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Welcome back and Happy New Year!

It was lovely to see the children 'bound' into nursery on Tuesday with big smiles and excitment! It was a very exciting circle time listening to the children telling their friends all about their presents and the special times they had shared over the christmas holiday.

We have started the year off with a theme around winter and exploring climate and weather conditions. This week we have been thinking about how we keep warm in cold weather and we have also looked at how animals keep warm, particularly in cold places like the Arctic. At snack time on Wednesday we warmed our tummies with hot chocolate and marshmallows! We sorted items of winter clothing and looked at the different patterns. We created our own patterns on hats, scarves and gloves. Next week we are going to open a 'winter woolies' shop!

To develop our physical skills the children took part in a 'freezing' and 'melting' game and floated like snowflakes. The children demonstrated great balancing skills and were able to hold a fixed position.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/01/2016

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