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Fishy Art

We are well under way with our new topic this term. We've been classifying animals according to their characteristics and creating classification keys. We've learnt how to sort animals according to whether they are a mammal, reptile, amphibean, fish, or bird and then we turned our attention to sea animals. We learnt how to further classify these into marine mammals, mollusks, crustaceans and echinoderms, and researched other animals that may fit into these categories. As a result of this, we've come up with more interesting questions we'd like to find the answers to, so we look forward to exploring these later on!

This week in English, we've been gathering reasons for and against keeping wild animals in zoos. We've read a range of research material which will eventually help us when we come to write our discussion text. We had a go at planning our writing by creating a poster summarising our arguments:

discussion plan

At the end of the week, some of us had a go at making paper plate fish! We planned what we were going to do to achieve our goal and then had to ensure we had all the resources we would need by compiling a list. Then we made all the different components in order to create our sea creature. 

paper fish

paper fish

We had a fantastic time making these and were joined by some of the Y3 children who enjoyed our art just as much!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2016

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