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The clock strikes twelve!

This week we have continued to enjoy our learning around the story of Cinderella. We have taken part in lots of creative activites and this has included designing a new glass slipper for cinderella, paper craft pumpkins, magic wands and shape finger mice puppets.

We have explored clocks and counted clock strikes to twelve! We discussed our favourite characters from the story and had great fun painting them for our nursery art gallery. In our small world play we acted out the story using the castle and puppet props.

In music and movement this week we watched 'The Bolero' and then created our own pieces of ice skating dancing. We developed our listening and attention skills by playing 'pass the wand', when we heard the magic bells ring we had to stand up and do a 'royal twirl!'

Next week our learning will have a gingerbread theme, run, run as fast you can.....


Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/01/2016

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