21/06/2018   Sports Day

Parents are invited to watch our annual Sports Day on the school field from 1pm

19/06/2018   Y5 trip to RAF Scampton

19/06/2018   Y3 Trip to Burghley House

19/06/2018   Y4 Mini Olympics

18/06/2018   YR Trip to Bugtopia

13/06/2018   Y4 Churches Together

11/06/2018   Y1 Phonics Screening Check Week

06/06/2018   School Photograph Day

The arrangements on the day will be as follows:

  • We plan to offer families with older children (not at this school) or younger children (not in our nursery) the opportunity for a family photograph if you wish. These photographs will be taken between 8.15am and 8.40am in order for us to fit everyone in. If you would like a family group photograph with older or younger siblings who are not at our school or nursery, please arrive at the main entrance between 8.15am and 8.30am as this session will finish promptly at 8.40am. 
  • All family groups within school (including nursery) will be photographed and this will managed by Mrs Coleman during the usual school day.
  • All pupils will have individual photographs taken

05/06/2018   Y4 trip to Peterborough Museum

Year 4 will be starting their exciting new topic all about the Romans. As the spark for our new Creative Curriculum topic, we will be visiting Peterborough Museum on Tuesday 5th June.

25/05/2018   Summer Term resumes Monday 4th June

24/05/2018   Children only Disco

Children only Disco 6 - 7:30.

Tickets £1.50 available from Mrs Coleman. Includes drinks and snack!

22/05/2018   Y2 music workshop at Stamford Welland Academy

17/05/2018   Girls Football Tournament

14/05/2018   Y6 SATS Week

08/05/2018   Y2 music workshop at Stamford Welland Academy

03/05/2018   Letter from the Mayor

We have received a letter from the Mayor follwing his judging of the Decorated Egg Competition.  To read the letter click here

25/04/2018   Y6 Trip to Cranwell

As part of our Creative Curriculum topic, we are delighted to advise you that Y6 will be visiting the Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre on Wednesday 25th April 2018. During the day, the children will take part in two exciting writing workshops, one is based on the theme of superheroes and involves art and drama. The other is based on the theme of evacuees and links to literacy and drama skills. This visit will take place during the school day and we will be leaving at approximately 8.30am. We are therefore requesting that your child/children arrive in school slightly early that day for 8.20am so that the coach can depart promptly at 8.30am. We should return to school by 3.45pm. Your child/children should wear school uniform on this occasion.

24/04/2018   Y1 Trip to Rutland Farm Park

On Tuesday 24th April, Year 1 will be travelling to Rutland Farm Park, Oakham as a spark for our new Creative Curriculum topic ‘Down at the farm’.

We will be leaving by coach at 09:30 a.m., having a picnic lunch at the farm and we will return to school by 3:15 p.m. 

The children must be in their school uniform for this visit but can you please send your child in  trainers or wellies. Your child must have a warm coat/jacket for this visit as we will be outdoors for the majority of the day.

24/04/2018   Y2 Trip to Egleton Nature reserve

On Tuesday 24th April, Year 2 will be travelling to Egleton Nature reserve at Rutland Water by coach, to participate in bug hunting and pond dipping as a spark for our new topic “It’s a Bug’s Life!”.

We will be leaving by coach at 09:30 a.m., having a picnic lunch at Egleton and we will return to school by 3:15 p.m. 

This is a non-uniform event, but children should dress appropriately for the weather and the activities.  Suitable clothing would be along the lines of joggers, T-shirt and sweatshirt with trainers.  Shoulders should be covered and sturdy enclosed footwear is a must.  We will take school sun hats and water bottles. 

04/04/2018   Summer Term starts on Tuesday 17th April 2018

We look forward to welcoming children back to school on Tuesday 17th April at the ususal time.

28/03/2018   Decorated Egg competition

GROUP A – YR to Y6 – entries completed without help from adults

GROUP B – YR to Y6 – entries completed with help from adults

GROUP C – Nursery Entries

GROUP D – Parents and ex-pupil entries

The Mayor of Stamford will be judging the entries on Wednesday 28th March 2018

28/03/2018   Easter Fair and Disco

Come and enjoy our end of term Easter disco and Fair from 6pm - 7.30pm.

23/03/2018   Non Uniform Day

Children may come to school in Non - Uniform in exchange for tombola or raffle prizes for the Easter Fair.

12/03/2018   Parents Meetings YR - Y5

Parent's Meetings for YR - Y5 have been re-scheduled to w/c 12/03/18.  A letter will be sent home today with further details.

09/03/2018   Y6 Parents Meetings

Y6 Parents Meetings have been re-sheduled to this Friday, 9th March and details of allocated appointments for all Y6 parents will be sent this week.

08/03/2018   World Book Day Dressing up Parade

We are pleased to invite you to our annual Book Character dressing up parade which will take place at 9am this Thursday 8th March 2018 in the main hall. All parents are welcome to join us to participate and/or simply to watch the fun.

We hope that all children (and some parents!) will come to school dressed as a favourite story book character that day and, as always, we look forward to seeing all of the wonderful costumes. Some of our Stamford Burghley Rotary reading volunteers are looking forward to judging the event and there will be prizes for the winning costumes.

