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Monday 16th May 2016- Burghley Park

Today, year three visited Burghley Park to take part in a science workshop. Our workshop, which was called 'Green plants; Who needs them?' started in the Brewhouse Classroom. We were guided through the different parts of plants and their function. We had chance to dissect some flowers to find the different parts that we had learnt about. We spoke about the food chain and why insects were important and what we could do to protect plants and insects too.

After enjoying our lunch, we headed up to the sculpture gardens to find some of the flowers, plants and insects that we had learnt about during our workshop. We had identification sheets and worked in groups to see how many we could find. We noticed that certain insects like certain plants and we watched a bee take pollen from the anther of a flower and put it onto the stigma, in order to make seeds. It was very interesting!

We were desperate to go further into the sculpture gardens to see how many sculptures we could find. We had to make sure our observation skills were good to spot them because some were hidden really well!

We had a fantastic day and are looking forward to using our plants knowledge to make an amazing display in the corridor!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/05/2016

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