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Ruthless, Rotten Romans!

Friday was our spark for our new Ruthless Romans topic! We arrived in the morning in our fabulous Roman costumes and got straight to work. The Roman master wanted different products making in exchange for ‘dinarii’ (Roman money). We could make wax tablets, lucky clay charms, medicines and badges, as well as visit the bath houses to make perfumes and lotions. We had to be careful though… some of us caught illnesses and had to visit the hospital in order to be treated in very pecualiar ways. For example, one of us got an injured leg and had to have it chopped off! Miss Kinchin, unfortunately, caught worms, so had to be given very specific medicine which the doctor made for her! Here we are preparing the medicines:


While we were working, rumours were flying around about a rebellion in the North, and slowly Roman soldiers began to appear. However, the rest of us continued our jobs, which included looking for rats! Unfortunately, a few of us got captured and became slaves. We were sold numerous times and were given tasks to do! Some of us needed to make additional products for our masters, whilst some of us were made to scrub the floor!badges

bath house

In the afternoon, our Roman army was able to defeat Boudicca’s rebellion. To celebrate, we had a feast. The slaves prepared bread, cheese, grapes and wine while the rest of us prepared different types of entertainment, including poetry recitals and plays.

We had an incredible day and loved becoming Romans. Thank you to Phil from History off the Page for our memorable day. Please go to the gallery later on in the week to find more photos of our spark.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/04/2016

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