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This week we have started a new theme around building and construction. The children have learnt about the roles of the people that are involved in building a house and the sequence of processes that are required when designing and building a house.  

The children have designed buildings, built a house for 'Bob the Builder' and made bridges of different sizes. We made 'cement' and built walls at the dough table and explored the tools in a builders tool box. The children really enjoyed using the tools to carry out 'real' jobs! We have used our new knowledge in the new construction role play area in the outdoor learning environment.

We have learnt about Diwali and listened to one of our friends and her Mummy talk to us about how they celebrate Diwali in their home. The children were really interested to hear about the special foods that had been cooked and the lovely gifts their friend had received. We learnt about traditional dress in India and we looked at an oil lamp called a diya. The family celebrated the last day of Diwali with fireworks in their garden. We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita, created Rangoli patterns and joined in with traditional Indian dancing and a stick dance. The children have listened to different languages from around the world and learnt to say 'Happy Diwali' in Hindi.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/11/2015

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