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Diorama Developments

Yesterday, we continued with our diorama project. Our boxes had finally dried, so we began by adding sand mixed with glitter to represent the ocean floor. 


After that, we started making different components to add to our dioramas. We created different sea creatures using a range of junk modelling materials. We had sharks made of paper towel rolls, fish made of spoons, colourful coral and rocks made of painted foil, oysters made of sea shells, sea shells made of pasta and even jellyfish made of sandwich bags and bubble wrap! We used our homework and the research we've done in school to inspire our designs, but had to decide for ourselves what materials we were going to use to put our creations together.


At the end of the week we'll be putting all of these together to finalise our diorama!

In English this week we've started learning about coral reefs and in Maths we've been continuing to solve a range of division and multiplication problems. Next week, we're looking forward to our visit to Pizza Express which will hopefully inspire us to cook our very own seafood pizzas!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/02/2016

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