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Tuesday 8th December 2015- Owl Visitors!

This morning, year 3 were very lucky to be visited by Simon, Caroline and Jo the owl from East Midlands Hawk and Owl Trust. We were very excited to learn about these fascinating creatures as we come to the end of our dark topic. 

Simon gave us lots of information about owls including their habitat, appearance, habits and wingspan. We even got to hold Jo using a falconry glove. Owls have very sharp claws! We were taught the correct way to hold Jo and were surprised at how light she was!

Another thing we were interested to learn about was an owl's diet. Simon bought in some real owl pellets and we were surprised at how they looked! We were then given the opportunity to dissect the pellets to find out what the owls had been eating. We were surprised to find real animal bones! 

We were then able to find out what animal they had belonged to using an identification chart. We were amazed!

We had a fantastic morning learning all about these magnificent creatures!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/12/2015

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