04/03/2018   School Open tomorrow 5th March 2018.

School will be open tomorrow at the usual time and we look forward to welcoming you all back. A reminder that we have our World Book Day dressing up assembly this Thursday 8th of March at 9am and all parents are welcome.

Many thanks, Mrs Hines.

27/02/2018   Y6 Parents meetings 8.30am to 7pm

Y6 Parents’ meetings 8.30am to 7pm

20/02/2018   Y3 Stamford Heavenly Chocolate Trip

Children from Y3 will be visiting Stamford Heavenly Chocolate to take part in a chocolate making Workshop.

19/02/2018   Term 3 Begins

Term 3 begins at the usual time today

09/02/2018   Term 3 Ends

Term 3 ends today at 3:15.  We look forward to seeing all childfren back in school after the half term break on Monday 19th February.

26/01/2018   Young Voices

The Choir will be performing in the Young Voices Concert in Birmingham.

26/01/2018   Stamford Mercury Wonderful Winter Walk

The Stamford Mercury reported on our Wonderful Winter Walk for Cancer Research UK. 

Read the full article here:



19/01/2018   The Wonderful Winter Walk

On Friday 19th January 2018, all children in the school from Nursery to Y6 will take part in a wonderful winter walk either in the school grounds for our very youngest children, or further afield in the local community in aid of children’s cancers on World Cancer Day.

16/01/2018   16/01/2018 Y1 Trip to Rutland Water

Y1 will be visiting Rutland Water to learn about the seasons. 

10/01/2018   Y4 Trip to The Fitzwilliam Museum

Y4 will be visiting The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to learn about the Ancient Egyptians

03/01/2018   Spring Term 2018 starts

We look forward to welcoming children back to school after the Christmas Holiday today.

19/12/2017   Y4/5/6 Christmas Party

18/12/2017   Reception Christmas Party

18/12/2017   Y1/2/3 Christmas Party

18/12/2017   KS2 Re-scheduled Christmas Production

The evening performance of Gold Frankincense and Mirth will now be held on Monday 18th December 2017 at 7:00pm.  Anyone who had tickets for the last weeks' cancelled performance can come with the tickets they were previously issued.

13/12/2017   KS1 Christmas Performance

KS1 will be performing Shine Star Shine at 10am

13/12/2017   Nursery Christmas Party

12/12/2017   KS2 Performance

KS2 Christmas performance 10:00am

11/12/2017   KS2 Evening Performance

KS2 Performance 7:00pm

07/12/2017   Christmas Lunch

06/12/2017   Nursery Nativity Performance

Nursery Nativity performace, time to TBC

01/12/2017   Premier League trophy comes to school

On Wednesday 22nd November the Premier League Trophy came to school as part of the Premier League Reading Stars programme.  This is how it was reported in the Stamford Mercury

01/12/2017   Stamford Mercury article

The Stamford Mercury celebrated our exciting Premier League Trophy day with us recently.  Please follow the link below to read the full article.



30/11/2017   Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair 6:00 - 7:30pm

28/11/2017   Non Uniform Day

Non uniform day in exchange for children's tombola prizes

24/11/2017   Non Uniform Day

Non uniform Day in exchange for tombola prizes for our Christmas Fair

22/11/2017   Premier League Trophy Visit

08/11/2017   School Photograph Day

School Photograph Day

07/11/2017   Open Day 9:30 - 11:00

Open Day for parents of our Reception class September 2018 

06/11/2017   Parents Evening

Parents Evening YR - Y6 3:30pm - 5:30pm

19/10/2017   Uniform delivery received

We have received a delivery of cardigans and sweatshirst today. Please come to he office if you require any new uniform.

19/10/2017   PE Bags now available

We now stock PE bags. Please come to the office if you would like to purchase one.

18/10/2017   Children's Disco

Children's Disco 6.00pm - 7.30pm

05/09/2017   First day of Autumn Term

Children return to school at the usual time today after the Summer Holidays.

10/07/2017   Return from Condover Hall delayed until 5pm

Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, the children returning from Condover Hall have been delayed until 5pm.

07/07/2017   Y5 and Y6 have arrived at Condover Hall

Y5 and Y6 have arrived safely at Condover Hall and are very excited to be starting their firts activity!!

06/07/2017   Y5 Young Entrepreneurs' Day at SWA

05/07/2017   Nursery Family Fun Day

05/07/2017   Y6 Trip to Lincoln

04/07/2017   Y2 Trip to Pizza Express

29/06/2017   Non Uniform Day

Non unifirm Day in exchange for tombola prizes for our end of term BBQ

23/06/2017   Sports Day

Further to previous newsletters, our annual Sports Day Event for all children from YR to Y6 will take place at 1pm this Friday 23rd June 2016 on the school field (weather permitting). The children are now busy preparing for the event and are excited about the opportunity for their House Team to win the Sports Day Trophy this year.

22/06/2017   Y5 trip to Cranwell

This visit will take place during the school day and we will be leaving at approximately 8.30am. We are therefore requesting that your child/children arrive in school slightly early that day for 8.20am so that the coach can depart promptly at 8.30am. We should return to school by 4pm. Your child/children should wear school uniform on this occasion. 

