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French Food Tasting

At the end of last week, we enjoyed a very special picnic as part of our French lesson. In our previous French lesson, we had researched facts about France and our attention was brought to the different foods the French eat. Because we were so fascinated by the foods we discovered, we decided that we wanted to have a go at tasting some of these.

We tasted French camembert cheese and brioche, as well as a couple of other foods we found equally tasty.

We were surprised by how much we enjoyed the different foods. By the end of the lesson, we were able to say in French which foods we liked and which ones we didn't. We're hoping to try a few more in the not too distant future... watch this space!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/05/2018

A Trip to A&E!

On Tuesday 1st May, Year 4 was lucky enough to visit Peterborough Hospital’s 999 Club. This visit was to help inspire our learning for this term's topic Body Sparks!

When we arrived, we were greeting by two fabulous nurses, who were our guides for the afternoon, and a skeleton!  We had a fascinating trip and learnt about many aspects of the hospital.  We were really excited to learn about ambulances and see inside one and especially liked having the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat!  We found out all about the children’s Jungle Ward and the types of treatments you could expect to see there including checking oxygen levels and blood pressure. 

After that, we saw x-rays of broken bones and discovered the names of these different bones, but the highlight of the trip was being given the chance to try out some different treatments such as slings, bandages, numbing sprays and event plaster casts!  We had a great time at Peterborough Hospital and left feeling excited and reassured that the hospital is full of amazing doctors and nurses who can help us get better.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/05/2018

Thank you!

We would like to thank all the adults for supporting us at our Egyptians celebration event at the end of last term. We were incredibly proud of the work we showcased, particularly because we had been working especially hard to ensure we had lots of fantastic work to show everyone.  We painted tomb paintings onto our handmade papyrus about the specific themes of ‘Daily Life’, ‘Nature’, ‘Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queens’ and ‘The After Life’.  We made canopic jars out of clay and painted them also and we wrote letters to our parents, inviting them to join us to celebrate.  The event was a huge success – thank you again from all of us in Year 4!



This term, we have started our new and electric topic called Body Sparks!  We will be learning all about electricity including how to stay safe around it, circuits and we will even get the opportunity to build our own electric buggies.  We will also be investigating the human digestive system and how food travels through our bodies, starting with the teeth.  This term promises to be full of discoveries, so please stay tuned!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/04/2018

We're near the end...

In English, we're very close to solving the mystery of the missing Aunt! This week, we went to Mr Taak's office... we're highly suspicious of this shady character...


And we were right to be! He too had been interested in the Lost Tomb of Osiris and we were shocked to discover that he had some of Emily's diary entries... We've now put together our own ideas about where Aunt Emily is and we are very excited to soon discover what actually happened to her! Our diary writing about these events has been very successful and we're getting much more confident with both using a variety of sentence structures and showing emotion.

In our Creative Curriculum, we've been making canopic jars out of clay! We've chosen a God to put on the lid and will this week be painting them ready to put on display during our mini-celebration event on Wednesday!

canopic jars

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/03/2018

The Plot Thickens...

In our English this week, we've continued to investigate the disappearance of our aunt, Miss Emily Sands. We've continued writing our diary entries as we've delved further into this mystery, hoping that we'll be able to piece together the many pieces of the puzzle..

At the start of the week, we transported ourselves to Cairo Museum. We knew Miss Emily had been there as we'd found a ticket in her hotel room and read in her diary that she'd been there. At the museum, we discovered many clues. The guestbook revealed that she had signed in, but didn't sign out and that her interpretor seemingly left without her. Furthermore, a mysterious person with illegible handwriting had signed in at around the same time...


We also went to the Lost Property office where we discovered that Miss Emily had left without her handbag! Inside it was her purse, a map and a 'to do' list which revealed that she was particularly interested in exhibitions linked to Osiris.

lost and found

In the museum exhibition itself, we found a sheet of papyrus on display which had on it a message written in hieroglyphics. When we translated it, we found out that it was a warning about the lost tomb of Osiris...

At the end of the week, we continued our investigation by writing letters to some key people who may have more information about the whereabouts of Miss Emily.., We're hoping to have some responses next week which will help to shed some more light on where she might be and what might have happened to her...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/03/2018

What a mystery...

This morning, we were each delivered some named envelopes. Within them were letters, a map and a old photograph...


It turned out, our Great-Aunt Emily had gone missing in Egypt whilst searching for the lost tomb of Osiris! Her interpretor wrote to us, desperately urging us to go and find her!

We were really worried about her, so off we went to Egypt, straight to the hotel room she should have been staying in... what a sight it was! It looked as though it had been ransacked! We started searching around the room, hoping that there was something there that would give us a clue about where she was.

Here is an image of us looking through her diary, which had many ripped and missing pages:


Had she taken out pages to stop someone from finding certain information? Or had someone else done that because they'd discovered something useful? The parts we could read (and those we could piece together!) revealed some interesting information about the start of Emily's visit to Egypt...


We found plenty more clues, such as tickets, maps and photographs... In order to help us start piecing together the clues, we have started writing a diary to help us keep track of our thoughts. We are determined to find Miss Emily!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/03/2018

Discovering Tutankhamun

Year 4 have had a great start to the new term.

In Maths, we learnt how to use practical equipment to divide 2-digit numbers and looked at this in a variety of contexts. In English, we planned and started writing our Egyptian adventure stories which featured frightening mummies and maze-like passageways which led to mysterious (and sometimes dangerous!) tombs.

In our Creative Curriculum, we also completed our learning about Tutankhamun. 


We used Andy Warhol's art as inspiration to create similar-style drawings of Tutankhamun's mask.

We've also been fascinated by old black and white footage and photographs of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. We read some extracts from Howard Carter's diary and were amazed by his sketches of the treasures he found hidden there. We then had a go at writing our own diary entries from Howard Carter's point of view. 

writing diary

Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/02/2018

Maths and Mummies

This week, we've taken home a new maths game to help us learn our times tables and we had a practise in class on Wednesday. 


We have two sets of cards. We pick up one from the blue set and one from the green set and then have to multiply the two numbers. If you get the answer right, you get a point! We were excited to take these home and have a go. We're hoping they will help us learn our tables to 12.

In English, we've been working hard on our entries for the Stamford Rotary Club competition. The theme this year is 'A Different Perspective.' As we've been working on adventure stories linked to our Ancient Egyptian topic, we did some writing from the point of view of an Egyptian mummy! 


Wish us luck!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/02/2018

The Nile and the Water Cycle

This week, we've been finishing our learning about the River Nile by finding out about the water cycle. In our classroom, we set up our own mini water cycle by filling zip-lock bags with water and food colouring. We drew a diagram of the water cycle and discovered that we could see some of the processes we'd been learning about, like condensation!

water cycle

We then used our learning to write some mini flip books which explained each part of the water cycle process. We were able to use the scientific vocabulary we'd come across and a range of new facts that we didn't know before!

water cycle

Although we have finished our learning on the River Nile, we will continue to observe and note the changes we see on our mini water cycle models. In particular, we are going to be looking carefully to see if we notice any specific changes when the weather or temperature alters.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/01/2018

Walking for Cancer Research

This morning, Year 4 and Year 3 took part in a winter walk in order to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. 

We walked down to The Meadows where Year 4 took a delightful stroll by the river. While we were there, we had a look at some of the features of a river we'd come across during our learning about the River Nile in Egypt. We spotted a confluence, tributary and small meander, as well as some small rapids which showed us the direction of the current.

After that, we did some sketching by the river as it was such a beautiful day!

chairty walk


We were really pleased with our walk and were proud to be given the opportunity to do something in order to support such a wonderful chairty.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/01/2018

A poet comes to visit!

