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Canopic Jars Part 1

On Friday, we began making our very own canopic jars!


During our mummification research, we learnt that the liver, intestines, stomach and lungs were removed from the body and stored in canopic jars. The canopic jars then helped preseve the organs. We discovered that the heads on the top of the jars were of the four sons of Horus (the God of the sky)and then decided that wanted to attempt making our very own canopic jars.

We began making them by starting with the head of the jar. We used air-drying clay and a variety of tools to make our chosen head for the lid of the jar. We used images of artefacts and our experience of seeing them up close at the British Museum to shape our clay. We will now leave them to dry and then begin painting them once they're ready! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/11/2015

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