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Names, sounds and habitats!

This week we have been learning about some of the common garden birds that we might see in our local community. The children have learnt what makes each species special, their markings, what they eat, where they build their nests and what colour eggs they lay. These conversations propmted lots of interest and questions. We had several children bring in feathers to share with us, one child brought in photos of their pet birds and one little girl was really excited to share an opened bird egg that she had found in her garden. Together we researched which bird the egg belonged to.

The children have taken part in lots of bird craft activities, made marks with feathers, sorted feathers by size, used descriptive language to describe feathers, explored a variety of natural materials to create individual birds nests and created collage birds with the dough. We have been using this theme to explore the letter sounds 'b' and 'n' and the number two through the nursery rhyme of 'Two Little Dickie Birds'. 

On Wednesday the children discussed how we could help the birds that live in our nursery garden. We had a litter pick, put out fresh water, filled bird feeders with seed and put up two bird boxes. The children then made bird cakes using seeds, lard, cheese and raisins. After they had set in the fridge we hung them on the branches of the trees.

Next week we are going to be focussing on birds of prey. At the beginning of the week our main focus will be on owls and then moving onto kites, a bird the children are particularly interested in.





Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/04/2016

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