What a great start to the week! We've recently been revisiting our poetry skills in our English lessons and we were amazed on Monday morning when the poet Joseph Coelho came to visit our class! We were really fortunate to participate in his poetry workshop. He started off the morning by performing some of his poetry to us. We loved taking part and creating our own lines for his poem.


After that, he shared with us his top tip for creating powerful poetry... MOREAPS!









He then showed us how to create a spider diagram which brainstormed vocabulary associated with the topic of our poem. We had to think about what makes us happy... friends, family, sports, chocolate... anything! 


We had a range of exciting ideas which we then turned into a poem. We will be working on editing our poems now so that we can enter them into a poetry writing competition ran by The Stamford Arts Centre. Winners get money to spend on books!

To find out more about this inspiring poet, take a look at his website:


Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2018

Egyptians at the Fitzwilliam Museum

What a great start to the term! Yesterday, we visited The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge as our spark for our new topic about the Ancient Egyptians, 'Tomb Raiders!'

We were amazed by some of the artefacts on display in the exhibition. We started off by meeting our museum teacher, Jackie, by the sarcophagus lid of Ramesses III. This gigantic and impressive lid is made of red granite and we were stunned to discover that it weighs 7 tons! We had to search carefully for clues that would reveal more about this pharoah. For example, we found out that his beard was fake and that he would have been very rich... we knew this because some of his tomb was missing, telling us that robbers had broken in to it to steal his jewels and gold!

ramesses III

We then had the opportunity to explore the rest of the exhibit when we were tasked with trying to find objects we thought we'd need in the afterlife. We found so many incredible artefacts, such as mummified animals, models, jewellery, reed pens and gifts for the gods. The most jaw-dropping artefact was Nespawershefyt's coffin!


You can see more photographs of our day in the 'Gallery' section of our school website.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jackie and The Fitzwilliam Museum for a wonderful day.

To find out more about the Egyptians collection on the museum website: http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/collections/egypt/collectionhistory


Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/01/2018

It's Christmas!

We've had an enjoyable last couple of days of term. In English, we've been using drama and freeze frames to explore the story of 'Tuesday.' In Maths, we've been continuing with our work on the 6x tables and have been thinking about different strategies to help us quickly recall times table facts.

In our Creative Curriculum, we finished our research and presentations about Christmas Around the World. Some of us chose a single country to focus on in detail, while others compared a range of countries. On Monday and Tuesday, we presented our work to the rest of the class. Not only did we discover different traditions, but we also learnt how to say 'Merry Christmas' in different languages. Joyeaux Noel! Feliz Navidad!

christmas presentations

christmas presentations

We finished our term with our Christmas party. We were certainly ready for our party food after all the dancing we did in the hall!

Merry Christmas from Y4!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/12/2017

Christmas Around the World

This week, Y4 have started to think about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. We kickstarted our learning by getting into teams and seeing if we could name the countries which different flags represented. There were some interesting answers, but ultimately, we had to try and make sure we remembered what we'd learnt as we'll be re-tested during another quiz next week!


After that, we then got into pairs or small groups. We were given the challenge to create a presentation which explains how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. We could either do an in-depth presentation about one country or write about several countries and their traditions. Y4 have really enjoyed this learning... some of us even went away and did extra research outside of school! We've had to turn our research into a presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint. We've learnt how to change backgrounds, fonts, vary the layout of slides, add a range of images and some of us have even started adding animations.


We will be completing our presentations next week, ready to discuss and show on Tuesday!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/12/2017

Frogs, Tuesday and Impressive Gymnastics

Over the last two weeks, we have been using the picture book Tuesday as inspiration for our English lessons.  Tuesday is about a group of frogs that one evening, take off on their lily pads and fly around a town!  We started by gathering evidence and sequencing the story, then we investigated a newspaper article about the mysterious flying frogs and practised how to punctuate direct speech. We really enjoyed our lesson where we took turns in the ‘hot seat’ and pretended to be certain characters from the book while our class fired questions at us.  This enabled us to develop ideas for our newspaper article.  Our series of lessons will culminate in us writing a full newspaper article about the flying frogs and we may even try acting out certain scenes from the book!

In this photo, can you spot one of the lily pads we had to follow?

Tuesday investigating

We really enjoyed our gymnastics this week. We had to work with our partners to create some tricky balancing positions. After a lot of resilience (we had to try and try again!), we were successful with our attempts. We were incredibly proud of our achievements and progress.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/12/2017

Cheerleading and Rainforest Fruits

What a fabulous week!

On Tuesday, we had an exciting day out alongside other local schools at Stamford Welland Academy for a cheerleading event.  The day began with an energetic warm up which got our arms, legs and vocal chords ready for action! We then learnt all about how to perform stunts safely before trying out our very own displays using the stunts we’d practised.  We took turns being spotters and flyers, making sure we had someone who could be a secure and safe base.  We performed everything we’d learnt as our final routine and we left feeling very proud of ourselves!  The day taught us that working well as a team can deliver fantastic results!



In our Creative Curriculum, we asked whether we could learn more about what foods are grown in the Amazon Rainforest. After some research into this, we had a food tasting session. We had the opportunity to sample pineapple, watermelon, avacado, mango, grapefuit and passionfruit.

food tasting

We loved having the chance to taste these fruits and some of us were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that we actually liked them! 

Next week, we'll be finishing off our rainforest topic by designing our own Rainforest Cafe which will also include menus we've written based on our food tasting.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/11/2017

Multiplication and String Telephones!

In Maths, we've started work on multiplication and division. We began by looking at different worded problems which we had to represent using both equipment and drawings. This really helped us to understand that although the numbers in problems may be the same, the problem looks different when drawn.

On the whiteboard in the picture below, we are comparing two multiplication problems.

On the right: In a class, children are sorted into 7 groups of 3. How many children are there altogether?


On the left: In a class, children are sorted into 3 groups of 7. How many children are there altogether?


We realised that although the numbers and answers are the same, the meaning of the problem is slightly different.

In our Creative Curriculum, we've followed on from our music by investigating sound. We investigated string telephones. We had four paper cup string telephones, all with different length string. We had to make predictions about which telephone would be clearer and louder, thinking carefully about the way the vibrations of sound moved along the solid string. 

string telephone

Some of us had some surprising and unexpected results, so we used this as an opportunity to discuss fair testing. Had we been fair in our investigations? Did we do the same each time? Some of us concluded that maybe we hadn't...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/11/2017

Orchestras, Perimeters and Robots!

Lots has been going on in our class room this week.

In Music, we have been investigating how percussion instruments make sound.  We discovered that when you hit a drum it creates vibrations (which we actually saw when we placed rice on the drum and hit it!) and these vibrations vibrate through the air which produces the sound.  We enjoyed making our very own instruments and worked hard to create either a high or low pitch.  We then found out what instruments you would find in an orchestra and how they are structured and we used this information to structure our own Year 4 orchestra.  We ended on a high by playing our instruments and singing along to some well-known nursery rhymes which we all really enjoyed!


In Maths, we've been learning all about perimeter. We started our learning practially by using square pieces of paper to help us create shapes with different perimeters. Through our investgating, we found out that you could make different shapes all with the same perimeter!

Next week we'll be moving on to some more challenging problems where counting might not help us find the answer...


In English, we've been working hard on our science-fiction writing, continuing to use Ted Hughes' The Iron Man as inspiration. We've designed our own robot characters and broken them up into pieces, just like in the book. We then had to write our own narratives describing the robot putting itself back together. We did great work on this by really thinking about our vocabulary and use of similes. Next week, we'll start writing our own opening chapter. If you want to read these, please come and see them at our whole-school gallery opening on Thursday 16th November!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/11/2017

Musical Rainforests and Unusual Happenings...

We’ve had a really exciting week back in Y4.