21/06/2017   Y3 Mini Olympics

20/06/2017   KS1 trip to Rutland Water

Y1/2 will leave school at 9am. They will arrive back at school for 3.15pm

19/06/2017   Y4 Trip to Peterborough Hospital

Y4 will leave school at 12:15 and be back at 3:30.

25/05/2017   Y1 visit to Borderville Sports centre

23/05/2017   Y4 Cooking with Morrisons

18/05/2017   Y1 visit to Stamford Fire Station

18/05/2017   Y3 Sponsored Read

After registration on Thursday, Year 3 will be walking to the library in order to try and raise money for new classroom books! We will be aiming to read for an entire hour in order to achieve this.

26/04/2017   Y1/2 Nene Valley Railway trip

21/04/2017   Y4 Swimming starts

Y4 will be swimming every Friiday from now until the end of the Summer Term.

20/04/2017   Y3 Trip to Burghley House

18/04/2017   Term 5 Begins

School opens at the normal time following the Easter break.

31/03/2017   Spring Term ends

Spring Term ends at 3:15 for the Easter holidays

30/03/2017   Decorated Egg competition

GROUP A – YR to Y6 – entries completed without help from adults

GROUP B – YR to Y6 – entries completed with help from adults

GROUP C – Nursery Entries

GROUP D – Parents and ex-pupil entries

The Mayor of Stamford will be judging the entries on Thursday 30th March 2017


30/03/2017   Gallery Opening

30/03/2017   Easter Disco and Fair

Come and enjoy our end of term Easter disco and Fair from 4pm - 6pm

23/03/2017   Choir ends for the spring term

The last after school choir session for this term will be today.

22/03/2017   Dodgeball finished for the spring term

21/03/2017   Magic at the Bluecoat School

Further details to follow

20/03/2017   Magical Movie Night

As part of our reading celebration and to reward the children’s successes so far with their reading challenge, on Monday 20th March 2017 we will be showing a special screening of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Magical Movie NIght Y1 - Y6 3:30 - 6pm

14/03/2017   KS1 and KS2 Clubs finished for Term 4

13/03/2017   Dance Club finished for Term 4

Dance Club with Lauren from Premier Sport has now finished for term 4

09/03/2017   Parents' Meetings

Parents Meeetings YR/Y1/Y2/Y4/Y5 3:30 - 7pm

09/03/2017   Y5/6 Netball Tournament

Y5/6 Netball Tournament at SWA 1 - 3pm

08/03/2017   Parents' Meetings

Parents Meeetings YR/Y1/Y2/Y4/Y5 3:30 - 5pm

08/03/2017   Crowded Room Stamford Art Project

Join Tim Mann at The Bluecoat School from 8:30am - 6.00pm and join in this amazing project. More info here.

02/03/2017   Y3 Parents' Meetings

Y3 Parents' Meetings between 3.30 and 7:00

02/03/2017   World Book Day

We will be celebrating the event with our usual annual book character dressing up event and the parade which will take place at 9am next Thursday 10th March in the main hall. All parents are welcome to join us to participate and/or simply to watch the fun. 

01/03/2017   Y3 Parents' Meetings

Y3 Parents' Meetings between 3.30 and 5:30

28/02/2017   Pancake Races

We will be holding the races at 9am and if you wish to join us for this event, please be back on the main playground by 8.55 am. The races will commence promptly at 9.05 am. All children from Reception to Year 6 (and parents and staff!) will have the option to take part in the races if they wish to. 

27/02/2017   Y6 Parents' Meetings

Y6 Parents' Meetings

23/02/2017   Y5/6 Football Match

Y5/6 Football match at St Gilberts

23/02/2017   Y6 Dance Festival

Y6 Dance Festival at Stamford Art Festival

21/02/2017   Term 4 begins

School re-opens for all children at the usual time.

21/02/2017   Term 4 begins

Term 4 begins after the half term holiday

10/02/2017   Term 3 ends

Term 3 ends after school today

27/01/2017   Young Voices

Download the Young Voices App for updates and pictures throughout the day.

The Parent Login Code for our school is PAR36508


09/01/2017   Y2 and Y6 trip to the Panto

As part of our exciting Creative Curriculum, Years 2 and 6 will be going down to the Arts Centre on Monday 9th January 2017 to see the pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to support their English writing this term.

03/01/2017   Term 3 begins

We look forward to welcoming our pupils back today after the Christmas break

01/12/2016   Christmas Fayre

Following our successful story trail, we are now beginning our plans to celebrate the festive season! The first event of the season will be our Christmas Fayre on Thursday 1st December 2016 between 6pm and 7.30pm. We have some wonderful activities and surprises planned for the Christmas fair this year including:

Santa’s Grotto

Festive disco

Adult and children’s tombolas

Fantastic range of exciting raffle prizes

29/11/2016   Non uniform day

To prepare for our Christmas Fair, we will be holding two non-uniform days on Friday 25th November and Tuesday 29th November to support our usual request for donations to the Tombola stalls

25/11/2016   Non uniform day

To prepare for our Christmas Fair, we will be holding two non-uniform days on Friday 25th November and Tuesday 29th November to support our usual request for donations to the Tombola stalls

17/11/2016   Story Telling Day

John Kirk opening of new Roald Dahl Gallery

14/11/2016   Reading Celebration Week

09/11/2016   Parents Evening

Parents Evening from 3:30 - 7:00

08/11/2016   Open Day for Reception 2017 10.00am

Children who are born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 are due to start Reception in September 2017. Is your child due to start school then?  If so, come along to our Open Day on 8th November 2016 at 10.00am to see what we can offer your child in our Outstanding school.  

