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Pizza Express

On Tuesday, we walked down to Pizza Express in town. We had an incredible time learning how to make a fresh pizza. After washing our hands and putting on our aprons and hats, we learnt what ingredients are in dough and discovered that Pizza Express use 900,000 pieces of dough a week across the country! It was then time to start preparing our food!

We began by kneading and manipulating the dough and learnt about the importance of proofing the dough. After gently sprinkling flour on our pizza dough, we shaped it using the technique the chef taught us and then shaped them again once we'd put it in the pan. The chef told us how fresh tomato sauce is made and which different types of cheeses you can use before allowing us to add these ingredients to our pizzas.

pizza  pizza

While the pizzas were cooking, the chefs showed us the special ovens they use in the kitchens. We found out that the ovens are heated to 371 degrees celsius and that this allows the pizzas to be cooked in the rapid time of 5-6 minutes. Pizza Express then very kindly offered to deliver our pizzas to us at school. They also generously gave us some hats and aprons for when we do our own cooking later on in our topic.

We hurried back to school and eventually our pizzas arrived! When children were talking about eating their pizzas, they described themselves as 'demolishing' and 'devouring' them as they were so delicious!


We're now very much looking forward to making seafood pizzas and fishcakes after the half term, so please keep an eye out for our next blog.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the photo gallery for more pictures of our visit.

Thank you Pizza Express!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/02/2016

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