In our Creative Curriculum, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our music lessons! We have been listening to the sounds of the rainforest and learning about rhythm, dynamics, tempo and pitch. We explored these words through the use of our hands, and then moved on to using instruments. In groups, we used percussion instruments to create a piece of music which used rainforest sounds for inspiration. Our teachers were very impressed by our fantastic performances.


In English, we have started our science-fiction work and begun listening to the story of Ted Hughes’ ‘The Iron Man.’ We’re looking forward to writing our own stories ready for the gallery opening on 16th November.

In other unrelated news, this Thursday, we heard that something unusual had happened in school… the police had been in to investigate a crash landing that had occurred overnight.


Sneakily, we went to look at the sight and came to the conclusion that The Iron Man had crash landed in our school! Some of us thought his battery power had ran out (there were many batteries scattered across the ground), whilst some of us thought that maybe he’d fallen off the roof while trying to visit us (there were quite a few broken rocks around the landing site).

What do you think happened?

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/11/2017

Food Chains and Premier League Poetry!

In our Creative Curriculum this week we have been using food webs and food chains to understand which animals are producers, consumers, predators and prey.  Once we understood how these worked, we used different styles of food webs for the animals of the Amazon Rainforest to create our own food chains. We made them out of paper chains to represent how they are linked together.

food chains

In English, we were excited to hear about a Premier League poetry competition which is focusing on the theme 'resilience'.  We began exploring what performance poetry is. In groups, we rehearsed and presented a poem using actions and a variety of tone to deliver the most effective performance to the rest of the class. 

performance poetry

Once we'd done this, we analysed a poem called Try, Try Again, focusing in particular on its structure. We used this structure to have a go at our own rhyming poems based on the theme of 'resilience' and then had a go at drafting our competition entries. Our next step after the half term break will be to edit and rewrite our poems which will then be submitted to the competition - we hope we'll do well enough to win one of the fantastic prizes! You can find out more about the competition on the Premier League Primary Stars website:


Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/10/2017

Y4 Maths

We've been particularly busy in maths this week, moving on to column addition. We've been using our equipment and place value mats to help us explore and understand exchanging. We had to look really carefully at the value of the digits and think about which counters we needed to exchange. We have started to use this to help us with the written column method and are now applying this learning to different problems.

practical maths

In our English this week, we've been using our visit to Bugtopia to inspire our writing. We've written leaflets to try and persuade people to visit. We had to think about not only how we presented the leaflet, but also about what language to use. In particular, we had fun creating our own special offers and events that would persuade people even more! We had special Halloween nights with the bats and Christmas dinners in the indoor rainforest!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/10/2017

Visit to Bugtopia

On Monday, Year 4 excitedly boarded the coach for their trip to Bugtopia at Rutland Water which our spark for our Rumbling Rainforest topic.

On arrival the children were greeted by Dan and Liam who were our guides for the day and Liam led us into the sticky, humid rainforest to let us meet some of the residents!  Despite a few nerves to begin with, we overcame our fears and were introduced to a large millipede (whose feet felt like Velcro), a jumpy tree frog (who kept trying to escape) and Samm the Royal Python who was extremely friendly (and cold).  If we were feeling brave, we were allowed to put him around our necks to say hello!

snake    insect

We then moved through the rainforest spotting large turtles, iguanas and parrots and had to dodge the butterflies flitting through the air.  We moved into the bat cave and quickly became accustomed to the dark.  We began searching for the animals on show such as snakes, spiders, frogs and of course the bats who had been rudely awoken from their slumber!


After lunch, which was enjoyed outside in the fresh air, we arrived back at Bugtopia and were greeted by a huge Boa Constrictor around Dan’s neck and everyone was eager to say hello and stroke her!  The last treat of the day was to see the Meerkats being fed and we were surprised to discover that they are meat eaters who love to eat small chicks and locusts.  We also learnt that they are definitely not good pets to keep as they have razor sharp teeth and like to bite! 

We had a fantastic time at Bugtopia and found out lots of information about the diverse rainforest animal.  From this experience we will now be picking some of our favourite animals and doing a mini research project on those we have chosen.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/10/2017

Fabric Art

This week, we have been continuing with creating our own Rousseau-inspired artwork. Previously, we used our sketches to create templates of different plants and trees. We then used these to cut the shapes out but using a range of fabrics and materials. This took a long time and a lot of patience as we had so many individual components. We had to carefully place them on our sheet of card to work out where each part would go.


Finally, on Thursday, we got to assemble our artwork! We were very lucky and had the help of some of our adults who had come in for the afternoon so see what we’d been up to. We were very proud of our artwork and are looking forward to showcasing it outside the classroom.


Next Monday is our visit to Bugtopia at Rutland Water. We are very excited about this, as not only will we get to meet real rainforest creatures, but it also means that we’ll be starting our new learning about animals. Watch out for our next blog update where you’ll get to see what we got up to on our visit. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/09/2017


Back in June, our class entered the Lincoln Book Festival Flash Fiction Competition. We had to write a gothic piece of fiction that was exactly 50 words long... no more, no less. Last week, we had a very exciting letter come through the post... Patrick's competition entry, The Abandoned Mansion, came second in his category! We were delighted to hear this news and we were very proud when he received his certificate in our weekly celebration assembly.

Here's his entry:

The Abandoned Mansion

The hideous monster and the ghastly ghost were trying to invade the abandoned mansion. Brutally, the monsters gathered a gigantic rock and threw it into the dilapidated mansion and that caused it to collapse. They sprinted back to their secret, bloody lair to be secure and protected. Will they survive?

Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/09/2017

Rainforests and Chocolates

This week, we have continued with our artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau. We started by sketching our very own rainforest drawings, trying to add layers to our images just like Rousseau did. We even hid some secret rainforest animals in our drawings!


After that, we began cutting out some of the images we'd drawn from different materials. Next week, will be continuing with this and then assembling them to create a rainforest image based on our sketches.

In English, we have started some work on persuasive writing. Next week, we will be answering the question 'Should children be allowed to snack on chocolate?' We did some research on both sides of the argument so we could then make a decision based on what we'd found out. 

On Friday, we then split up into two sides: For and Against.

We had to use our listening skills to make sure we were following other people's arguments and then had to use vocabulary we'd learnt (such as furthermore, on the other hand, more importantly) to then either agree or disagree with what had been said.

Next week, we'll start putting together our arguments based on this week's research and debating!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/09/2017

Inspired by Rousseau

This week, we have started looking closely at the work of French artist Henri Rousseau, focusing in particular on his paintings of rainforests. We were impressed by the detail in his images and even more impressed by some of the hidden creatures we kept spotting in the layers of his artwork. We then looked a little closer and examined his drawings of leaves, noticing that he included the finer details, as well as drawing them different shapes, sizes, shades and positions. We then used his artwork to inspire our own drawing techniques.

Off we went outside on a leaf hunt. We made sure we tried to collect a variety of leaves.rousseau

Once we’d done this, we came back to the classroom and had a go at sketching some of the leaves we’d found. We had to give particular attention to the patterns we'd spotted to ensure that our sketches had as much life-like detail as possible.



Keep on eye on next week's blog where you will be able to see what we did next with our Rousseau-inspired artwork...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/09/2017

First Week Back

Welcome to Year 4's blog! We've had a busy yet enjoyable start to the term, and have quickly settled back in to life in Miss Kinchin's class.

We've started our fabulous new topic, 'Rumbling Rainforests,' and we kick-started our learning by making salt dough maps of South America. We had to use different types of maps to locate the countries, Amazon River and mountain ranges. 


After that, we started a research project about the layers of the rainforest. We used the iPads to research the differences between the emergent layer, canopy, understory and forest floor. We discovered fascinating facts... Did you know that only 2% of sunlight reaches the forest floor? As well as that, we were amazed to learn that there are so many animals living in the rainforest. Once we'd done our research, we started designing our flip books which is where we'll be writing up our information for other people to read!