07/11/2016   Parents Evening

Parents Evening from 3:30 - 5:30

02/11/2016   Y4 Trip to Castor

02/11/2016   The Bluecoat School extended day provision is now open

We are delighted to say that our before and after school provision is now officially open. We are able to take children from 7.30 in the morning and extend the school day to 6.00 pm. 

Please contact the office for more details. 

20/10/2016   Halloween Disco

Thursday 20th October 2015 between 6pm and 7.30pm. There will be the usual full disco element to our party as well as lots of other exciting activities to enjoy including a fancy dress competition.

14/10/2016   Y5 and Y6 NSPCC Workshop

07/10/2016   Y6 Construction Skills Day

28/09/2016   KS1 Creative Curriculum Trip to Sea Life Centre

As we start our new and exciting Creative Curriculum topic this term, we am delighted to advise you that on  Wednesday 28th September 2016, Key Stage One will be visiting The Sea Life Centre, Hunstanton (https://www2.visitsealife.com/hunstanton/) to extend their studies on animals to those living in our seas and oceans.  The visit will give the children the opportunity to see a wide range of sea creatures from all around the world, as well as an opportunity to contrast a seaside setting with that of a market town.

22/09/2016   Open Session in KS2 - 2pm on 22/9/2016

We will be holding our Open Session in KS2 on Thursday 22nd September between 2pm and 3pm. Please come along and spend time learning with your children and their teachers. We look foward to welcoming you

21/09/2016   Swimming starts for Y5 and Y6

20/09/2016   Open Session in KS1 - 2pm on 20/9/2016

We will be holding our Open Session in Y1 and Y2 on Tuesday 20th September between 2pm and 3pm. Please come along and spend time learning with your children and their teachers. We look foward to welcoming you. 

19/09/2016   All After School Clubs Start This Week

Our wide range of exciting after school clubs resume this week. Full details have been sent via our newsletters. Please contact the office for further information.   

12/07/2016   Y6 Leavers Event

11/07/2016   Edward Trayer working with Y4

Edward Trayer will be hosting a workshop with Year 4 which will support their English learning

28/06/2016   Y4/5 Netball Tournament

28/06/2016   Information Evening for new Reception Parents

6pm start - Finish

24/06/2016   Sports Day YR -Y6

Sports day will take place during the afternoon on the 24th June on the school field. 

(Please note due to the very wet weather we have been experiencing recently, our field is currently very wet and any further significant rainfall this week is likely to result in the cancellation of this event at short notice)

Should the weather remain dry, i will issue a further letter with final details of the arrangements on Thursday.

23/06/2016   Y3 Mini Olympics. Grantham

Children will need to be dressed in their full P.E kit when they arrive in school.  Children should bring a light raincoat in the event of rain. Children will return by 3.30pm.

23/06/2016   Y5/6 Trip to Cambridge

As part of our Creative Curriculum children in Year 5/6 are going on a joint trip to Cambridge. The coach will be leaving school promptly at 8.45am. The children have an estimated arrival back at school at 4.45pm. 

20/06/2016   Y1/2 Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Children should arrive in school for a 8.30 departure.  They should arrive back to school approximately 5.30pm. Parents will be contacted should there be any delay.

09/06/2016   Y5 Gallery opening event

Gallery Opening Event 6-7.30pm

08/06/2016   Foundation Stage Queens birthday celebrations

06/06/2016   Y4 Trip to Burghley Sculpture Gardens

18/05/2016   Foundation Stage Dad's Day

16/05/2016   Y3 Burghley Park Trip

Y3 will be leaving for Burghley Park by coach at 10am on Monday 16th May.  They will return to school by 3pm.

09/05/2016   Y6 SAT's Week

04/05/2016   Grandparents Day in the Foundation Stage

04/05/2016   Y4 Trip to Castor

03/05/2016   Y4/5 Theatrical Production/Treasure Island

29/04/2016   Y3 Town Hall Visit

28/04/2016   Y1/2 Rutland Water

Y1/2 will leave school at 9am. They will arrive back at school for 3.15pm

27/04/2016   Y5 Ancient Greece Day

25/04/2016   Bluecoat Marathon 2016

Ben came to visit us as part of his Stamford marathon and the children were very inspired by his effort and the way that he engaged with them as he ran round. The children themselves have asked if there was something we could do to support his goal of raising £250,000 for his charities. This is something we would very much like to do.

