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Maths Games, Cameras and Angles

It has been another busy week in Y4. We are now ready to start filming our movies as we have completed our scripts and have gathered most of our props. On Tuesday, we practised our filming skills by learning about different types of camera angles. We compared them to decide when they would be best used and what impact they may have on the audience.

 camera angles        cameras

In Maths this week, we’ve been learning about measures and have just moved on to time. We’ve been specifically learning how to read an analogue clock and how to write digital times. We started solving different problems linked to time and, on Thursday, we consolidated our learning by playing a board game where we had to match the digital time to the analogue clock faces. Some of us who had once found this tricky now find it considerably easier than before!

maths games

Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/07/2016

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