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Wednesday 15th June 2016- Prehistoric Day!

On Wednesday, year 3 visited The Collection in Lincoln to take part in a pre-historic day, as a spark for our new project 'PREDATOR!' We were very excited on the coach journey there and were looking forward to all of the fantastic things that we were going to see and do!

When we arrived at The Collection, we were surprised at how big the museum was! We started off our day in a cinema, where our guides, Eric and Linda, told us some key facts about the stone age and iron age. We then went and took part in a big dig, where Eric taught us about being an archaeologist. We learnt the correct strategy to dig, found our prehistoric items and then made a report about our items. It was very interesting!

After that, we learnt about stone age round houses and settlements. We had the opportunity to make a round house and made a stone age village! Following this, we had a guided tour around the museum where we looked at real stone age artefacts. We also got to hold some of the items.

After our lunch, we went back into the theatre where we learnt about the development of stone age humans. We took part in a play to learn about the way that stone age people lived and the inventions that they discovered. We finished off our afternon with a workshop in cave paintings. We learnt about why people in the stone age made cave paintings and the stories we can learn from them. We then had the chance to make our own cave painting.

It was a fantastic day and year three would like to give special thanks to Eric and Linda from The Collection Museum in Lincoln for making our day so enjoyable!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/06/2016

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