter of his new pyramids! We were given maps with the perimeters marked on, but then had to use our own understanding of perimeter and multiples to calculate the lengths of each side! Then we used different measuring equipment to mark out the edges of our pyramids.

Take a look!



We're positive the Pharaoh would have been impressed with our work!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/10/2015

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