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Friday 11th May 2018 - The Ugly Bug Ball

This week we brought music into our learning with a visit to Stamford Welland Academy where Mrs Thackwray, the Leader of Performing Arts, helped us to create some body percussion to match our chosen minibeasts.  We are looking forward to practising this back in our own classroom, before developing our skills further with Mrs Thackwray on our next visit.


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Friday 4th May 2018 - Wormeries.

Having completed our homework task to collect earthworms, we set to work making our own wormeries.


After making layers of sand and soil, we carefully placed our worms in their new home and then covered them with some leaves.  They're safely tucked away in a dark place, so that we can keep an eye on their activity.

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Friday 27th April 2018 - Egleton Nature Reserve.

After our sowing and growing work last week, we began our new topic this week, "It's a Bug's Life!" with a very exciting spark - a visit to Egleton Nature Reserve at Rutland Water for a Habitat Day.


We went pond dipping ...


bug hunting ...


and bird watching.

We had a fantastic day and it gave us a great foundation for our new learning.

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Friday 20th April 2018 - Will they grow?

This week we wanted to find out about what seeds need to germinate, so we conducted our own experiment, using cress seeds.


We put some seeds in the dark, some in the light, gave some water and left some dry.  Now all we have to do is wait to see which ones germinate and grow.

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Tuesday 27th March 2018 - Soup Cafe

Thank you to all of the grown-ups that supported our soup cafe today.  The children really enjoyed buying their vegetables and preparing them.  The general concensus of the children was however, that their bread was tastier than the soup!

soup 1

soup 2

soup 3

soup 4

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Friday 9th March 2018 - Don't rush when you brush.

This week we have been continuing to develop our instruction writing skills and in doing so learnt how to correctly brush our teeth.

Image result for cleaning teeth slogan

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Friday 2nd March 2018 - Snowed Out!

We hope you enjoyed your adventures in the snow this week.  Sadly the closure meant that we missed our soup cafe, so we are hoping to reschedule for the last week of term .


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Friday 23rd February 2018 - Stamford Market

Welcome back to school!


This week we did an experiment to see how quickly and easily germs on our hands can spread and then learned how to wash our hands properly.  This was a well timed learning experience, because today we went to Stamford Market to buy fresh vegetables which we will be preparing next week ready to be made into soup for our cafe.


market 2


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Friday 9th February 2018 - Love Every Drop!

Continuing with our topic Food for Thought, this week we have considered the importance of water in our daily lives.  Rachel came to see us from Anglian Water and after explaining about where our water comes from, we did an experiment to find out which water was clean tap water, using our senses. 


Afterwards, we learned how humans, animals and plants need water to survive and what happens to us when we don't drink enough.  So now, Year 2 are trying to make sure we drink two full bottles of water at school each day. 


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Friday 26th January 2018 - An Eggsquisit Start to the Day!

Well, we decided that Weetabix and Bran Flakes were our favourite healthy cereals, but of course, there's a whole host of breakfast yet to be discovered and this week, we have turned our thoughts to bread.

We have been finding out where bread comes from and how it is made, even making our own bread rolls.


Then on Wednesday, we had poached egg on toasted whole wheat bread, so that we could try a different kind of breakfast and it was delicious, but ... most of us said we would still rather have the healthy cereals instead!

poched eggs

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Friday 19th January 2018 - A Wonderful Winter Walk

... with a little help from our friends.


This week, Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful winter walk at Fineshade Woods in aid of Cancer Research UK, children's cancer.  We would like to say a BIG thank you to Nesbit Coaches, as they kindly provided us with a coach free of charge, so that all of the money we raised could go directly to the charity.  Everyone brought in £1 and we are really looking forward to finding out the whole school total, as every class took part throughout the day.  When we arrived at Fineshade Woods, everyone was really excited to see everything covered in frost and we looked for sings of winter.  Then we embarked on our walk, with sounds of excited chatter as we went.  When we reached the treehouse, we paused for a moment to think about Owen Siciliano, a former pupil at The Bluecoat School and all the other children that have battled with cancer and we felt thankful that we are all healthy and well enough to enjoy our experience and pleased that we could play a small part in helping others.

walk 1

walk 2

walk 3

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Friday 12th January 2018 - Three Bears?

Our work on Traditional Tales and Healthy Eating is now well underway.  The children have learned the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, retelling it with actions to the rest of the school as part of our class assembly on Tuesday.  Then we have been learning about what breakfast means and why it is such an important part of our day, sharing our knowledge in assembly.  In English, we are innovating the story of Goldilocks, so now some versions are Goldilocks and the Three Wolves, Goldilocks and the Three Foxes or even Goldilocks and the Three Owls!  We have toast and cups of tea instead of porridge and sleeping bags instead of beds!  In our topic work, our posters are almost ready to display in the corridor, giving the rest of the school ideas about what they could enjoy for a healthy breakfast each morning.

skip rope

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Friday 5th January 2018 - Who's been eating my porridge?


Year 2 have returned to school after the break raring to go and we have begun our new topic, Food for Thought.


The children asked to find out about where food comes from, wanted to prepare some food and to get fit, so we are linking Traditional Tales with thinking about how to be healthy.


To spark our topic, on the first day back, the children enjoyed a bowl of porridge that wasn't too hot, definitely not too lumpy, but was just right, whilst they listened to the stories of The Magic Porridge Pot and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Many also discovered a liking for honey, but we will save Winnie-the-Pooh for another day!


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Tuesday 19th December 2017 - Merry Christmas!

It's been another busy term in Year Two, during which the children have, as always, fully immersed themselves in their learning journey.  We have followed the lives of famous astronauts, built our own space rockets and even landed on the moon.  We have been singers and actors and tried really hard to develop strong empathy for others through our kindness and friendship.  Everyone is really tired and very much in need of a good rest, so all that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you next term, fully recharged for our next learning adventure.

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Friday 15th December 2017 - Shine Star Shine!

Well, it wasn't without its challenges, given the amount of seasonal germs and pre-performance nerves circulating Key Stage One, but with determination and teamwork, Reception, Year One and Year Two put on two great performances of our Christmas production, Shine Star Shine!


The singing was clear and tuneful, our speaking voices were confident, loud and clear, but above all, it was clear to everyone just how much we and our audiences enjoyed our performances.



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Friday 8th December 2017 - Our moon landings.

After recreating the first moon landings, we have this week been recounting our "bringing learning to life" experience.

moon 1

moon 2

We tried to find some exciting adjectives and adverbs to describe our experience and some alternative words for "walked". 

Our favourite famous quote was ...

"One small step for a lady and one giant leap for ladykind."

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Friday 1st December 2017 - Shine Star, Shine!

There was great excitement in Key Stage One this week as we began the preparations for our production of Shine Star, Shine!  Children volunteered for roles and songs have started to be learnt.  Everyone is really looking forward to our performance on Wednesday 13th December 2017.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/12/2017

Friday 17th November 2017 - A Testing Time.