Overall, it has been a positive start to the school year and we are looking forward to what's still yet to come!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/09/2017

Getting Muddy!

This week, we finalised our roundhouse presentations and shared them with the class. We had to summarise our research and share it with the class, ensuring that we were speaking clearly and confidently so others could learn from what we had found out.

presentation  presentation

As a result of creating our fantastic presentations, we were treated to a very muddy morning of making our own mini-roundhouses! We started by going into the garden to hunt for the materials we needed. We collected twigs, branches, plants and then brought them all back to our house-building area. We started by making circluar posts and then used the weaving skills we'd learnt at Burghley House to make the walls. Then came the messy part... we got muddy! We used wet mud to fix the walls in place. We were not afraid to get mucky!


We were really proud of our mini-roundhouses and really proud of the mess we'd made! Keep an eye out for more photos which will soon be added to the school gallery section of the website.

This week, we also completed our reading challenge! By 11am on Friday (our last reading challenge day!) we had read 150 books! That means that next week we will be having our film afternoon and a special Stone Age day. We can't wait!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/07/2017

Time for a Roundhouse Project

This week in Creative Curriculum, we've started learning about Stone Age houses. We've been set the task to create a presentation based on questions we would like to find the answers to. We can present our information however we wish, so some of us are making information posters while others are creating Powerpoint presentations.

At the beginning of the week, we were researching the information we needed. By the end of the week, we were writing our notes up onto the computer. We learnt how to alter the font, size and colour of our text, as well as how to locate images online which we could then copy into the document we were working on. At the start of next week, we'll be putting together and rehearsing our presentations ready to share with the rest of the class on Tuesday!


Also this week, we've continued exploring the story Stone Age Boy in English. We've been working particularly hard on our speech punctuation and synonym choices.

In Maths, we've just finished our work on money and calcuating change and have now moved on to time. We have started by learning all about digital time and how ito read it alongside analogue clocks.

maths time

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/07/2017

Stone Age Necklaces

This week, we finally finished our Stone Age necklaces! First of all, we painted them white and then left them for a few days to dry. After that, we had to put our jewellery pieces on string, ensuring that our design remained symmetrical.


Once we'd done all that, our jewellery was finished! We were incredibly pleased of the results, take a look!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/06/2017

Exploring the Stone Age

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been exploring the Stone Age through art. We began by researching what exactly cave paintings were and why they were so significant. cave paintings

After that, we had a go at making our own handprint cave paintings by using pastels we had ground ourselves with rocks we’d found in the garden. It was hard work, but completely worth it.

cave paintings cave paintings

We also had a go at using design tools on the iPads to digitally make cave paintings which showed what life was like in the Stone Age.

Last week, we learnt about Stone Age jewellery and were fascinated to discover that it was made from all sorts, such as eagle talons, teeth and bones. We then had a go at making our own Stone Age necklaces out of clay. We having a go at shaping the clay into the different objects the jewellery would have once been made of.


We are looking forward to next week when we will be painting them and assembling all the pieces.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/06/2017

Flag Fen

Thursday was our visit to Flag Fen to spark off our new topic, 'From Pelts to Celts,' which is all about the Stone Age! We had a really fantastic day which was definitely helped by the marvellous weather.

The day started off with an introduction where we met Sue who would guide us throughout the day. We found out about all the amazing archaelogical digs that had happened around the area. We then headed to the Education Centre where we got to handle real Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts. We had to sort them into which time period we thought they belonged in. We especially liked the different rocks and weapons!


Afterwards, we made clay pots. What we enjoyed the most about this was that we got to use natural materials like shells and twigs to decorate them. They made all sorts of interesting patterns on our pots.

clay pots

After an outdoor picnic for lunch, we had a tour of Flag Fen. We saw remains of buildings and boats which were thousands of years old and being preserved by special water. We also found out about what some of our local plants were once used for (including one which was used as toilet paper!). We ended the day with a really special storytelling in a replica Stone Age roundhouse, complete with our own little fire.


Thank you to Sue and Flag Fen for our very special day which has inspired our learning.

Please take a look on the gallery section of the school website where you can see more photos of our day.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/06/2017

Book Shopping!

Thursday was book shopping day! We took the money we'd raised from our sponsored read and headed off into town. We had a list of the books we wanted, taken from last term's homework where we had to persuade Miss Kinchin to add our favourite books to our shopping list. We split off into groups and then went to Cancer Research, Oxfam, Barnardos and The British Heart Foundation charity shops awhere we started our book hunting! We were amazed by the prices and quality of the books on the shelf! We found countless books and even had the opportunity to speak to members of the public who were interested in what we were doing!

book shopping

When we got back to school, after reflecting on our experience, we started to sort out our class book corner. We decided which books we would like to keep and which ones we would like to donate to other classes. 

book shopping

Finally, we decided how we would like to run our reading challenge for this term! We came up with a total number of books we would like to read as a class, decided how long we would have to reach our goal and what prize we would like as a reward for reaching our total. We are now very motivated and cannot wait to get reading again!

book shopping

Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/06/2017

Healthy Cooking

To finish off our 'It's All About Me!' topic, Year 3 teamed up with Year 4 to do some healthy cooking! We had the chance to make healthy, sugar-free blueberry muffins and vegetable soup. When preparing the vegetables for the soup, we had to use our peeling and chopping skills. When making the muffins, we had to seive some of our ingredients and mix them too before spooning the mixture into the muffin cases. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to use cooking equipment that some of us had never used before.

cooking cooking

Later on in the afternoon, we finally got to taste our products! Some of us were surprised to discover that we enjoyed tasting things we didn't think we'd enjoy.


After that, we really enjoyed writing adverts for our products. We learnt how to come up with catchy product names, how to use rhetorical questions and alliteration to hook our readers and how to use snappy slogans and offers to persuade people to buy our freshly prepared food!

It was a very memorable way to end our topic and we are now ready to get started with our next unit of learning.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Jason and Morrisons who very kindly supported us by providing us with our fresh ingredients!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/05/2017

18th May: Reading for books!

Year 3 are desperate for more books! Since the reading challenge, we have decided that we would like more of the books that we love in our classroom and that we would also like to do our very own class reading challenge, similar to the one we completed back in March.

As a result of this, we decided to have a go at raising some money in order to fill our class bookshelves. We began by writing to Mrs Hines. Our persuasive writing worked and we were very kindly given £50 to start off our fundraising campaign. She wrote back to us saying that our letters "were clearly written with very good explanations about why you are doing the event" and that she was also "very impressed with the spelling and handwriting." When we got this email first thing this morning, we all felt incredibly motivated and were ready for our one hour read!

Not long after, we set off to the library where we met Jane, one of the librarians. She gave us a tour of Stamford Library and we were amazed to find out that you can borrow up to 30 books at a time... for free! We also discovered that you can borrow talking books and DVDs, as well as use the library's computers. 

After our tour, we began our sponsored read. We were amazed at the variety of books available to us and found many places to get comfy. Some of us read to our parents, who very kindly came to support us, and some of us read to adults, like Mr Grey who is one of our reading volunteers. Some of us also went outside with Mrs Thomas, our school librarian, to tell the public what we were doing and why.

sponsored read

sponsored read

At the end of the morning, we were incredibly proud to discover that we had raised an astonishing £99.79. We are incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the support from our parents and the public. We will now be arranging a time to go into town and visit our local charity shops so that we can make some book purchases for our classroom.

Thank you again to the parents who supported us, the staff at Stamford Library, Mrs Hines and the generous public of Stamford. We cannot wait to get reading!

