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Wednesday 25th November- Brilliant Bats!

Today in year three, we were very lucky to have some visitors in our classroom!


Colin and Annette from Lincolnshire Bat Group came to our classroom to teach us all about these nocturnal animals!

They even brought three different species of bat with them!


First of all, Colin gave us a talk all about bats that you can find in Britain. Did you know there are lots of species of bats here in Stamford? After that, Colin and Annette gave us the chance to ask all of our questions that we had gathered about bats. Some questions that we had were, 'How many species of bats are there altogether?' and 'Why do bats hang upside down?' 

To end our workshop, we got the opportunity to have a closer look at the bats that they brought in with them. The three bats were all very different. One was the biggest species of bat found in Britain. She kept shaking to adjust to the temperature in our classroom. Another of the bats was a Long-Eared bat, and being a nocturnal animal, was fast asleep for the whole visit! The third bat was a Pipsqueak bat who was very active and was moving around his bat box!

We had a fantastic morning learning lots of interesting new facts and can't wait to use our new knowledge in our non-chronological report writing! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/11/2015

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