After completing our rockets and proudly displaying them in our new gallery, we turned our thoughts towards the safety of the astronauts that travel to the moon.  We thought about what properties a space suit would need to have in order to protect an astronaut and then thinking about temperature control, we conducted our own scientific test to find out about materials that would make good insulators.  We used cotton wool, tin foil, pipe insulator and bubble wrap and our class prediction was that the bubble wrap would be most effective.  It just goes to show what a clever lot we are - we were correct!


ice cube


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Friday 10th November 2017 - Blast off!

We have had a great time this week designing and building rockets.  We used the Saturn V as our base model and after finding out what features it had to enable it to reach the moon, we designed our own versions.  Then, we got building and by the end of the day, it looked as though a rocket had blasted off in our classroom - what a mess!  But ... we thoroughly enjoyed the process and we are very pleased with the results. 


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Friday 3rd November 2017 - The Darkest Dark

darkest dark

We had an exciting start to Term 2 with our learning spark for a mini topic launched to contribute to our forthcoming science fiction gallery.  The children entered through our rocket classroom door into a starry classroom and enjoyed watching footage that made them feel as though they were travelling through space, whilst listening to relaxing music.  Then we enjoyed the story The Darkest Dark, written by Chris Hadfield, the astronaut.  As a boy, he was inspired by Neil Armstrong, so we've been researching who Neil Armstrong was and why he became famous.  We are looking forward to showcasing our findings at the gallery opening on November 16th.

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Friday 20th October 2017 - Wear it Wild!


This term we have been studying some of the animals that live in the African savannah and our research has led us to be concerned that many of them are endangered so we wanted to do something to help.  So today we joined in with the World Wildlife Fund's Wear it Wild Day.  We really enjoyed dressing up as the African animals that we have studied and welcoming our adults into school to help raise money to support these animals.


Guess the weight of the cake.

wild day 1

Dressed up.

wild 2

Can you find anything under a giraffe?

Where in Africa

Where in Africa is the jewellery?


Thank you to everyone for your support: to Mrs Coleman for the cake donation and to our parents for joining us this afternoon.  We are very proud to announce that together we have raised £106.40.  Thank you.




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Friday 13th October 2017 - Wear it Wild

We are looking forward to our Wear it Wild Day next Friday and so today we prepared masks to add to our African animal costumes.  We hope lots of you are able to come along and support our event - don't forget to bring lots of 20p's!


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Friday 6th October 2017 - For what it's worth!

We have been using a variety of concrete resources to develop our understanding of number in Year 2 this term and especially the value of each digit in a 2-digit number.  We can now talk about tens and ones and use our new posh word ... partitioning!

tens ones

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Friday 29th September 2017 - Welcome.

It was lovely to welcome our grown ups into class this week on Tuesday when we had our open afternoon.  Everyone fully immersed themselves into the range of mediums we had available to represent our African animals.  Top of the popularity polls though was definitely the clay rhinos and elephants, which are now looking great in our dioramas.

open 1

open 2

open 3

Thank you for coming to join us.

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Friday 22nd September 2017 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We were very lucky with the weather this week, when we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster with Year 1 as part of our learning about the animals of Africa. 


We weren't the only ones enjoying the weather... the lions were basking in the sunshine ...


... whilst the giraffes leisurely munched away enjoying the warm temperatures.

We are now looking forward to using this super spark to inform our learning in the classroom.




Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/09/2017

Friday 15th September 2017 - The African Savannah

Last week we revisited the continents and oceans of the world and used globes and maps to locate Africa, zooming in on our focus area, the savannah.  After looking at a range of photographs and film clips we thought about the savannah as a habitat during the dry season and this week have started to create our own version as a diorama.


This week, we began to research the animals of the savannah, starting with the giraffe.  We've found out lots of interesting facts which we'll be displaying outside our classroom in the corridor very soon.  Did you know that "giraffe" means fast running camel leopard?

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Friday 8th September 2017 - Welcome to Year 2

Welcome back to school and a very big welcome to Year 2.


The children have settled beautifully into their new class and are immersing themselves enthusiastically into our new creative curriculum topic Out of Africa and they were very excited to find out that we will be visiting The Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Tuesday 19th September.




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Ready Steady Go! - Wednesday 10th May 2017

We have now started our new topc READY STEADY GO! The children have been looking at transport around the world, the Titanic and Steam Trains.

The spark for our topic was a fantastic visit to Nene Valley Railway.


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Friday 10th March 2017 - Making Bread rolls

This week we have been looking at where food comes from and the process of making bread. The Great Fire of London was started at a baker shop on Pudding lane and the children expressed an interest in making some bread.

The children wrote out their recipe and ingredients and were supported to make their own bread roll to take home. The children were very excited to take their bread roll home to eat. The homework set this week some allow the children to continue their excitement around baking. I hope to see some amazing designs. :)

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/03/2017

Friday 3rd March 2017 - Reading challenge and Maths

With the reading challenge underway the year one children have been very motivated and inspired to read at any opportunity. We have increased reading times in the classroom but as you can see from the pictures below the children have also taken it upon themselves to read during their playtimes.

During lessons this week we have continued to look in detail at The Great Fire of London, the children have been researching their own facts about the historical event. The children have used IPads and books to find their facts. In maths this week we have been looking at number and place value.

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Friday 13th January 2017 - Visit from the police service

Firstly I would like to welcome you back to school and wish you all a Happy New Year. We have begun our new topic this term 999 Emergency. The children were visited on Tuesday the local police force and PCSO. The children were given the opportunity to look around and go inside a police van and they were also given the chance to try on different parts of the police uniform.

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Friday 9th December 2016 - Christ Church

Today the children visited Christ church and they learnt about Advent. Reverend Nikki spoke to the children about the meaning of Advent and what it involves for the Christian faith.

Reverend Nikki explained to the children about the candles at advent and what they mean. The children participated in a question session and were keen to learn more. 

The children enjoyed their visit to the church this morning :).

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/12/2016

Godly play (The Christmas Story).

On Monday the children took part in a Godly play which consisted of 'The Christmas Story' being told to the children by a story teller. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions about the story to the story teller.

Following the story the children continued to learn about the story who a varity of activities in the classroom. They were able to represent different parts of the story, the setting or a character through play, art, writing, construction, role-play and IPad work.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/12/2016

Friday 7th October 2016 - Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores

This week the children have been exploring different animal groups and what animals eat. We have looked at different Carniovores, Herbivores and Omnivores.

The children have been grouping the animals based on which animal group they come from and what they eat.



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Friday 30th September 2016 - Sea life centre

This week KS1 enjoyed a fantastic creative curriculum opportunity. We visited Hunstanton and the Sea life centre. The children were given the opportunity to explore different sea animals.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/10/2016

Friday 16th September 2016 - Continents and Oceans

Firstly I would like to welcome back the children to year one.

We have began our new topic 'Ahoy There'! During this topic we will be looking at some famous pirates and learning about animals that live in the sea.

The children have been using maps, Google Earth and globes to name and locate the different continents and oceans.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/09/2016

Learning about being a year 1.

