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Friday 15th January 2016 - Westside Gym

We followed up our swimming with a visit to Westside Gym this week.  As well as thinking about the benefits of exercise, we learned about the different types of exercise we can do and which parts of the body they benefit.  We looked at the range of equipment available at the gym and discovered that in addition to the gym equipment, there are also 40 classes available each week!  We were fascinated by the disco lights of the spinning class and the fact that the bikes didn't go anywhere!

gym 1

After an introductory talk and a tour of the gym, fitness trainer, Emma, put us through our paces warming up to the beat of Uptown Funk, followed by some press-ups, lunges and sit-ups.

gym 2

gym 3

Our session ended with a relaxing cool down with dimmed lighting.

gym 4

By the time we had walked back to school, everyone was ready for lunch and there were many empty plates!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/01/2016

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