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Monday 21st March 2016- Year Three Love to Swim!


This week, year three are completing a mini topic called we love to swim! We have been enjoying our swimming lessons this term and have decided to learn more about why swimming is good for us.

We started off our week with a lovely walk down to the meadows in Stamford. When we arrived at the meadows, we watched the river moving and did some beautiful sketches of the river. We then had a walk around the river and noticed that the river changed and got much deeper.

When we arrived back at school, we looked at different scenario cards involving danger near water. We acted them out and spoke about what we would need to do to keep safe. Most of the scenarios included being able to swim. We concluded that swimming is a really important life skill that we need to learn to do!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/03/2016

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