Our Curriculum Statement

At the Bluecoat School we believe that a well-designed and planned, broad and motivating creative curriculum is the key to children achieving success in their primary education.

Staff, children and governors at our school have worked together to re-design and develop our curriculum from September 2014 which we believe will:

  • Excite children and promote positive independent attitudes to learning
  • Motivate children to achieve high standards in all aspects of their learning
  • Contribute to their personal all round development and prepare them for the next stage in their education.

The National Curriculum

From September 2014, our whole school curriculum will meet the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum  for Key Stages One and Two.

Pupils entering Y2 and Y6

Pupils entering years 2 and 6 in September 2014 will continue to be taught the former programmes of study for English, maths and science in the 2014 to 2015 academic year, to allow for statutory end of key stage assessments in summer 2015



 Early Years

Children in our Nursery and Reception classes will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. For detailed information about our Early Years curriculum provision please look at the Early Years Framework and our Early Years Curriculum Statement

For more detailed information about our curriculum please see the documents listed below

Curriculum Subjects

Residential Trips

Our Creative Curriculum

Partnerships with Parents and Carers

Extra-Curricular Opportunities


50 Things (and more!) to do as a pupil at The Bluecoat School

50 Things to do

50 Things to do (2)

50 Things to do - people to meet

50 Things to do - places to visit  


Summer Term 2016 Creative Learning Projects

Y1 The Magical Zoo

Y1/2 Carnival of the Animals

Y1/2 Winnie the Pooh and The Royal Birthday

Y3 Stone Age to Iron Age

Y4 Movie Magic

Y5 Greece is the Word

Y6 Memories


Spring Term 2016 Creative Learning Projects

Y1 Emergency, Emergency

Y2 Inside Out

Y3 A Whole Lot of Lava

Y4 Under the Sea

Y5 Space - The Final Frontier

Y6 Carnival of the Animals

Autumn Term 2015 - Project Rationales

KS1 Raise the Roof

Y3 We Are Not Amused

Y4 I Want My Mummy

Y5 Invaders and Settlers

Y6 Terrible Tudors

Summer Term Creative Learning Projects 2015

Year 1/2 The Blue Planet

Year 3 Extreme Earth

Year 5 Meet the Greeks

Year 6 Food Glorious Food

Spring Term Creative Learning Projects 2015

Year 1 Are We Nearly There Yet?

Year 1 Whatever the Weather

Year 2 How is it Made?

Year 2 Whatever the Weather

Year 3 and the Chocolate Factory

Year 3 Are You Afraid of the Dark

Year 4 Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Year 5 Invaders and Settlers

Year 5 Space - To Infinity and Beyond

Year 6 To Be or Not to Be!

Autumn Term Creative Learning Projects 2014

Year 1 Fire Fire

Year 1 Christmas Past and Present

Year 1 We are the United Kingdom

Year 2 Flat Friends

Year 2 Sticks and Stones

Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age

Year 4 The Secret Garden

Year 5 Mmm Chocolate

Year 6 How to Train your Dragon


Ofsted Outstanding