As part of our Transition preparations we have been visiting the school library to find out how it works and what our borrowing routines will be next year. We have enjoyed some stories and used some information books to help us with our mini-beast writing. We are looking forward to more transition activities next week.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 17/07/2016

Mini-beast Madness.

We have been enjoying finding out all about mini beasts. We have learnt about Scientists and how they look closely. We have been on a mini beast hunt and we have been observing our finds very carefully and sorting them. We have realised that there is a lot that we don't know about these creatures so we have formed teams to research different insects using books and the internet.

 We will be making documentaries to share all the information we have found out.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/07/2016

The Day the Queen came to visit.

Following from our work on Fact or Fiction about Dragons, Unicorns and Castles, we were finding out about our Royal Family last week.

We read some information and had a look at our British coins and we found out that we did, in fact, have a Queen and that she was 90 years old, which was great because we have been practising counting in 10s!  We imagined and wrote down what we thought we would do or say if the Queen came to visit us (like in the story The Queen's Knickers). We practised having extra good manners and we learnt to sing the National Anthem. We agreed that, if she did visit, we would have to offer a royal snack so we made some red white and blue buns with her majesty's head on and we designed her a new hat, for a present

Imagine our surprise when the Queen DID in fact come to visit us and share in our Street Party.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/06/2016

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, we were so busy! We have been enjoying lots more Fairy Tales, especially the ones with magic! We have been telling and acting out stories, practising magic doubling spells and writing spell ingredients and instructions.

We have also been busy looking after all our plants that have started to germinate and looking after all our visitors; Grandparents, Dad's and hatching chicks!

Oh and we've been learning our last few phonemes. The Trigraphs, the most wicked of them all!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/05/2016

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

As part of our learning about where our food comes from we have been planting vegetable seeds this week.

We have also enjoyed making miniature gardens.

Whilst we were looking for information books about growing beans we came across another Traditional Tale; Jack and The Beanstalk. We have turned the role play into a Fairy Tale Castle and have been busy making a giant beanstalk out of junk! We have enjoyed taking part in a Jack and the Beanstalk dance and we have invented magic beans and designed packets for them. We have also put Jack and the Giant in the 'hot seat' to find out why they both were a bit mean. Then we helped them write to each other to make friends.

We have been trying to make things as long as possible and we have been exploring how to compare and measure length.

 Beans take a lot of counting so we have been grouping and ordering before we count accurately too.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/05/2016

Who's That Trip Trap Tripping over our bridge?

Last week we had a very interesting visitor; The Troll. He told us all about his problems with The Billy Goats Gruff.  So we have had to help him learn how to be a bit friendlier and we helped him by writing letters to the Goats, inviting them to tea.

Of course then we had to teach him how to recognise biggest, medium sized and smallest......


and how to share at his tea party!

We also found lots of different materials that we could build bridges with.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/04/2016

Old Ms Kingman had a farm!

We have come back after our holiday still keen to answer some of the questions raised when we went to visit Sacrewell Farm at the end of last term

We have been using information books to find out how animals are cared for and which products come from which animals.

We have spent some time finding out how wool comes from sheep and becomes fabric that we wear. We have tried our hand at weaving, threading and even knitting! We have practised ordering numbers and counting carefully to help out Little Bo Peep and Old Macdonald and we have rewritten some nursery rhymes about sheep to make them a bit funnier! Ask us to sing them to you.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/04/2016

Happy Easter.

We have been finding out all about eggs and what comes out of them this week. We were amazed to find out that it is not just birds but many other creatures too. Poor Ms Kingman had to watch a video of a snake laying an egg whilst some of us were using books and the internet to research and find out more information!

We have used mini-eggs to learn about doubling and grouping and sharing and it is amazing how much more accurate we can be at counting and knowing 1 more and 1 less when chocolate eggs are involved!

Best of all, we showed off our eggsellent reading skills by completeing a 'reading clues' egg hunt.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/03/2016

A trip to Sacrewell Farm.

To help us with our learning about 'Where Our Food Comes From', we went on a trip to Sacrewell Farm this week.

Ms Kingman was so very proud of everyone for their excellent behaviour, super manners and their buzz and joy for learning! We saw so many wonderful animals and interesting places that now we have lots more questions and 'wonders' to try to find answers to next term.

(more piccies on the school gallery soon).

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/03/2016

A spring walk.

We thought we'd better check it was Spring before we organised a Spring Hunt for the nursery children so we went on a Spring Walk to check out 'signs of Spring' for ourselves.

We are please to announce that we found enough evidence to say " hooray! It's Spring'.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/03/2016

The Little Red Hen.

We have begun to find out where our food comes from.

In preparation for our Farm visit (where we would be exploring a Watermill) we needed to find out about the Little Red Hen and how bread is made.

So we all learnt to retell the story with actions and puppets. We had a little chat with the characters of the story and helped them to write sorry letters to the Little Red Hen.

We, then, learnt how bread is made from the wheat that grows on farms. We made some bread rolls to cheer up the Litlle Red Hen and some to take home.

We also had some hens come to stay for a few days so we could learn how to look after them and we could see them laying eggs.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/03/2016

Mission Complete!

Despite some ‘Space Missions’ being delayed due to ‘bugs and viruses’ (which is actually what really happens to Astronauts you know), we have been very imaginatively going on trips to Space where we have made friends with some Alien’s who were lost and have had lots of jobs to do to help them. We have painted and printed pictures of Space and we have played instruments to represent each planet (like Holst). We can sing a song that teaches us the order and names of the planets too.

We have also made posters to help find them (come in and see them on the wall) and we have written postcards home (grown- ups watch your post) but we don’t know how long they will take to get here!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/03/2016

Blast off!

What a busy first week back. We feel like we’ve been here for ‘light years’.

We enjoyed reading the story  ‘Whatever next’ by Jill Murphy and we did some thinking about what we would really need to take with us if we went into Space. (Ms Kingman wanted to take her knitting!). We wrote lists of what we would take.

Also , in preparation for our careers as Astronaughts we have been practising counting backwards from 20 and remembering the numbers that are ‘1 less’.

Then we went to Space in a card board box and met a funny looking lot of Aliens.


We are also very proud of ourselves for taking part in the British Heart Foundation Skipathon.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/02/2016

In a minute!

This week we have had a message from Ben 10 telling us that the wicked Time Tamperer has messed up all his watches! Now he doesn't know what time of day it is and all his daily jobs have been muddled up. So we have been learning all  about how we can order and time the day to help him.



We also helped some super heroes to put their diaries in order then wrote 'A Day in the Life of a Super Hero' for our alter egos Super Heroes. Come in and read them on our Literacy display. We have also been practising our Super Hero dancing and we are looking forward to sharing it with you at the Open Evening next term.




Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/02/2016

Do you recognise these superheroes?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its reception class dressing up their teachers again!

 We designed outfits, chose suitable materials and worked in teams to provide our adults with everything they needed to become Superheroes.