We will soon have more photographs on the Gallery section of our website, so please keep an eye out to see more of our successful morning.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/05/2017

Le corps and the Holy Trinity

We’ve been revising our French this week, recapping how to count to ten, how to introduce ourselves and how to ask someone how their day’s going. As well as that, we’ve been learning how to use an English to French translation dictionary, which we really enjoyed! We used our dictionaries to find new vocabulary for the body (le corps), which we will soon be using to write short French phrases and sentences.


In R.E. we braided wool to help us understand how Christians see God as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We looked at how this is symbolised on church stained glass windows and have started designing our very own, ready to make next week! 

holy trinity

Finally, we're very pleased to say that throughout the week we've been keeping an eye on our tomato plants and have been very excited to see that they have been growing extremely well! Another six weeks and we'll be able to plant them outdoors!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/05/2017

More plants and a little drama...

This week, we’ve been continuing our learning about plants in the lead up to our cooking! Excitingly, we have begun writing our very own non-fiction book about plants! Last week, we researched and investigated the functions of the parts of plants and this week we started looking more closely at the head of a flower. We dissected some and found out that there were more plant parts hiding behind the petals!


We’ve also continued to monitor our tomato plants and on Thursday were delighted to see that some of them had started to germinate!

In English, we’ve started reading about the mysterious Harris Burdick. He left behind some very interesting illustrations to go with stories he had written, but had apparently disappeared before sharing his writing! We’ve been working on our literal and deduction skills to see if we can work out what the story to the pictures might be. We’ve also done some drama to help us explore what might be happening.

 book cover  drama

We’re looking forward to now exploring these further and coming up with our own stories for the illustrations!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/05/2017

It's all about the plants!

As part of our 'It's All About Me' topic, we decided that we wanted to do some healthy cooking and plant some of our own vegetables. However, in order to do that we first needed to find out all about plants so that we can grow our vegetables perfectly. Therefore, we started by going to pick flowers outside and sketching the details we saw. We noticed that the petals and leaves weren't as smooth as we originally thought and when we compared the different flowers we picked, we realised that not all parts of a plant look exactly the same. Some flowers had thick stems, some has thin and delicate ones. Some had buds, some didn't. Some had pale leaves, whereas some had darker ones. 


Following that, we did some research about the different parts of the plant because we wanted to make sure we grew our vegetables in the best conditions possible. We used the iPads to learn about certain parts and then used celery to help us see with our very own eyes how the stem of a plant works. We left the celery for an hour and started to see the food colouring travel up the stem. We were even more amazed the following day to see that some of our coloured water had travelled to the top!


Once we felt confident about how to best take care of plants, we planted our very own tomato seeds! At the moment, we will be keeping an enthusiastic eye on our plants as we need to keep them indoors for up to 9 weeks, however we are looking forward to the day when we can move them outdoors!

planting tomatoes

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/04/2017

A Visit to Burghley House

This week, we have eagerly started our new topic, 'It's All About Me!' As part of our topic all about ourselves, we wanted to find out about our town's local history and Burghley House was at the top of our list. Therefore, we kickstarted our topic today with a visit to the house itself.

Our day started with a tour of the inside of Burghley House. We learnt all about William Cecil, who built the house around five hundred years ago, and how life there changed between the Tudor and Victorian age. We were astounded to hear that there are 200 rooms at the house and that some of those rooms could fit our homes inside them! The first room was the kitchen and its size was remarkably impressive. We learnt about the different jobs servants might have done and how the kitchen has changed over the years. 


The rest of Burghley was just as remarkable. We saw bedrooms, incredible paintings and rooms where various types of entertainment took place. We couldn't believe that such an astounding building was in our small town right where we live!

We finished the end of the morning with a workshop where we got to handle old objects that the people of Burghley House once used. We were very good at working out what the objects were used for.


After lunch, we found out all about how clothes were made back when Burghley was first built. We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to weave wool and all managed to produce our own piece of woven material.


Our day was certainly memorable and we are looking forward to seeing where our learning now takes us.

Please take a look at the gallery on the school website where you will soon find more pictures of our day!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/04/2017

A Busy Final Week

We've had a busy last week in Y3 where we've continued with learning based on Harry Potter. All week we've been writing brochures for children who might be interested in coming to Hogwarts. We drafted our writing based on what we've seen from the Harry Potter movie night, from our magic day and from the book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone which we've just finished reading during story time. We drafted our writing, edited it and then created brochures. Once we'd finished them, we worked in pairs to peer review our work, helping one another to spot mistakes which we could fix in our writing.

On Thursday, we were then presented with a challenge... to investigate the properties of different rocks to help us choose a new work surface for the tables in Snape's dungeons!

We had to test them to see if they were permeable or impermeable, had to decide whether they were durable and then had to observe closely to see if there were any other changes as we knew Snape wouldn't be happy if we made a bad recommendation! 

We have also been enjoying the lovely weather and reading outdoors. We're very keen to continue with our reading and have an exciting project planned for next term which will hopefully lead to more reading and more books to choose from in the classroom!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 31/03/2017

Harry Potter Magic

Monday morning got off to an exciting start... it took a little while, but eventually we spotted some envelopes hidden around the room. Curiously, we opened them up and discovered our letters inviting us to Hogwarts! We were buzzing with excitement and were even more delighted to discover we were being rewarded for all our reading efforts!


On Tuesday, the big day had arrived! We arrived in our wizarding robes and immeditaley got called to be sorted. Once we had been sorted into our houses, we were given our timetables and sent off to our lessons...

We loved learning new broom-riding skills and chasing the snitch in Quidditch! 


Care of Magical Creatures was an experience never to forget... Take a look at the incredible magical creatures we met!



The butterbeer in Honeydukes was delectable and we loved the sugary taste! We learnt about mandrakes and their dangerous screams and even got to make one to take home! We also had lots of crafts to take home from our History of Magic lesson and we were amazed by the potions we created!

It was an experience we will never forget and we have been working incredibly hard on our writing which we will be very proud to display in our school gallery. Please come and take a look when we open it up on Thursday!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/03/2017

Erupting Volcanoes

For the last two weeks, we've been learning all about volcanoes. We found out how volcanoes are formed, why they erupt, researched about the different parts of a volcano and the types of volcanoes there are. From our learning we wrote some factual booklets packed full of information. As well as all this, we created model volcanoes from modroc. We worked incredibly hard on these and even wrote a set of instructions so other children can make their own model. Finally, on Friday, we got to make them erupt using washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and water.

volcano  volcano


We were amazed by the eruptions and thought this was a fantastically explosive ending to our volano learning.

We now want to find out about tornadoes, so we will be moving on to this next week.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/03/2017

Reading, Reading and Plate Tectonics

We've been busy reading in Year 3, trying our best to get through our books to help contribute towards our 'Read the Height of the Library' challenge. We've been reading whenever we have a spare minute, on the playground, at home and in the library. Some of us have even been caught reading in the corridors as we walk back to class! We have so far read a fantastic 39 books in total and are very proud of our achievements. We're at the halfway point now and are feeling very positive about our reaching our goal!


In our Creative Curriculum we have been continuing with our 'Extreme Earth' topic. Last week we learnt about how the Earth is made up of four layers: the crust, the mantle, the inner core and the outer core. This week, we discovered that the Earth's crust is like a giant jigsaw puzzle! It's made up of tectonic plates!

Here we are trying to see how the plates fit together!plates

We then learnt how tectonic plates create earthquakes. We learnt about how the Richter Scale measures the scale of the earthquake and found out about seismographs. Following that, we learnt how earthquakes can trigger tsunamis and had a go at writing powerful descriptions of tsnuami waves. Have a read:

"From the top of the rooftop I watched as the frightening shocks of water hurtled towards us like angry fists, trying to knock everything in its way."

