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Diggers, trucks and demolition!

This week we have been busy learning all about the different machines and construction vehicles that work on a building site. We were very excited (and very lucky!) to have a small crane and lorry deliver a container right outside the nursery conservatory. To watch just what we had been learning about in the classroom out of the window was an incredible learning experience. Next week we are going to go out in the local environment to look at the different types of housing and develop an awareness of the purpose of some features of the children's environment. We hope to see some builders at work and observe the tools and materials associated with the construction trade.

To support our learning we have moved like diggers, thinking about vocabulary such as forwards, backwards, lift, push, pull, up, down and reverse! We have created diggers using card and split pins and straws and bottle tops. We have designed houses using dough and lolly sticks and we have knocked down towers with our demolition tower and ball.

The children had great fun practising their target skills with the tyres and bean bags and trip, trapping across the bridge to escape from the Troll!

Next week we are going to be thinking about ice and 'Frozen'. We have had several children bring in lumps of ice that they have found on the way to nursery, we also know how special the 'Frozen' story is to lots of our children. We are really looking forward to carrying out some interesting science experiments and developing the children's understanding of freezing and melting through the 'Frozen' story.  



Let it go!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/11/2015

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