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Treasure, treasure, treasure!

This week has been a week treasure!

First off, we arrived to school on Tuesday to find a surprise waiting for us... a theatre company had arrived and they were putting on a performance of Treasure Island for us! We had looked at Treasure Island in our previous 'Under the Sea' topic. We're also going to be revisiting plays in Guided Reading next week, so we were particularly excited about this opportunity to see a play in action. The performance was very entertaining and it was astounding to have a theatre company in our very school! This means that we have now experienced something else from our '50 Things to do at the Bluecoat School' list.

treasure island

On Wednesday, we then had another exciting Creative Curriculum opportunity when we went to Castor. Here, we were given a tour by the pupils of Castor CE Primary School, their headteacher and local volunteers who showed us where Romans once stood! We learnt all about local archaeology and excavation and found out that we were walking on top of Roman roads and ruins of old buildings. We then walked around the local church and discovered that it was built using materials from the remains of old Roman buildings. Throughout the day, some of us found our very own Roman treasures, as we were able to find the remains of Roman relics. Quite a few of us managed to find the remains of Roman pots and tiles during our walk. We'd like to give a big thank you to the pupils of Castor CE Primary who lead the tour and helped us unearth some fascinating historical facts!


Please take a look at the website gallery to see more pictures of these two events.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/05/2016

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