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Bouddica and Books

This week, we've been learning all about Queen Boudicca and the Iceni tribe and have started thinking about reliable and non-reliable historical sources. As part of this week's focus, we became Boudicca herself in a drama lesson. We had to pretend to be her and come up with a persuasive rallying speech which would encourage other tribes to join her in her rebellion against the Romans. We then used our acting skills to support our writing when we wrote her persuasive speech. We knew we had been successful when the rest of the class were shouting back in support!


speech     writing

We have also been continuing our work on creating our book corner. We've developped a plan for the rest of the term and have some exciting projects lined up which will help increase the number of books in our classroom. We also had some exciting news... Morrisons had received our letters asking for help and they had responded by very generously giving us some vouchers! We then collectively decided on what books we wanted to purchase.


We'd like to say a massive thank you to Jason at Morrisons for his support with our project and allowing us to fill our bookcase a little more.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/04/2016

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