We have also used small world toys and puppets to act out our own superhero stories which we have written into comics. Come and read them.












Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/01/2016

Super Heroes Away!

We have had a very busy week here in reception class because the Superheroes keep ringing us up asking for our help with their maths problems. It turns out Spiderman and WonderWoman do not have very good Adding  powers so we have been showing them how to do it.

We even have had to organise a 1p less Sale in their shop for them!


Iron man was very helpful with one of our questions though. We wondered if all metals were magnetic and he got Metal Man and Magnet Girl to help us find out. We collected all the metal we could find in the classroom then we tested it all with magnets to see if it had ‘the force’. 

We have also used information books and websites to find out all about our favourite Superheroes. Now we are ready to make some comic stories of our own.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2016

Happy New Term.

We have had a brilliant start back to school this week and we have got straight back to work. We have made New Year’s resolutions and in anticipation of our new learning theme, we have invented Super Hero Alter Egos for ourselves with super powers and logos!

We have also been up to the library in preparation for our reading buddy jobs where we will be sharing books with nursery children and showing off our new reading superpowers.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/01/2016

Wheels and Wings and Things.

We have been really enjoying our theme around all things transport. We have been enjoying lots of stories involving transport especiiallly those about Mr Gumpy (John Birningham). We have been investigating how things move by  investigating shapes that roll and different types of wheels and surfaces.


Not only have we had lots of fun using different types of vehicles and roleplays to help us count and calculate .....


........... but we are also very excited because we are beginning to read and spell words too.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/11/2015

Windy Weather At Last.

Finally we got some windy weather and went to test out our kites.



We  evaluated our kites and we know which materials were best.                                                                                                                                                     

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/11/2015

Apple and Blackberry Pie Making.

In Reception, we have been learning about all the fruit and vegetables and seeds and berries that are harvested in Autumn. We enjoyed a story about Rufus and the Blackberry Monster and we decided we would like to try some blackberries ourselves.We know that apples are also ready to be picked in Autumn so we made apple and blackberry pie.We chopped the apples. We rolled the pastry and we sprinkled in sugar. We followed a recipe.



                                                     We all gave it a try! Yum Yum!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/11/2015

What do animals do in Autumn?

Another question we asked was "What do animals do in Autumn?". So we used books and the internet to find out. First we had to learn which animals live in this country. We found out that, like Bears, some animals in this country hibernate.

We have enjoyed helping Percy the Parkkeeper out in our Parkkeepers hut and we read a story about animals losing their homes in an Autumn storm. So we looked at how animals make their homes  and then, working in teams, we designed and made a home for a British Animal.

Come and see them.   

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/11/2015

Lets Go Fly Kites.

We raised loads of questions about Autumn. So we have had been busy doing lots of investigating to find answers.

How do Kites fly in the wind?   We tested and sorted materials.












  We designed and made our own Kites.

  We are waiting for windy weather so that we can test  them.





Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/11/2015

Awesome Autumn.

We have been very excited to find out if it is Autumn or not! We started by making a list of 'clues' that we thought we would find if we went looking for Autumn. then we went on an Autumn Hunt.


We all collected lots of interesting finds. Back in the classroom we sorted them into sets and counted and labelled them.


We also made some lovely Transient Art Pictures.

While we were on our hunt we noticed that it was a bit windy, another sign of Autumn weather, so we are looking forward to making Kites to in order to test out how windy it is. Also after finding out so much about Bears, we are wondering which British Animals hibernate so watch this space!





Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/10/2015

Teddy Bear's Picnic.

We have had a busy week learning about information in books and on computers. We worked in teams to find out about different type of Bears and then took turns to share what we  found out with the rest of the class. We showed confidence and listening skills as well as being able to remember  facts.

We have also been very busy preparing the Teddy Bearr's picnic which we enjoyed on Friday. We made a list of items we would need. We wrote invitations  for our special bears at home and we made teddy shaped biscuits and sandwiches (honey of course).



We have noticed some changes to the world round us and have agreed that we would like to explore and learn all about Awesome Autumn next.




Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/10/2015

Bear Necessities.

We have been enjoying lots of different stories about Bears. We have retold the stories using our senses. We made sensory collages to retell 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' and we used musical instruments to retell the story 'Peace At Last'.

We tried to show Goldilocks to be respectful and made a poster of our class values to show her. We also made some presents for her to give to the Three Bears to show them that she was sorry.

We tried to help Mr Bear to get some sleep by making him some headphones to muffle the sound.


We enjoyed using a drum machine to help us test materials to see if they could muffle sound or not.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/09/2015

Welcome Back to Reception Class.


Our first week all together and what a busy week we have had. We have been getting to know each other by telling each other all about our holidays and about our favourite things.

Apparently, ice lollies are a particular favourite so we have designed and made some healthy lollies using our favourite fruit juices. We used our least favourite juices; tomato, beetroot and grapefruit, to make some little taster ices for our Grown-Ups!


We all love animals too. So we have made a list of our favourites and those that we want to learn about. We will be starting with Bears next week.

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It was lovely to see so many of you at our Graduation Ceremony. We were all so proud of the children and I know there was not a dry eye in the audience when the children performed their very special songs for you. We hope you will treasure these memories and it has been a pleasure to teach your children. We will end the term with our special wedding party. The whole team would like to thank you for your lovely gifts and cards, it has been a pleasure to read your special comments and we know that much time and thought has been put into both the gifts and cards.     





Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/07/2015

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Phew, What a busy two weeks we have had in nursery!

The children have been focussing their learning around under and on top of the sea. We have learnt about the sea and what fish and creatures we might find. The children have created an under the sea imaginative area and they have been able to explore the sea through role play props, small world resources, sensory trays and information books. The children have created jelly fish, octopuses and rainbow fish to decorate the environment. In the outdoor learning environment the children have explored water play and sand through the seaside role play area. The children have played in dry and wet sand, paddled and played in water and taken donkey rides! During the hot spells of weather we enjoyed ice creams and ice lollies 'down by the beach'!


The children used their new knowledge to create pieces of transient art called 'seaside in a frame'. It was lovely to watch the children develop their own ideas, adding materials and changing textures to create some incredible individual pieces of work.     



We have thought about friendships through the story of the 'Rainbow fish' and the children have reflected on qualities and values in personalities.

On Wednesday we were overwhelmed by the attendence of Mum's at our annual 'Mum's Day'. This year we went for a royal theme and treated our special visitors like royalty! In preparation for the event the children learnt about our own Royal Family and what royalty means. We then discussed how we could make the day special for our Mum's. The children decided that they we would like to make crowns and jewellery with their Mum's and then we held a very special street party in the hall. The session also had a Disney twist and of course Frozen made an appearance! Please see the Gallery for photos.

We have now followed the children's interests and added pirate resources to the role play areas and created two pirate ships in the outdoor learning environment. We will be learning about the history of pirates, their particularly bad manners and having a 'talk like a pirate day'. We will be creating pirate ships, learning about floating and sinking, racing our ships, making pirate hats and lots of activities focussing on maps, treaure hunts and counting coins!





Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/07/2015

The Sunbeams Have Fun In The Garden

This week the Sunbeams have enjoyed different activities in the garden. They were very helpful feeding Roly Pig , our composter . They took turns to roll him so that he 'ate' our leftover snack. The vegetables have grown and the children picked the juicy strawberries to eat at snack time. Now that the caterpillars have turned into cocoons, we carefully lifted them into the butterfly net. The children were fascinated by the transformation and watched closely. They are now checking them every day , waiting for them to hatch!



Our theme for the next two weeks is 'Insects' . We will be learning about garden insects , going on a 'bug' hunt and even setting up our own Ant World in the Sunshine Room ! Our activities so far this week have been all about worms !    


Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/06/2015

Spinning Cocoons!

This week we enjoyed sharing our learning and taking part in lots of activities with our Dads, Grandads and Uncles as part of our 'Dad's Day'. It was lovely to welcome so many of you into the setting and thank you for taking part with such enthusiasm and making the day so special for the children. Please see the gallery for photos.


The children are making careful observations as the caterpillars spin their cocoons. We have enjoyed creating caterpillars with a variety of resources and materials. The children have learnt a new 'wow' word which is symmetry. We have looked really closely at the colours and patterns on butterflies wings and have represented this new knowledge by designing our own patterns through colouring and colour mixing. In music and movement we created butterfly movements!



There has been some amazing building and role play in our construction areas this week. The children have used a variety of construction materials to create cars, buses, camp fires and farm yards! The children have further developed their play by adding props and engaging in some complex role play scenarios.




We have continued to develop our physical skills by taking part in an activity called 'Movement in a hoop'. The children showed great skills while hopping, jumping, skipping and creating 'freeze' movements in the different coloured hoops.



Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/06/2015

The Summer Term with the Sunbeams

This term we welcomed new Sunbeams to the Sunshine Room. We decided to spend time learning new nursery rhymes. The children soon picked up the actions to Miss Polly Had A Dolly and they enjoyed using the props . They dressed up as the doctor and bandaged the dolly and gave her medicine . The Sunbeams then decided that they were poorly too and they engaged in lovely role play , making each other better. We also sang Baa Baa Black Sheep . The children were able to use their maths skills to fill the bags of wool , count them and put the bags in the right order. We also thought about key facts  - where sheep live, what they eat and the sounds they make.

Last term the children were fascinated by the life cycle of the chick, this term they were very excited when the newly hatched caterpillars arrived. They have observed them every day and watched them grow and change. We have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Sunbeams have tried the different fruit each day , just as the caterpillar did ! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/06/2015

The Very Hungry Caterpillar(s!)

This week in Nursery we have continued with our learning around lifecycles. On Wednesday we received a special delivery of 35 caterpillars which we will observe and care for until they turn into 'beautiful' butterflies!


To support our learning around the lifecycle of a butterfly we have been focussing on the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. As well as listening to the story and developing an understanding of lifecylces we have been developing our fine motor skills by creating concertina and finger print caterpillars. We have been working on our number recognition by creating caterpillars with numbered pebbles and counting each section of the caterpillars body. There has been lots of crawling, creeping and wriggling on the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' obstacle course! 


On Wednesday our day focussed on mark making as we invited parents into the setting to join us for our 'Mark Making Workshop'. The session began with presentations by Mrs Magan and Ms Kingman and then the parents and children both explored a variety of resources and activities that supported not just mark making but the development of muscles and physical movements. The session was rounded off by a brilliant dough disco performance by the Reception children and then a presentation of goody bags to each family! Please see the gallery for photos.

We celebrated the arrival of sunshine on Thursday by walking down to the field to have a picnic snack and then bubble play. The children had so much fun running on the grass and blowing and catching the bubbles!



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The Sunbeams Picnic.

This week the Sunbeams went out for a picnic! They decided that they wanted to take jam sandwiches and cake. The day before they made the cakes and decorated them. On the morning of the picnic they made the sandwiches and packed the basket with everything they'd made. We had a lovely time in the sunshine , eating our delicious food and listening to a story. The children then explored , looking at the different flowers and listening to the different sounds.

We can't wait to go again!



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Eggs, chicks and Humpty Dumpty!

We have had 3 weeks of amazing learning and activities around our theme of eggs, chicks and Humpty Dumpty!

In mathematics the children have been measuring how far their egg rolled using foot steps and then recording their answers on the wedge. The children have explored colour and pattern through paint and matching activities. We have had lots of fun retelling the story of Humpty Dumpty through drama and then creating our own versions of the rhyme by changing characters, key story settings and making Humpty Dumpty's ending a much happier one. In one story Humpty Dumpty got married and lived happily ever after!!!!!  The children have built walls for Humpty and made him 'get well cards'.

The children have had lots of opportunities to hold the chicks this week. We were sad to see them go to the farm on Thursday but know that they will be very happy in their new home.

Thank you so much to all the lovely Grandparents that attended our 'Grandparents Day' on Wednesday. We had a lovely day with lots of fun activities and ended each session with songs and a story.

We will be holding our Mark Making Workshop on Wednesday 3rd June.

Have a great half term!


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Chicks, chicks and more chicks!!!!!

The children were so excited on Monday when we received a very special delivery! We have spent this week learning about the lifecycle of a chicken. The children have observed eggs in the incuabator, watched the chicks hatch and then prepared the brooder. We now have five healthy chicks in the brooder that we are caring for, the children are ensuring that the chicks have food, water and are kept clean in their new home!    





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The Sunbeam Orchestra

Over the past week the Sunbeams have been continuing to make a variety of instruments. They enjoyed playing the guitar and were all keen to make their own. They chose cardboard boxes and selected how many elastic bands they wanted to use. The children carefully pulled them over their boxes. They made a lovely sound. We also made 'pan pipes' using straws , which the children had to cut into different lengths and put into size order. At the end of the week we played all of our instruments together as the Sunbeam orchestra!. 



Our favourite story this week has been The Gingerbread Man. The Sunbeams enjoyed retelling the story with props. 



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Nursery Get Composting with Roly Pig

The children have been collecting 'green' and 'brown' things to feed to Roly Pig , our composter. They kept their fruit peelings, found fallen leaves and ripped up old newspaper . They then emptied the bin into his mouth and rolled him round. Now we have to wait for him to turn it into compost ! The compost will be used to feed the fruit and vegetables that are growing in our garden.





Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/05/2015

Spring time fun down the farm!

We have had a wonderful two weeks in nursery learning about spring, farming, planting, growing and making compost!!!

In mathematics we have been adding 1 more and 1 less, finding the total number of animals in each field and exploring 2D shapes. The children have been creating 'spring in a hoop' with the items that they collected on their spring walk and we have had great fun exploring a variety of materials to create blossom trees, collage farm animals and different printing techniques.

Our farm sensory bin has been a big hit and we have enjoyed harvesting the fruit and vegetables while sorting!

Michelle visited us in nursery and shared several stories all with a farm theme. We have learnt lots of new songs and taken part in ring games..... The Farmers in his den was our favourite!!!