"Frustrated waves tumbled over the helpless wall."

"The misty sea was unexpectedly coming towards me."

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/03/2017

Rocks and Papers

What a busy start to the term!

In Maths, we have picked up where we left off and continued with our work on exchanging using the column method. Fortunately, we've remembered last term's work and will now be started to apply this method for adding and subtracting to money problems and tricky word problems.

In English, we have started our unit on newspapers. We began by taking a close look at different issues of First News, our favourite newspaper for children. We found out that there was much more to a newspaper than just articles... fascinating photographs, wordsearches, quizes, comic strips, gaming and sports sections... the list went on!

newspapers   newspapers

We're very excited because we are now going to be writing our very own newspaper... The Bluecoat News! 

In Creative Curriculum, we've started learning about rocks. In order to know how natural disasters occur, we need to learn a little bit more about what our Earth is made of. We began by examining different types of rocks using magnifying glasses and were amazed to discover that there's more to them than we thought.



We'll now be going on our very own rock hunt to see what we can find around school!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/02/2017


During the last week of term, we began thinking about people who are blind. We learnt all about how they read using braille. We were fascinated when we found examples of braille on every day packaging and even had a look at a couple of fairytale books. 



After we looked at these, we wrote our own braille messages. 

At the very end of the week, we also reflected on our 'Are you Afraid of the Dark?' topic. Here are some of the things we shared about this term's learning:

  • "I liked learning all about bats. It was interesting to learn where they live, what they eat and what different types of bat there are in England."

  • "I loved having hot chocolate during the moonlight walk!"

  • "My favourite part was when the PCSO came to school because I learnt something new about safety in the dark."

  • "My favourite experience was the moonlight walk. I hope we get to do something like that again."

We also discussed what we would like to learn about in our upcoming topic, 'Extreme Earth.' We have plenty more exciting learning coming our way!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/02/2017

Another Surprise Visitor!

We had another surprise visitor this week - PCSO Christopher Clarke! He came in to talk to us about how we can stay safe in the dark. We thoroughly enjoyed his visit and were particularly fascinated by all the equipment he carries around with him to keep him safe. We hadn't realised that even his hat had retro-reflective materials to keep him visible! We learnt how to keep ourselves and our pets safe when walking in the dark, what to do if we got lost and didn't know how to get home and what to do if a stranger approached us.

pcso  pcso

We really enjoyed our morning with PCSO Clarke and have invited him back as we've decided that we'd love to find out more about what he does in our community. Thank you very much for coming in and helping us with our learning! We will now be writing informative leaflets for other children advising them on how to keep safe in the dark as well.

Later on in the week, we also finished our mini-project on stars. After our moonlight walk last Tuesday we were desperate to find out the answers to some of our questions about stars, so we did our own research based on what we wanted to know. We then created some fabulous presentation posters filled will fascinating facts. 

star poster

Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/02/2017

Taking a Moonlight Walk

Tuesday evening was very exciting for us. We stayed behind after school and waited until it got dark so we could go on a moonlight walk! We put on our high-visibility jackets (we'd been learning all about retro-reflective materials earlier on that day!), grabbed our iPads and went off to explore the school grounds.

First we walked around the school field, listening out for any unusual sounds, observing shadows and admiring the night sky. We took photos and videos of what we found, and some of us even kept a video diary to record our thoughts and feelings while we walked! After that, we explored the school garden which was considerably darker and slightly spookier!

moonlight walk

moonlight walk

A surprise was then waiting for us when we got back to the playground... hot chocolate! The fire pit was lit and while we gathered round it we loved having our hot chocolate and biscuits. Some of us even had marshmallows in our hot drinks! It was a perfect end to a very enjoyable and memorable walk.

moonlight walk

As a result of this experience, we have now decided that we'd like to do some learning about stars which we will start later on this week. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/01/2017

Bentley the Bat

In our 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' topic, we were last week researching different types of nocturnal animals. We were fascinated to learn about different creatures of our choice. Some researched and wrote about hedgehogs, some looked into owls and many of us chose to read up on facts about bats.

We also heard from our teacher that there may be a surprise one day but we weren't told when, so we've been eagerly coming into school to find out what this mystery surprise might be...

On Thursday, we walked into the classroom to discover that we had a special visitor… Bentley the Bat! The lovely people from the Lincolnshire Bat Group visited us and brought with them a bat which had been found locally in Stamford. We were fascinated by all the amazing facts and surprised to see just how small bats can be! We learnt that there are up to 16 known species of bat in Lincolnshire, that bats can eat up to 2000 insects and mosquitos a night and that bats can live in many different places like caves, tunnels, under bridges and even in attics or garages!

bat  bats

We also heard all about the hard work the volunteer group do to take care of injured bats. They go out to rescue hurt bats and nurse them back to health. If they are okay to go back into the wild then they are released, however if they are unable to do this, the Lincolnshire Bat Group will take care of them instead.

As a result of this, we have written home asking for small donations so we can thank the group and support them with their work.

Thank you very much to Colin and Annette from the Lincolnshire Bat group for their visit! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/01/2017

Bonne année!

Bonne année (Happy New Year)! We have started our new 'Are you Afraid of the Dark?' topic this week where we've been learning about how we have day and night and where we've also begun investigating how and why shadows change size.

We have also been working on our French learning by practising our conversation skills. We can now introduce ourselves, ask how someone is and tell them how we are feeling. We are getting more and more confident with our speaking and pronounciation!


We also learnt how people in France celebrate New Years. We learnt about Epiphany and how it is celebrated across Europe. In France, many people eat a 'Couronne de Rois' which is a brioche-style bread. Inside is hidden a small statuette or figurine. If the slice you are given has this hidden inside, you become King or Queen for the day and get to wear the golden crown!

french french

We thought the 'couronne' was delicious and have decided that we would now like to bake our own brioche as part of our Creative Curriculum!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/01/2017

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Over the last few days of term, we've been finishing sewing our Christmas stockings and are very proud of our achievements. Take a look! 

xmas stocking

xmas stocking

Finally, we'd just like to say Merry Christmas to everyone and have a happy New Year!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/12/2016


This week, we've been learning all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkha. Our week started by researching some key aspects of Judaism which we then compared to what we knew about Christianity. 

On Thursday, we then found out all about Hanukkha, the festival of lights. We learnt about its history, what people do and eat during this celebration and why it's important. We made our own dreidles and played a few games of this with our friends.


Later on in the day, we made our own latkes which are potatoe cakes that are sometimes eaten during Hanukkha. We prepared the ingredients using some of our new food preparation skills which we really enjoyed!


Our favourite part was obviously tasting them! Yum!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/12/2016

Our Christmas Tale

This week we started our new topic 'A Christmas Tale' where we not only explore Christmas stories, but also find out about how others spend their Christmas.

Our week began with a visit to our local charity shops to find out about people who are not as fortunate as us at Christmas. We visited Barnardo's, The British Heart Foundation and Oxfam to find out how we can help those in need. We decided to write letters home asking for support with our very own donation drive.

charity    charity

We have also started a sewing project! We are making Christmas stockings like the ones mentioned in the infamous 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' poem we've been reading in English. This week, we have been learning how to thread our needle and how to stitch neatly onto a piece of fabric ready for next week when we can start putting together our stockings!


We're very excited to be learning this new skill!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/12/2016

Save our Libraries!

We have started our work on persuasive writing which will hopefully lead to an exciting mini-project in our new curriculum topic.

Last week, an article in the First News newspaper caught our attention. We decided to read up on it in our Guided Reading lesson and discovered that some of our school and local libraries are shutting down across this country. We went to visit Mrs Thomas in the library to hear her opinion on the matter and we discussed all the benefits of being part of a library. We then did a piece of persuasive writing about how we need to save our libraries. A few of us will get the opportunity to share our writing with Mrs Thomas when we have had the opportunity to go back and improve our writing.