We have decided to support Ben by holding our very own Bluecoat Marathon. On Monday 25th April, the children and adults from YR to Y6 will run a marathon distance as a tag team. Each child will run a leg of our course before passing on to another child who will take over, until we have completed the 26 miles 385 yards which make up the marathon distance.

18/04/2016   Y5 & Y6 BBC Symphony Orchestra

Y5/6 will be travelling to Nottingham to listen to the BBC Symphony Orchestra. There estimated time for return is 8.30pm

23/03/2016   Decorated Egg Competition

Our annual decorated egg competition takes place during the week commencing 21st March 2016.  This is a long standing and very popular event at the schoool and we look forward to receiving your exciting and creative entries from Monday 21st March! The Mayor of Stamford will be judging the entries on Wenesday 23rd March 2016

23/03/2016   End of term Easter Disco and Fair

We are busy planning our end of term celebrations with the children. Our end of term Disco will take place on the 23rd March between 6pm and 7.30pm.  There will be lots of fun Easter themed activities for you and children to enjoy including, an Easter bonnet competition and parade, disco, Easter Egg Hunt, and lots of Easter Craft activities, Bouncy Castle, Easter Raffle, Tombola, and refreshments. Please do come along and support the event! 

21/03/2016   Reception Class Visit to Sacrewell Farm

I am delighted to advise you that our Reception class will be visiting Sacrewell Farm on Monday 21st March 2016 where we will be counting different farm animals, going on a tractor ride to look for manure, finding out how the Little Red Hen really turned her grain into bread and feeding lambs!


21/03/2016   Non-uniform day

Our end of term Easter disco will take place on the above date from 6pm to 7.30pm. A reminder that we will be holding a non-uniform day on Monday 21st March in return for donations to our adult and children’s tombola stalls. On the day, we would be grateful if each child could bring a donation for the adult tombola (bottles/tins/packets etc) and some form of Easter egg (any size!) or chocolate treat for their stall.       

15/03/2016   Y5 Trip - National Space Centre

Y5 will be going to the National Space Centre In Leicester.They will depart from school promptly at 8.45am and will return approximately 5.15pm

10/03/2016   Netball Tournament at SWA

1pm - 3pm Netball tournament at Stamford Welland Academy

07/03/2016   Book Week/ Book Character Day

Book Character Day - Dressing up Parade 10th March at 9.00am. Please click on this link - World book week Newsletter

05/03/2016   Inter-school Cross Country Event - Stamford Welland Academy

Inter Schools Cross Country Event - Stamford Welland Academy

03/03/2016   Parent Meetings YR-Y5 3.30pm-7.00pm

Parent Meeting YR -Y5 3.30pm - 7.00pm

02/03/2016   Parent Meetings YR-Y5 3.30pm-5.30pm

Parent Meetings YR-Y5 3.30pm - 5.30pm

29/02/2016   Y4 Trip to Sealife Centre

Y4 trip to Birmingham Sealife Centre. 08.45 leave school. Return time 16.15pm

29/02/2016   Sarah Outen, Adventurer Returns

On this date adventurer Sarah Outen will be visiting to tell us all about her adventures circumnavigating the globe by human power alone. Last time the children heard from her she was cycling across North America and now she has completed her journey she will be visiting to tell us all about it. 

24/02/2016   Y6 Parent Meeting

Y6 Parent Meetings 8.30am-7.00pm

23/02/2016   Celebration of Learning Event

Celebration of learning and Ofsted outcome event YN -Y6 -6pm-7.30pm

09/02/2016   YR -Y6 Pancake Races

A reminder that we will be holding our Pancake Races, weather permitting at 09.05am tomorrow on the main playground. All children from YR -Y6 (parents and staff) will have the option to take part in the races if they wish to

09/02/2016   National Safer Internet Day

Tomorrow is National Safer Internet Day, all children will be participating in e-safety lessons within their classes. A reminder that there is lots of information to support parents with e-safety on our school website

09/02/2016   Y4 Visit to Pizza Express

09/02/2016   Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races

Flippin’ Good Fun at The Bluecoat School


It is that time of year again and children, staff and parents of the Bluecoat School held their annual pancake races today to mark Shrove Tuesday.


Everyone shook off the winter blues, wrapped up warm and picked up their frying pans in good spirits excited to take part in the races. The event finished with some of the staff and parents joining in much to the delight of the children.  

01/02/2016   Robbie wins gold for The Bluecoat School!


The Bluecoat School win gold!

Robbie represented The Bluecoat School at the Lincolnshire Primary School's floor and vault gymnastics championships on Sunday 31st January at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle. Robbie competed extremely well in both disciplines, claiming gold with his overall score in the boys under 11, level 2 category. This was an amazing achievement and reflects the hard work that Robbie has put into his gymnastics in preparation for the competition.   

Robbie is rightly thrilled with his achievement and said

'Of all of the medals and awards I have won in my gymnastics career to date, this one means the most to me because I am so proud of my amazing school!'  

 A huge congratulations Robbie!

20/01/2016   Kingswood 20th January 2016 All children and staff have arrived safely at Kingswood Activity Centre

All children and staff have arrived safely at Kingswood, West Runton, they are ready to start their 3 days of outdoor learning.

