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Friday 22nd April 2016 - Ladybird, Ladybird Fly Away Home.

Continuing our topic about minibeasts, this week we have looked in more detail at ladybirds.  We are lucky to have some right outside our classroom looking after the spring flowers we have grown in the tyres and so we can study them in more detail.

We have found out lots of facts about ladybirds, such as they are invertebrates and an insect that has wings protected by a hard outer shell, but, we were shocked to discover that once a female ladybird lays her eggs, she dies.  How sad!


In our classroom at the moment we have some frogspawn and tadpoles and some caterpillars which we are observing daily to see how they change.  Did you know tadpoles like fish food?spawn



Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/04/2016

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