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Whatever Next....

Following on from our theme 'Rockets and Space', the Sunbeams have enjoyed reading the story 'Whatever Next'. It is about a bear that flies to the moon in a rocket that he finds in a cupboard under the stairs! The children used props to retell and act out the story. They tried on different space boots and helmets for the journey. We made telescopes to observe the stars and moon on the way!


The bear flies by an aeroplane on the way to the moon so we also tried making paper planes. The children took turns flying them to each other and seeing which one flew the furthest. Finally, we planned our picnic on the moon. In cookery we made biscuits and sandwiches. On Friday the Sunbeams went to the moon with their food and blanket. As we ate we counted the stars !  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/03/2016

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