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Fairy tales, ice cream delights and a reading 'buddy' adventure!

We have had such a busy week! This week we have been developing our theme around fairy tales. We started the week by exploring castles and learning about the different parts of the castle. We painted castles with brushes and wooden bricks and built towers with blocks. The children created magic potions and made wishes in a bottle.

On Wednesday when we arrived in nursery there was a fairy tale castle with lots of story telling props. The children have taken on different roles and created some lovely role play scenarios! We have focussed our literacy around the story of Cinderella. The children have listened to the story in small groups and discussed the key characters, we have reflected on emotions and will be developing this further next week in music and movement.

We have followed the children's interests and created an ice cream parlour in the dough area. The children have been creating delicious ice creams with a variety of flavours and toppings! They have been using their counting skills while counting out the coins and developing their number recognition through price tags and using the cash register and calculator. 

I was so proud of the children today when we took part in our first 'reading buddy' sessions with the children in the reception class. The children walked down to the school library with their 'buddy' and then enjoyed sharing a story and listening to the reception children read their books. It was lovely to watch the older children share their knowledge and literacy skills with the nursery children and it gave reading a purpose and focus for all the children involved. 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/01/2016

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