Next week we are going to have a literacy focus around the story of The Little Red Hen. 




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Sunbeams Get Busy!

This week in cookery the Sunbeams made fruity milkshakes. They used knives to cut the fruit and then they had great fun pressing the button on the blender to mix it with the milk. They observed that the milk had changed colour and the fruit had disappeared! The best part was the tasting, they all agreed that their favourite flavour was banana.



We explored different textures in the large tray this week. The crispies made different sounds when they crushed them in their hands or squashed them. One Sunbeam put them on the floor and jumped on them " that's louder!" he said. He then noticed that the consistency had changed and he used his finger to make patterns in the powder. They also used them in their role play to fed them to the babies.  



The children enjoyed going into school for a story session in the library this week.  


We are exploring different sounds. This week the children made 'egg shakers'. They chose different resources - coffee beans, sugar , rice , buttons - and carefully put them inside their plastic eggs. They then found the matching lid , put it together and shook them . The children noticed that they all sounded different.   




Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/04/2015

Sunbeams 'Walking Through The Jungle'

This term the theme for the Sunbeams is the jungle. This has been chosen to go with the children's interests. They enjoyed learning about farm animals and their favourite story is currently Walking Through The Jungle. We will be learning the animal names and the sounds that they make. It will also provide the opportunity to use size and pattern language. In music and movement the children will move like jungle animals. The Sunshine room has been transformed into a jungle and equipped with resources so that the children can become explorers. The children will also be designing and making musical instruments to investigate different sounds.




This week the children have made animal masks. They mixed the paint to make the correct colour for their elephants and were amazed when it changed to make grey. The trunks were made by folding two pieces of paper together . The children concentrated really hard and they look fantastic ! We also went on a 'lion hunt' in the garden. The children thought about the different things we'd need to take . "I want to take pictures of the animals",  so we took a camera . "I need binoculars" and they were needed to see the monkey hanging in the tree! " Can we bring a backpack?" What a great idea , then we can use them to carry the animals back to nursery. The Sunbeams were amazing jungle explorers !




In cookery this week we made chocolate cakes and jam buns . The children took turns to weigh the ingredients and mix them together . "They smell delicious" "yummy" they declared when they were cooking in the oven.  





Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/04/2015

Sunbeams farm visit

Please visit the Gallery page to see the photos of Sunbeams visit to Sacrewell Farm.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/04/2015

Spring has sprung!

This week we will 'spring' into action with lots of learning around the season of spring, signs of spring, new life and growth.

The children will be going on a spring walk to observe and use their senses to explore spring. We will extend this experience in nursery through spring time sensory bins and small world trays, creative crafts, music and movement sessions, singing and gardening role play.

The children will be spending time with Mrs Goodwin in our planting area and learning about our compost pig!


Many thanks for your kind donations to Comic Relief and for taking part in our 'Book Character Dressing-up Day', it was great to see so many children dressed up and enjoying the fun!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/03/2015

Chatterbox Challenge

We raised an amazing £530.50 from our 'Chatterbox Challenge', thank you so much it is an incredible total!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/03/2015

Book week focus

To link into our theme on pets this week the children will be learning about the author Mick Inkpen and the wonderful stories he has written. We will be spending time with 'Kipper the dog' and focussing our learning activities on this theme.

Activities this week will include counting and matching bones to support number recognition, designing and painting dogs, creating clay mice, guessing what is hiding in 'sock thing' and making biscuits. 

The children will be enjoying Kipper stories and we are looking forward to a special story session on Wednesday with our school librarian.

The children are very knowledgeable on dogs and how to care for them after our exciting visit from 'Buddy' on Wednesday. The children enjoyed talking with Miss Morrell and then taking Buddy for a walk, he slept very well on Wednesday evening! 



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Den building and camp fires!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/03/2015

Pets at home!

Thank you for your fantastic support!

The children have really enjoyed bringing home their chosen pet and sharing it with you. They have all clearly demonstrated their knowledge on the five welfare needs of looking after pets. The children have shared their feedback forms and we have had some lovely photos and drawings.

Thank you to Rosie and Mrs Priestley who kindly brought in Smokey the hamster. We have more pets visiting this week!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/03/2015

Old McDonald Had A Farm

Over the next few weeks the Sunbeams will be learning all about farm animals.


We will be singing songs and rhymes, making animal crafts, looking after the animals in our farm role play area and paying a visit to a real farm!


This week we have enjoyed getting messy making paper mache pigs. In cookery the children chose different cutters to make farm animal biscuits.






Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/02/2015

Welcome back

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely half term break.

This term we will be learning about pets, small animals and the role of a vet. We have a vets role play area and lots of resources to help us care for pets. We will be having small animals to visit and the children will be learning about the five welfare needs that keep pets safe and healthy. The children will be taking it in turns to choose a 'pet' to bring home for the evening!

We will be continuing to follow the children's interests with activities around dinosaurs, volcanoes, dressing-up, measuring, office role play and creative crafts.

Towards the end of the term watch out for information on 'World book day' and Easter celebrations. 

The Foundation Stage Team


Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/02/2015

Chinese New Year

As well as our successful 'Chatterbox Challenge' the children have been learning all about Chinese New Year, we have enjoyed working with the Reception children and sharing a snack of noodles, chopsticks and traditional chinese new year music!!!!!!  


Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/02/2015

Chatterbox Challenge

Thank you to all the parents and children that supported our 'Chatterbox Challenge' we have been overwhelmed with the sponsor money that we have already received. The day was a great success and the children really enjoyed performing for their parents and receiving their certificates and treats!!!

Polite reminder that all sponsor money and forms are returned to nursery by 2nd March 2015.

Many Thanks   




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Dinosaur theme a 'roaring' success

Wow! We are so proud of the nursery children and the incredible learning that has been happening this week. It is hard to know where to start!

The children have created nests and buried eggs, designed their own dinosaur eggs, learnt about fossils and made their own fossils using clay, created model dinosaurs using a variety of materials. We have watched a dinosaur hatch from an egg and then represented this through movement and dance. In mathematics we have ordered bones by size and created repeating patterns for Stegosaurus! We have continued to observe some lovely role play in our 'explorers camp' and 'dinosaur dig'.  

Next week we will be preparing for our 'Chatterbox Challenge' and learning about Chinese New Year. We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday at our performances.

Morning children 11:00am

Afternoon children 2:45pm 



Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/02/2015

Dinosaurs and Paleontology!

This week the children have really extended their knowledge and learning through our theme on dinosaurs. We have learnt about time scales, environments and the special characteristics of different dinosaurs. We now know that Scientisits and Paleontologists have used fossils and modern technology to piece together what dinosaurs may have looked like and even how they may have behaved.

Our learning experiences have included 'dinosaur explorer' role play, creating dinosaur skeletons, small world habitat play, moving like dinosaurs and exploring emotions through dinosaur characters! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/01/2015

Tasty food and winter colours!