In Maths, we've also started a new topic. We're learning about measures and have started by learning to estimate lengths and then accurately measure in cm and metres. This too will hopefully lead to some exciting work in our new Creative Curriculum topic which we are very much looking forward to starting this week...

measures   measures

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/12/2016

A Very Busy Fortnight!

The past two weeks have been extremely busy but incredibly fun and rewarding. 

Last week was our reading week and we loved exploring the work of Roald Dahl's 'The BFG.' We worked really hard on our dream jar stories for the story trail, as you can see in the image of our gallery below:


We did many other activities based on this fabulous book, including making our own versions of Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night' (which had the BFG running across the landscape!), creating our own whoopsy-splunkering words, writing acronyms and using printing to create our very own dream tree art. Earlier on in the week, we also had the opportunity to visit the library and browse the new stock. We're very much looking forward to being able to take out these books and read them at home!


This week, we've continued our work on Roald Dahl and have started to learn how to read and write play scripts based on Dahl's 'The Twits.' It's been very entertaining pretending to be these disgusting characters!

play script

On Tuesday, we then went off to SWA to take part in their cheerleading day. We learnt plenty of new routines and had great fun trying out some of the stunts. Please see our photo gallery on the website for more photographs!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/11/2016

The BFG arrives...

We walked into our classroom on Monday morning to discover some of the BFG's dream jars had been left behind in our care! This then started an exciting week for us where we began writing on our very own stories inspired by Roald Dahl's The BFG, which we have been reading in class. We've been working incredibly hard on these and will continue working on them next week so they are ready for the very special gallery opening and story trail taking place in our reading week.

On Thursday, we started working on some artwork inspired by Van Gogh's 'Starry Night,' but with it had a bit of a twist... there's someone running through the landscape... Can you spot him?



Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/11/2016

Zombies, Submarines and Christ Church

What a busy first week back from the half term holidays!

It started on Monday where we had a Halloween themed dance lesson. We used Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ to inspire our movements and then started working on a routine to go along with the music. 


This week, we've also been finishing off our learning about underwater exploration by designing and creating a submarine. We had to make sure it was waterproof and we also had to think about it's weight... if it's too light, the submarine will float on top of the water, however if it's too heavy it will just sink to the bottom. We're looking forward to Monday where we will be testing our designs out in the water.


Finally, we finished our week off by visiting Reverand Nikki at Christ Church as part of our R.E. topic. For our first visit, we went there to take a closer look at what you might find in a church. We had the opportunity to ring the church bell and found out all about the reverand's special clothing called a 'stole.'

christ church

There will be more photos to view next week, so keep an eye out for those in the 'Gallery' section of the school website. Many thanks to Reverand Nikki for our enjoyable visit, and we look forward to seeing her again soon for some singing!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/11/2016

Discovering Atlantis

We arrived at our classroom on Monday to discover some very mysterious objects... We found shells of all sizes, a rolled up scroll which was tied up with a bow, a boat ticket and a pair of peculiar maps.atlantis atlantis


The letter was addressed to a friend and written by a professor who had been given an ancient map of the Lost City of Atlantis by a hooded figure. The boat ticket also belong to the professor, however for some reason the professor was travelling from New York... what was he doing there? Who was the hooded person who was hiding in the British Library? Why did he have the maps of Atlantis?

Our job was to begin to piece together the story behind these objects. We all had our own ideas and from those ideas, stories began to form...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/10/2016

A Classroom Adventure

What a surprise we had today! We stepped into our classroom to discover that it had been completely transformed...

We all rushed in and couldn't believe what had happened. We had tents, a chicken, a beanstalk, a crocodile in water, snow, a mysterious ball.. the list goes on! 

The rest of the morning was a complete adventure. We sang camp songs and tasted food an explorer might eat. Even though the chocolate pudding was in a packet, it was still delicious which was evident when we completely devoured it! Some of us read books in the tent while others started telling stories...

It wasn't long before a king took over the kingdom that we had created. The king was vicious and demanded silence most of the time. He had servants and he even had his own pet crocodile. Those who didn't do as the king or his queen said were sent to jail (including Miss Kinchin and Mrs Alderman!).


After our morning of adventure, we wrote about our experience. We wrote wherever we felt like, so some of us wrote in the tents, some wrote while stretched out on the floor, and some of us even wrote next to the towering beanstalk and colourful chicken!

Keep an eye out for our gallery on the school website where you will find lots more pictures of our adventurous morning! Meanwhile, we will be waiting to see what happens next...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/10/2016

A Garden Adventure

At the end of the week, we went on our own little adventure into the school garden. We had the opportunity to explore the wilderness within it, looking in every corner and behind every tree to discover what is hidden there. After we had explored it, we did some sketching and painting with watercolours to create a piece of artwork about our adventure and what we uncovered. Some of us painted the plants, some painted spiders and their webs, while some painted objects we'd found such as wheelbarrows and the shed.

 garden adventure

We drew and painted whatever we felt like. We found comfy spots in the garden, spread out and enjoyed doing our artwork in the sunshine. 

garden adventure      garden adventure

Once we have added the finishing touches to our paintings, we are hoping to submit our pieces to an art competition. Watch this space to find out how we do!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/10/2016

Mirrors, Gagarin and Moon Buggies

We started the week off with another enjoyable dance lesson where we got to pick up our scarves once more and create our own dances. Our focus this time was mirroring, which was where we had to work with a partner to create dance moves that we could copy off one another. We had to think carefully about the directions we went in, our pace and which hands we were using so that our partner was doing exactly the same.dance

In Creative Curriculum, we have continued with our learning about space exploration! We started the week by learning about the space race between Russia and America. We then had to create a presentation about Yuri Gagarin, the first person to ever go into space.

yuri gagarin

At the end of the week, we started finding out about the first moon landing. On Thursday afternoon, we had lots of fun making moon buggies, which we then had to test out on ramps! Our buggies were complete with American and Russian flags and even had antennas!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/09/2016

Scarves, Antarctica and Ranulph Fiennes

Our week started with a colourful dance lesson where we used scarves and giant ribbon sticks to learn how to dance to differently timed beats. We listened to 80s music and began by clapping along to the varying beats. After that we were given the props so we could dance to the beat in a different way. We had to think about how we could move our whole body, use the space around us and how we could use our props.


In our Creative Curriculum, we have been fascinated by the modern day explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Last week we researched his incredible life, discovering loads about his expeditions which we then wrote about in our biographies of his life. We then decided that we were absolutely desperate to write him, so we managed to find his address and are in the process of writing letters to him! 

During our discovery about Ranulph Fiennes, we also looked at some spectacular images of Antarctica. We had a go at then doing our own Antarctica artwork using watercolours and cling film. This was a new method of creating landscapes that we hadn't come across before and we're looking forward to seeing the end result when we return to school next week!


In Maths, we've been learning about place value in mainly 3 digit numbers. By the end of the week, we were adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100. We used some of our classroom equipment to help us see the changes in the hundreds, tens and ones digits of the numbers we were working with.


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Our First Week!

Our first week in year 3 has been fantastic! 

In English, we've been reading and writing about 'Lost and Found,' an amazing book which has an adventurous penguin! On Thursday, we got to experience what it might be like during a storm in the middle of the ocean. We came into the class to find boats which we had to get on and we could hear deafening thunder in the background. We needed to row our boats to escape from the colossal octopus with glowing eyes!


In our Creative Curriculum, we've started our new science topic. We carried out an investigation with toy cars to see which materials would help the cars go furthest when they were let down a ramp. We enjoyed choosing the different materials to investigate with and measuring to see how far the cars went.