20/01/2016   Kingswood Trip

From Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd January, Year 3 and 4 children will be heading to Kingswood for 3 days of outdoor learning. This is always a highlight for children in these year groups and we expect this year to be no exception. Look out on the year 3 and 4 blogs for updates. 

18/01/2016   Writing Workshops with Children's Author Edward Treyer

We are delighted that children's author Edward Treyer is returning to school on Monday 18th January to hold writing workshops with year 2 and 3. The workshops will be based around his new book, 'The Boy who Piddled in his Grandad's Slipper'.

15/01/2016   Young Voices Concert

Today 35 children from across KS2 have travelled to Birmingham to take part in the 2016 Young Voices concert. 

16/11/2015   Celebration of Learning Event - Thursday 19th November 2015

We will be holding our next Celebration of Learning Event this Thursday 19th November 2015 from 6pm to 7.30pm.

These events are held each term to celebrate your children’s recent learning achievements. There will be displays of children’s work and an exciting range of activities for you to enjoy involving all children from YN to Y6. Your children are very excited about the event and cannot wait to share their successes with you. We do hope that you will all come along and support them.

The main event of the evening will be the opening of a wonderful new Gallery Exhibition by Y6. The children will be showcasing the outcomes of their exciting creative curriculum work this term. They have been busy planning the exhibition over the last few weeks and are very excited about revealing the fantastic display of their learning next week.

There will also be a performance by our fantastic Young Voices choir who will be attending the 2016 concert in January. They will open the celebration of learning by performing one of the songs they will be singing at the concert.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday! 

09/11/2015   Our New Breakfast Club for Y5/6

We are pleased to confirm that our new breakfast club starts today for children in Y5 and Y6. The club is open from 8.15am to 8.40am and any child is welcome to attend on any day.    

06/11/2015   School Photograph Day

We are pleased to confirm the arrangements for our annual school photograph day next Wednesday 11th November 2015. Full details of the arrangements for the day will be sent home by letter.

We recognise that receiving your child’s school photograph is a very special part of their overall school experience and we are very keen to ensure you have the opportunity to buy a quality product. We have therefore made arrangements for the same company as last year to take the photographs due to the overwhelming levels of parent satisfaction last time. You will receive proofs and details of how to order your photographs on Monday 16th November 2015. Your photographs will arrive in time for Christmas.


02/11/2015   Parents' Evenings in November

A reminder that we will be holding Parents' evenings on Monday 10th and Wednesday 12th Novemebr 2015. You will shortly receive details of how to make your appointments. We look forward to welcoming you.  

02/11/2015   Top phonics results!

We were thrilled to receive a letter today from Nick Gibb, MP and Minister of State for School Reform, congratulating us on the very high standard that our children achieved in the phonics screening check last year. Our results last year place us in the top 2% of all primary schools in the country. Please visit Mrs Hines' blog for further details!

21/10/2015   This term ends tomorrow Thursday 22nd October 2015. Our new term starts on Monday 2nd November 2015

A reminder that this term ends tomorrow Thursday 22nd October 2015 and our new term starts on Monday 2nd November 2015 at the usual times for all children. We hope that you enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable half-term. 

20/10/2015   End of term disco Wednesday 21st October 2015

To end this term, we will be having a Halloween Party on Wednesday 21st October 2015 between 6pm and 7.30pm. There will be the usual full disco element to our party as well as lots of other exciting activities to enjoy including a fancy dress competition.

20/10/2015   Home/school agreement 2015/16

We will soon be sending you our 2015/16 Home/School agreement for annual signature by parents. 

Our Home/School agreement is a very important element of our positive partnership with you and your children to ensure that we provide the best possible education for all of our pupils. We look forward to receiving the signed copies in the near future and thank you for your support with this matter.

18/10/2015   E-safety workshop for parents Thursday 22nd October 2015

We are delighted to advise you that there will an opportunity to join your children’s classes for an E-safety learning session on Thursday 22nd October 2015 at 2.15pm. Your children will be preparing a joint learning session to share with you on an important aspect of helping them to stay safe online and when using digital technology. This E-safety session will be another very important opportunity to spend time with us in school and to find out lots of ideas and advice on how to support your child/children with this key aspect of their personal well-being. We do hope that many of you will be able to join us.

18/10/2015   Consultation on admissions policies for September 2017 intake

Lincolnshire County Council will be consulting this term on proposed changes to their schools admissions arrangements for 2017. The consultation opens on 2nd November 2015 and closes on 11th December 2015. Their detailed proposals will be posted on their website at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/admissionsconsultation and we have been asked to advise parents that you are invited to view the proposals and respond to them if you wish.

25/09/2015   Open Days for Reception Children September 2016

We are pleased to announce The Bluecoat School will be holding open days for the parents of children born between 1st September 2011 and 31st August 2012 who will be starting school in September 2016.


Monday 9th November 9.30am

Monday 16th November 1.30pm


Please come and see the school in action where you will be welcomed by our Headteacher Mrs Carol Hines.

