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Super Heroes Away!

We have had a very busy week here in reception class because the Superheroes keep ringing us up asking for our help with their maths problems. It turns out Spiderman and WonderWoman do not have very good Adding  powers so we have been showing them how to do it.

We even have had to organise a 1p less Sale in their shop for them!


Iron man was very helpful with one of our questions though. We wondered if all metals were magnetic and he got Metal Man and Magnet Girl to help us find out. We collected all the metal we could find in the classroom then we tested it all with magnets to see if it had ‘the force’. 

We have also used information books and websites to find out all about our favourite Superheroes. Now we are ready to make some comic stories of our own.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2016

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