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Friday 29th April 2016- Stamford Town Hall!

On Friday, year three enjoyed a fantastic visit to Stamford Town Hall. When we arrived at the town hall, we were amazed at the spectacular architecture of the building. We spent a few moments looking at the building and then made our way inside, where we were greeted by three councillors from the town hall. We split into three groups and started our journey!

We were lucky enough to go inside the Mayor's personal chambers and look at some of the historical objects that have been given to Stamford in the past. We were impressed by the shiny sword from RAF Wittering and the golden sceptre to represent the Queen! We looked at the Mayor's robes and couldn't believe how soft they were!

We then made our way into the council's chambers which was very impressive. The room was set out ready for a council meeting and we learnt about how somebody can become the Mayor and what the council's job is.

Our third activity was to explore the dungeons underneath the town hall. They were hidden underground behind some very heavy, and very old doors! It was very interesting to see how the prisoners were treated and how things have changed. We were very shocked!

We had a very informative afternoon and have learnt a lot about Stamford's history!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/05/2016

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