08/09/2015   Successful bid for funding for our new outdoor play area

We are delighted to confirm that we were successful in our recent bid for Lottery funding to enable us to create a fantastic new outdoor play structure for our children. We are all excited about moving forward with the plans for this positive addition to our school facilities in partnership with our children and parent comminity.     

08/09/2015   Celebrating significant improvements in pupil achievement

We are proud to advise that we are celebrating some
of the best academic results from last summer that our school and pupils have ever achieved. Full details of the outcomes of the statutory tests and assessments from last year will be available on our website in the near future.

08/09/2015   Places Available in our Nursery for 2 and 3 year olds

I would like to remind you that we are now able to offer nursery provision for some eligible 2 year olds. Our 2 year old provision is rated outstanding by Ofsted.  We currently have a limited number of places for 2 year olds who meet the eligibility requirements. We also have a limited number of places available for 3 year olds in our  main Nursery classes.  If you have a child who may be eligible to attend our 2 year old provision or our main Nursery classes or know of someone who might be interested in finding out more about this opportunity to attend our outstanding Foundation Stage provision, please contact our Foundation Stage leader, Mrs Helen Magan on 01780 764202. She will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

20/06/2015   Fantastic Celebration of Learning Event - Thursday 11th June 2015

We held our latest Celebration of Learning event on Thursday 11th June 2015. Our children from Nursery to Y6 showcased their amazing learning achievements and our Y3 class opened the latest creative learning and literacy display in our main entrance. They have created a wonderful display entitled Y3 and The Chocolate Factory of which they are rightly proud! Please do visit the school to enjoy the Gallery display. Over 120 parents and visitors attended the event to celebrate the fantastic learning outcomes with their childen. There wasn't a dry eye when our super Young Voices Choir performed two songs from the concert held in January. Please visit the Gallery section of the website to enjoy photos from the event.   

18/05/2015   Chicks hatch in Nursery

The Nursery children have been learning about the life cycle of chickens. We watched our 10 chicks hatch from eggs in the incubator.  They have grown very quickly and the children are looking after them in the brooder, feeding them and making sure they have water to drink. The children enjoyed holding and stroking them.

01/03/2015   Planting the Burrows

On Saturday 28th February 2015 we held our fantastic community event to plant our new woodland area on the school field which we are naming the Burrows! It was a wonderful morning and I would like to thank all of the volunteers who joined us on Saturday to help plant the trees and shrubs. Please visit my blog and the gallery for more details of this event.

01/03/2015   Places available for 2 year olds in our nursery

I would like to remind you that we are now able to offer nursery provision for some eligible 2 year olds. Our 2 year old provision is rated outstanding by Ofsted.  We currently have a limited number of places for 2 year olds who meet the eligibility requirements. If you have a child who may be eligible to attend our 2 year old provision or know of someone who might be interested in finding out more about this opportunity to attend our outstanding Foundation Stage provision, please contact our Foundation Stage leader, Mrs Helen Magan on 01780 764202. She will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. 


11/02/2015   Chatterbox Challenge 2015

On Wednesday 11th February the children in Nursery took part in the 'I Can's Chatterbox Challenge 2015'  'I can' is a charity that helps children who are struggling with their communication.  The children were sponsored to learn rhymes and songs which they then performed for their parents and carers.  We are thrilled to announce that we raised £530.50.  Many thanks to the children and parents who supported this event.  We have posted photo's on the gallery.

08/02/2015   National E-Safety day - Tuesday 10th February 2015

Tuesday 10th February 2015 is national E-safety day. To mark this event, we are inviting parents of children from Y1 to Y6 to join us in classrooms to take part in e-safety workshops designed and created by the children. Please do come along to these important sessions to find out more about keeping your children safe online.   

21/11/2014   World Diabetes Day - 14th November 2014



23/10/2014   First Edition of Termly Times

Here is the first issue of our new newspaper 'Termly Times'.

Written by a group of children from years 3-6 with the support of Mrs Bloor.
Enjoy the first issue here.


28/09/2014   Bikeability Training Y5/6

A reminder that Bikeability training takes place next week Monday 6th October to Friday 10th October 2014

28/09/2014   All After School Clubs Start This Week!

A reminder that our wide range of after school clubs all start this week. Please make sure that you have returned your permission slips to your child's teacher. 

09/07/2014   Free School Meals for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from September 2014.

Today we were joined by parents who sampled a school meal.  They enjoyed roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, broccoli and gravy. For pudding there was jelly and fruit.  The meals proved popular with the parents whose children will be eligible for a Free School Meal under the goverment initiative to provide a free hot meal for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from September 2014.  We will be contacting all parents in the near future with details of the meals available and how they can be ordered.  This could potentially save you up to £500 per year so it is worth getting on board.  If you want any more information please contact the school.  


27/06/2014   Year Three Triumph Again

Congratulations to Year Three who yesterday won for the school £100 of PE equipment after making the best banner shown at the Mini Olympics festival held in Grantham.

As well as this they took part in events, met Olympians and Paralympians and had a thoroughly good time.

Look out for the photo gallery and read the Year 3 blog for more!


Y3 with their banner

24/06/2014   Red Team Roar to Success

The red team triumphed at this years sports day, beating the green team by just one point. The yellow team were third with the blue team just behind.

