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The British Museum

On Friday, we had our incredibly exciting visit to the British Museum! From the second we arrived, we were in awe of everything surrounding us...

Y4 at the Museum

We headed straight for the Ancient Egyptian exhibition where we had the opportunity to look at a range of Egyptian artefacts. We found canopic jars, enormous sculptures of Gods, pharaohs and sphinxes, Ancient Egyptian clothing... the list goes on! We were even more amazed to find a gallery containing some sarcophaguses and mummies! The sarcophaguses were far larger than we expected and we were able to see just how many possessions the Egyptians had buried with them to support their journeys into the afterlife.

in the gallery

Our day was a memorable and inspiring experience; we cannot wait to go back and reflect on what we've discovered.

Please keep an eye out for more photographs in the gallery section of the website.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/11/2015

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