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Scrumptious Seafood Pizzas

On Tuesday, we used our learning from our visit to Pizza Express to create our very own seafood pizzas!

Before our food preparation, we began by reminding ourselves about how we can be hygienic when cooking. We used antibacterial spray to clean our tables, washed our hands, tied our hair back and rolled up our sleeves. Then, we popped on our chefs hats and aprons which Pizza Express had very kindly given to us for our cooking!

We recapped on how to safely prepare food and then began! We had fresh vegetables, so we carefully prepared the mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes to top our pizzas. 

preparing peppers

After that, we made our dough. We created it using pizza mixture and tepid water, then began kneading it just like we had been taught at Pizza Express. We carefully shaped our mini-pizzas then began adding our toppings, which also included tuna fish!



We thoroughly enjoyed using our new skills to create our seafood pizzas, which were then given to visitors during our Open Event. Thank you to all those who tasted our pizzas, we hope you enjoyed them!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/02/2016

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