Well we certainly enjoyed our 'warming' snacks this week and we were able to explore change through making a healthy breakfast of porridge oats. The children watched and voiced their observations as the consistency of the oats changed through adding liquid and heat.

This learning experience lead to some amazing literacy work around Goldilocks and the three bears and we will continue with this theme next week.

We have continued to explore colour around winter and our focus this week was through the painting 'The Castle of Muiden in Winter'. The children created their own representations of the painting and created shades of colours with powder paints.

Next week watch out for dinosaurs and dinosaur explorers as we follow the children's interest in prehistoric animals that roamed the earth!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/01/2015


This week the Sunbeams enjoyed listening to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They retold the story using props and puppets. At snack time we tasted porridge and the Sunbeams ate it all up , just like Goldilocks!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/01/2015

Keeping warm in winter

This week the children in nursery have been learning all about keeping warm in cold weather. We have learnt that hot food warms up our tummy and give us energy to keep warm. We thought about what would be good foods to eat at breakfast, lunch and tea and next week we are going to make porridge for 'breakfast' and try a variety of soups at snack time.  

In the role play area the children have been dressing themselves in clothing appropriate for winter weather and they have also enjoyed dressing the dolls and teddies! 

In Music and Movement this week the children responded to sounds to create freezing and melting movements.

Next week we will be exploring colour and texture through the painting 'The Castle of Muiden in Winter' by Jan Beerstraaten 





Posted by: The Teachers on: 17/01/2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Foundation Stage Team and all the children!

Our themes this term will be around winter, the weather and keeping warm. This week the children have researched the season of winter through non fiction books, explored ice and carried out experiments to extend our knowledge on freezing and melting. We have constructed ice palaces through ice cubes, paint and wooden bricks. As part of our circle time we told Mrs Magan all about the great fun we had in the snow over the christmas holiday. This led to some lovely snowmen creations at the play dough table!

To follow the children's interests we will be opening a post office in the mark making area, a shape focussed sweet shop in the dough area and learning all about dinosaurs!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/01/2015

Happy Christmas

The Foundation Stage Team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We look forward to welcoming you back on the 6th January.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/12/2014

Nativity 2014 Afternoon Performance

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/12/2014

Nativity 2014 morning performance

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/12/2014

Bubbles and 'Drop-in-sessions'

As well as our walk in the community this week we have welcomed parents in for our 'drop-in-sessions' and had 'bubbly' fun in our car wash. We could not believe how dirty our teachers let their cars get!!!!!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/12/2014

Walk in the local community

We were all so proud of the nursery children on Wednesday when we went for a walk in the local community. The children showed lots of interest in the environment, sharing their own experiences and asking questions. Many thanks to all the staff at Northfields Garage who were incredibly friendly and took time to talk and demonstrate equipment to the children. 

We spotted lots of different types of transport and recorded them on our traffic surveys, we were very excited when the dustmen waved to us!

Please see the gallery for lots more photographs.




Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/12/2014

Full steam ahead!

We have had a great week of learning continuing with our theme around trains and transport. The children have drawn maps, created cities for the small world props and have enjoyed playing imaginatively in the car mechanic workshop. In number we have been matching tickets to seat numbers and ordering train carriages. We have made 3d train models and used shapes to create train designs.

The children have prepared healthy snacks with a transport theme. On Wednesday we made cheese and pepper wheels and on Friday we created apple slice sailing boats.

Next week we hope to visit a garage and clean our teachers cars in our very own car wash!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/11/2014

Phonics Workshop

Many Thanks to those parents that attended our 'Phun with Fonics' workshop. We hope you found it informative and it was great to see so many parents joining in! If you were unable to attend but would like to discuss phonics with us please speak to either Mrs Magan or Ms Kingman.   


Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/11/2014

Special visit from Jo Jo the owl

On Friday we had a special visitor in nursery, Jo Jo the owl. It was an amazing opportunity for the children to experience wildlife close up and to learn about owls and their habitat. The children asked some very interesting questions and Simon said that he had never been to a school with such well behaved children. Thank you to year 4 for giving us this unique learning experience.  


Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/11/2014

Our week of Bonfire celebrations

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/11/2014

Firework Fiesta

This week in Nursery we will be focusing our learning around the theme of Guy Fawkes. The children will be exploring the story of Guy Fawkes through books, rhymes, songs and drama.

The adults in the setting will be performing a short piece of drama to teach the children about keeping safe when watching fireworks. On Wednesday the children will enjoy their own bonfire celebrations. We will be eating hot dogs and  chocolate sparklers while singing around the 'bonfire'. The children will then enjoy a firework display accompanied to music on the interactive white board.

Over the week our learning will include composing a piece of firework music, exploring the sounds of fireworks, creating a firework dance, ordering rockets by size and number, making firework pictures and learning new songs and rhymes.


All Aboard!

You will also notice that we have a train station and track in nursery! to follow the children's interests we have two new role play areas to support the children's learning and our new themes. The children can make cup cakes and sell their creations in our new cake shop or pack their cases and travel on the Bluecoat Express!


Exciting learning ahead!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/11/2014

Cinderella's Ball

The children have had a lovely time at their Cinderella's Ball. We have enjoyed a banquet for snack, ballroom dancing, ring games and the Cinderella story. The children loved their party gifts, not so sure the parents agreed! Many thanks for your support, the children all looked amazing! Watch out for photos on the gallery.



Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/10/2014

Fairy Tale Fun

This week the children have been learning about Fairy Tales and in particular Cinderella. We have created palaces, built towers, dressed up as key characters, re told the story of Cinderella through puppets and props and made our very own magic potions. Thank you to all of 'Cinderella's Little Helpers' who have carried out all of their duties and found the glass slipper! 

The children have been excitedly talking about their invitations that they received in the post. The ball will be a lovely way to end our first term of learning and we are all looking forward to having a banquet snack and taking part in some ballroom dancing!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 17/10/2014

Eat Better, Start Better Initiative

On Thursday we welcomed Debbie Kenyon who is a Healthy Eating Consultant for Lincolnshire Healthy Schools. Debbie was visiting the nursery as part of our involvement in the Eat Better, Start Better initiative. This initiative validates our commitment to providing the children with healthy, balanced and nutritious food and drink and the skills and knowledge to develop a healthy lifestyle. Debbie went through a comprehensive checklist, viewed policies and observed the children at snack. I am delighted to say that we successfully met all of the criteria and we are now able to sign up for the Early Years Code of Practice for Food and Drink, certificate to follow!


The children have begun learning around our new theme of Fairy Tales, Traditional Stories and Nursery Rhymes. Many of you will have observed the transformation of nursery into Fairy Tale Land! The children have had some fantastic ideas to support their learning and we are all looking forward to taking part in some exciting learning experiences.

Look out for a special invite in the post, make sure you return before the clock strikes twelve!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/10/2014

Fun in the kitchen!

Anyone for mud cakes or a leaf kebab?











Maybe you would prefer a jam tart!










Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/10/2014

Autumn Walk

The children had an amazing adventure on Wednesday when we went on an Autumn walk. We spotted signs of Autumn and collected Autumn colours and leaves. It was great fun scrunching and stomping in the leaves and singing our Autumn songs under the trees. Watch out for our Autumn creations in Nursery!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/09/2014

Fruitful delights!

In cookery this week the children explored fruits and were distinguishing between sweet and sour flavours. We made a graph to show our favourite fruits and then prepared a fresh fruit salad. The children learnt all about good hygiene when preparing foods and how to use tools safely.



I think these fruits may have been sour!







Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/09/2014

Wonderful first week back!

We have enjoyed a wonderful first week back in nursery. The children have enjoyed exploring colour, sorting and categorising objects and learning songs around our theme of Autumn.




Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/09/2014

Thank you

Thank you for all of our lovely gifts and cards that we received at the end of term. It was another emotional day and the party was a fantastic way to celebrate the children's achievements. Photos from the party and our surprise princess visitors are on the Gallery, they clearly reflect the surprise, excitment and enjoyment of the day!

All the Foundation Stage staff wish all the children that are moving onto Reception lots of luck and we look forward to welcoming returning children and new on the 8th of September 2014.   

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/07/2014

Special memories at Graduation!

We celebrated the children's Graduation this week with two amazing performances and presentations. Thank you so much for joining us to celebrate this happy and at times emotional event! We were so proud of the children as they stood and sang with such enjoyment and enthusiasm. Please view the photographs on the Gallery.

We are looking forward to our party on Wednesday and spending a lovely three days together before the children move onto their Reception classes.   


Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/07/2014

Now watch out for the cowboys and cowgirls!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/07/2014

A week of seaside fun!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/07/2014

'Under and over the sea'

Our new theme for the next two weeks is 'Under and over the sea'. The children are really motivated by this theme and they have had some fabulous ideas around their own learning. We will be learning about life under the sea, going fishing, surf boarding! and exploring the properties of dry and wet sand. The children have discussed with Practitioners the resources they would like in the seaside imaginative play area and there was an unanimous decision that there must be donkey rides outside! We will be enjoying ice creams, ice pops and popcorn at snack time. A lovely theme to end the nursery year.    

Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/07/2014

Breaking News!

The Nursery is delighted to announce that from a record number of entries they have been shortlisted for two awards in the Nursery World Awards 2014. http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/nursery-world/news/1145242/nursery-world-awards-shortlists-revealed.   

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/07/2014

Thank you

Thank you for the amazing attendance at our Mum's day and teddy bears picnic. It was a lovely day and the children are still talking about the special times they shared with you.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/07/2014

Mum's Day




Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/07/2014

Football fever!

The children have had great fun learning around our football theme. We have learnt about rules in games and the role of sportmanship when playing in a team. The children have listened to National Anthems and created their own flags. This week we have made medals and through photographs we have become footballers in our small world play. The children are continuing to take on their Mascot roles and responsibilities with pride and they are very proud of their medals and certificates. 




Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/07/2014

Outstanding year of success featured in the Mercury

Please take time to read the fantastic article in the Stamford Mercury that celebrates the outstanding achievements of The Foundation Stage Unit, we are so proud to be working in partnership with you. If you would like a copy of the article please ask a member of the team.    

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/06/2014

Our new theme

Over the next two weeks we are going to be having a 'sporting' theme. There will be lots of physical activities and the children will be developing their physical skills through both small and large apparatus. We will be learning about the World Cup and Wimbledon and the children will be taking turns to be nursery mascots. At snack time we will be enjoying the traditional treats of sporting events!  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/06/2014

Big thank you to Sienna and her Mummy!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/06/2014

The chicks are on holiday!

Please follow the progress of the chicks over the weekend through Reception's blog and Mrs.Shirtcliffe. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/06/2014

Happy Elmer day!

The children really enjoyed our Elmer colour party, there was lots of fun and colour. Who played a trick on Mrs. Christopher????? 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/06/2014

The amazing crocodile!

One of the children made this amazing crocodile choosing his own materials and tools independently.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/06/2014

How eggciting.....

We have 15 eggs in our incubator, overnight one of the eggs hatched and the children were so excited to meet their first chick. Today we have been busy playing mother hen and clucking with lots of enthusiasm!!!!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/06/2014

Dad's day

Thank you to all the Dad's and male relations that attended our Dad's day. The day was incredibly well supported and everyone had a great time despite the wet conditions in the morning! Thank you for all the positive feedback and we look forward to our next open event, details to follow shortly.

Just a reminder that our Elmer colour party is on Wednesday and we are looking forward to receiving children in an array of colours!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/06/2014


We hope you all had a lovely half term. For the next two weeks we are going to continue with our jungle theme but with a specific focus on elephants and the story of Elmer. We will celebrate the end of our jungle theme with an Elmer colour party, details to follow!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/06/2014

Wow! what an amazing week!!!!!!!

The children enjoyed releasing the butterflies in the garden, we will look forward to spotting them over the summer term.





Our jungle expedition, what did you see? 




The children had a lovely story session with Luisella's Mum, all the stories had a jungle focus and the children had props so they could interact with the stories.





Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/05/2014

Then he nibbled a hole in the cocoon and .......




Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/05/2014

Caterpillar update!

The children are so excited. Our big, fat caterpillars have now spun their cocoons. The children transferred them into the butterfly net today and are eagerly awaiting beautiful butterflies. 




Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/05/2014

Our jungle explorers



Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/05/2014

Jungle Fever!

Our theme for the next two weeks is around the jungle and jungle animals. The children will be learning about the jungle environment, the habitat and the animals that live there. We will be learning all about Joshua's trip to South Africa and his amazing safari experience. The children will go into the jungle and on a 'safari expedition' through role play and sensory experiences! 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/05/2014

The amazing Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/05/2014

Grandparent's Day

Thank you to all the Grandparents that joined us for our Grandparent's Day, the children had a lovely time and we hope you enjoyed joining in with all the activities and the children's learning.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/05/2014

Wriggling visitors have arrived!

Our new themes this term focus on life cycles, growth and change. This week the children have focussed their learning around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. To support this learning we have had an arrival of some very wriggly guests! The children are really excited and looking forward to observing the changes that the caterpillars will go through over the next few weeks.    

Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/04/2014

Spring time fun!

This week in nursery the children have enjoyed lots of exciting learning experiences around our theme of 'Spring time fun'. The children have painted spring flowers, grown cress, made spring baskets, taken part in an egg hunt and egg rolling competition! In our music and movement session the children began as seeds and then blossomed into wonderful flowers! Please go to the gallery to view our photos, Happy Easter from the nursery team. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/04/2014

Health Visitor Visit

We had a visit today from Becks who is a Health Visitor. She talked to us about the role of a Health Visitor and how to care for babies. This included bathing a baby and changing a nappy! The children asked some fantastic questions and enjoyed being measured and weighed.  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 31/03/2014


Welcome to the Nursery.  This week we have been busy learning about our new theme of Spring.  Watch out for bouncing bunnies next week!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/03/2014

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