Children, staff and parents enjoyed a fun packed day of sport and the weather stayed fine right to the very end of the event.

Red team celebrate victory

Red team celebrate victory.

Charlotte and Oliver hold aloft the trophy

Charlotte and Oliver captains of the winning team.

03/06/2014   Three time Olympic swimmer Joanne Jackson visits school

Grant Turner  Joanne Jackson Swimmer

This morning the children took part in a sponsored fitness circuit event led by three times Olympian, Olympic bronze medal winner and former world record holder swimmer Joanne Jackson. Also helping us was Grant Turner who himself has represented GB at the Olympics.

Everyone had a fantastic time, giving '110%' as Joanne said.

The children were a credit to everyone, working hard and cheering their friends and the adults as they completed the different activities.

Please remember we have until Tuesday 10th June to collect in sponsor money with prizes for the children collecting £5, £15 or £30 and over.

More pictures will be in the gallery soon.

23/05/2014   Year 3 receiving their baton from Inspire+.




‘On Fire with the Desire to Inspire’ was the winning slogan in a competition.

A replica of this baton is visiting nearly 50 schools as part of a Legacy Tour inspired by the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

21/05/2014   Congratulations to the winners of our Annual Report competition

Congratulations to this year's winner of our annual report competition. Every year we invite our pupils to design pictures for our end of year reports that represent our great school! We are delighted to inform you that Tessa Popple in Y5 was announced our winner and her design will be on all of our annual reports this year. Well done Tessa! We would also like to congratulate our two runners up, Zoe Brown in Y6 and Katie Rand in Y4. All three girls won book tokens to spend in our school book shop.     

27/04/2014   Our Nursery is the first in Lincolnshire to receive the Inclusion Quality Mark!

We have received confirmation that our Nursery is the first setting in Linconshire to be awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark! The award recognises that our setting is one in which teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and the well-being of every person is at the heart of our ethos. Receiving the award is yet another success for our Early Years Team this year. It is another very positive statement about the high quality of our provision. Being the first setting in Lincolnshire to receive the inclusion quality mark is a great achievement. Well done to Mrs Magan and the rest of the team. We will receive our award at a celebration awards ceremony in Lincoln on 8th July 2014. Please ask Mrs Magan for more information about the Inclusion Quality Mark and what it means for your child or visit www.incusionmark.co.uk for full details of the award.    

22/04/2014   Celebrating Achievement

Mrs Sue Davys, our business manager, successfully completed the London Marathon on Sunday 13th April 2014 in 4 hours and 38 minutes. This is a fantastic achievement and we would all like to offer her our congratulatons. Mrs Davys provides our new running club for KS2 children on Mondays. I am sure this news will give them all some very positive inspiration!   

01/04/2014   Inspiring the love of sport with matches

 Article taken from the Stamford Mercury 28th March 2014

Pupils from The Bluecoat School. From left, back, Scott 11,  Leon 11, Harry, Rosie 10, Rebecca 10, Front, Ritchie 10, Ethan 10, Lewis 9, Kacy 10.

Aspiring young footballers from schools across Stamford competed against each other during a day of matches aimed at instilling the love of sport among pupils.

Half a dozen teams took part in the fitures as part of the Primary Schools Football Festival, held at Malcolm Sargent Primary School, in Empingham Road, Stamford.

Teams of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from Uffington, St Augustines, St Gilberts, The Bythams and The Bluecoat School primaries, played a series of matches.  The team from Malcolm Sargent emerged overall winners with The Bythams team a close second.

School Sports Co-ordinator Anne Bennett said: "Despite the cold and windy conditions, which made scoring difficult, the teams showed great effort and determination in every match".

Organised as one of the Primary Festivals, the event aims to encourage youngsters to take part in activities and the chance to compete against other schools.



01/04/2014   Bluecoat Primary School has got the X-Factor

Bluecoat Primary School has got the X-Factor

Article taken from the Stamford Mercury 28th March 2014

Some of the children who had singing lessons with former X Factor finalist Craig Saggers 

Young singers have been rehearsing for a concert under the guidance of a former X Factor contestant.

Pupils at Bluecoat Primary School in Stamford received coaching from Craig Saggers, who appeared on the television show as one half of Diva Fever, through his work with Premier Performing Arts.

Craig said: “The children are naturally good singers but had never had any proper coaching. It’s really good for them to get tuition when they are young because there are so many people now who want to pursue a career in performing.

“Their confidence has really improved.”

The choir performed at the school open evening last night.

Sophie Boyall, 10, said: “It’s really fun having Craig as a teacher.”



24/03/2014   New website launched!!

We are delighted to have launched our new school website at our Open Event on Thursday 27th March 2014. The website has been developed with our staff and pupils. We are looking forward to being able to share details of our learning and daily school experiences with you through our class blogs and photo galleries.

This is only the beginning! We will be continuing to develop the content of our new website over the coming weeks and months in partnership with our school community.  

Our of the key aims of our new website will be to keep you up to date with latest school news items and details of forthcoming events. Please visit it regularly!

Ofsted Outstanding