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Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Tuesday 29th February was our incredible, unforgettable visit to Birmingham Sea Life Centre. From the moment we walked in we were breath-taken by what we saw.

Our journey began with the penguins. We were very fortunate to see them jumping in and out of their pool, and we even managed to watch feeding time. Continuing our journey, we saw countless fish, stingrays and starfish (which we even got to touch!). We even managed to spot a pufferfish and an eel!

After that, we saw clownfish, sharks and an octopus! We couldn't believe what we were seeing. Here are a few of us walking through the starfish tunnel:

sea life

We continued our journey and came across the otters. It turns out that they are actually quite dangerous, so they weren't so adorable after all! After that were the jellyfish, but the best surprise of all was the Ocean Tunnel at the very end. We walked through and our jaws dropped in amazement! We were surrounded by sharks and fish of all sizes. We spotted a yellow eel hiding away and were mesmerised by the giant turtle!

sea life


We had an unforgettable day and can't wait to continue with our Under the Sea learning. Take a look at our gallery where shortly there will be more photographs from our day.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/02/2016

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