Earlier in the week, we went to the library to visit Mrs Thomas. We read and shared a book with both her and others in the class. We liked our morning because we think the library is fun and special. Now that we're in Key Stage 2, some of us started to look at the longer and bigger books.



We're looking forward to next week already!

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Friday 8th July 2016 - Year 1/2 Orchestra

This week we continued to learn about The Carnival of the Animals music by Camille Saens-Saint, but this time, we visited The Stamford Welland Academy to play instruments.  Having watched a performance by an orchestra the previous week, we  added our own sounds, thinking about the speed, pitch and rhythm of our focus animal.


music 1

music 2

Click on this link if you would like to enjoy our focus music.




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Friday 24th June 2016 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

To begin our final topic of the year, Carnival of the Animals, Key Stage One visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.  At the beginning of the day, the weather did little to persuade the animals to leave their shelters, but as the day progressed, the sun came out and along with it, all the animals.  It was a wonderful experience to see such a range of animals from around the world in such close proximity and the children put their super reading skills to the test and found out lots of facts from the information boards around the park. 





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Friday 17th June 2016 - What happened next?

This week, we have thought about what could have happened after Winnie-the-Poo gave the Queen a birthday gift.  We imagined that in response, the Queen sent an invitation to one of her garden parties at Buckingham Palace and then we wrote stories about the adventures that took place.  Piglet got lost whilst looking for the toilet and ended up sitting on the throne!  Winnie-the-Poo dropped a honey sandwich and the Queen sat on it.  Piglet got carried away when a gust of wind caught hold of the balloon he was holding and was rescued by the Queen's guards.  So many wonderful adventures.

Image result for winnie the pooh and friends

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Friday 10th June 2016 - Happy Birthday!

This week we joined in with the national celebrations and had our own afternoon tea party to celebrate the joint 90th birthdays of Winnie-the-Pooh and Queen Elizabeth II.

Before we could begin our party, we had lots of honey and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches to make.


After lunch, the fun began.


We enjoyed hot, buttered toast and crumpets (Christopher Robin's idea), followed by honey sandwiches (Winnie-the-Pooh's idea) and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches (which we thought the Queen would like), finishing off with scones with jam and cream and marble cake, as well as gingerbread men, all washed down with a cup of tea.

If you would like to enjoy Jim Broadbent reading our spark for this activity, Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday, follow this link.



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Friday 13th May 2016 - Bye Bye Butterfly.

After a magical start to our week watching the Painted Lady butterflies emerge from their cocoons, we said an emotional farewell on Friday afternoon when we released them.


Meanwhile, our tadpoles are growing fast and now have back legs!

Coming up ... bees and wasps!

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Friday 6th May 2016 - Slugs and Snails

This week we have been finding out all about slugs and snails.  Did you know that the swirls on a snail's shell are called whorls and that a young snail has two, whilst an adult snail has five?


We have enjoyed collecting snails and their shells and studying them more closely in the classroom. 

In English, we have been learning strategies to persuade people to read our favourite Julia Donaldson book.



I'm sure you will agree, that The Snail and the Whale is a book you just couldn't possibly miss the opportunity to enjoy!




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Friday 29th April 2016 - Nature Detectives.

Did you know that saddle is a homophone?  We really enjoy finding words that sound the same but have different meanings in Year 1/2 and this week we found out that not only is a saddle something that you place on a horse's back but is also a way of identifying an adult earthworm, because only they have one segment larger than the rest and it's called a saddle!  We have made wormeries so that we can observe earthworms in action.



On Thursday, we went to Egleton Nature Reserve at Rutland Water where we added to our growing knowledge about minibeasts through pond dipping and bug hunting activities.

pond dipping

pond 2

bug hunt

We used an identification chart to find out what we had caught in the pond and we sorted the bugs we found into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Although it wasn't in the remit of our topic, it seemed a shame to go to a nature reserve and not observe all the inhabitants and so we also managed to fit in a bird watching session, where we had to sit really quietly in a hide and we saw a range of birds that were also enjoying being at Rutland Water, some of whom had travelled much further than us to get there. But the best bit was using real binoculars!

bird watching

So as if that wasn't enough for one week, we got another really important job done.  The spring bulbs we planted in September are now in full bloom and looking lovely and so, thanks to a kind donation, we have now added some bedding plants to the tyres on our patio.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



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Friday 22nd April 2016 - Ladybird, Ladybird Fly Away Home.

Continuing our topic about minibeasts, this week we have looked in more detail at ladybirds.  We are lucky to have some right outside our classroom looking after the spring flowers we have grown in the tyres and so we can study them in more detail.

We have found out lots of facts about ladybirds, such as they are invertebrates and an insect that has wings protected by a hard outer shell, but, we were shocked to discover that once a female ladybird lays her eggs, she dies.  How sad!


In our classroom at the moment we have some frogspawn and tadpoles and some caterpillars which we are observing daily to see how they change.  Did you know tadpoles like fish food?spawn



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Friday 15th April 2015 - It's a Bug's Life!

Welcome back to Term 5.  We have enjoyed the lovely spring sunshine this week as we began our new topic looking at minibeasts. 

At the beginning of the week, we learned what it means to be alive and went in search of things that are alive and and used to be alive in the school grounds!  Back in the classroom, we sorted the things we found into groups, adding a third group, things that have never been alive.  Can you spot the woodlouse in our living hoop?


We have also been on minibeast hunt in the school garden during which we found beetles, spiders, ladybirds, worms, wasps, bees and everyone was incredibly excited when a frog hopped across our paths!

minibeast hunt



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Friday 18th March - Year 1/2 came across "hot" in more ways than one!

This week we have been writing an explanation of the events leading up to the Christian celebration of Easter, which of course meant that we just had to sample some of the traditions along the way.

At the start of the week, we tasted pancakes with lemon juice and sugar to support us in our explanation of Shrove Tuesday and Lent.



Then on Friday, we sampled hot cross buns as part of our learning about Good Friday and the symbolism of the cross for Christians. 

hot cross buns

However, for the Year 1's, there was another "hot" experience, as they visited Stamford Fire Station, so that they could learn about the role of the fire service and how to be safe in the event of a fire.


Even the grown-ups got involved!

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Friday 4th March 2016 - A World of Food.

We looked at the book A World of Food by Carl Warner which features a wonderful variety of foodscapes.

food 1

We used the images as inspiration to create our own farm settings for a traditional tale of our own.

food 2

Then we worked together to generate some amazing vocabulary that we used to describe our own foodscapes ready for inclusion in our stories. 

"Garlic and beansprout clouds slowly floated across the blue sky, pushed softly by the gentle wind."

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Friday 26th February 2016 - Love Every Drop!

On Monday, Rachel Harvey visited from Anglian Water to talk to us about where our water comes from, what happens to it before we turn on our tap and why we need water to survive.  We learned lots of technical vocabulary such as precipitation and reservoir and we conducted our very own investigation to find out from a range of samples, which cup contained tap water.  We used our learning experience to write an explanation all about water.

water 3

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Friday 5th February 2016 - Bread

We have continued our healthy breakfast theme this week, but trying out different bread products for breakfast.  Although everyone really enjoyed the wholemeal toast, the crumpets were overall winners and everyone agreed that the bread products kept them going longer than the cereals. 

In English we learned the Little Red Hen story and linked this into our bread theme, finding out the journey of bread from field to plate.



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Friday 29th January 2016 - Cereals and Paramedics!

"Cereals and Paramedics" may seem a strange combination, but it sums up our week perfectly and just goes to show how wide ranging and diverse a week in school can be!

As it is National Breakfast Week, we have had a breakfast each morning this week during registration.  This week we have been trying out different healthy cereals as an alternative to high sugar chocolate ones and enjoyed experiencing some new tastes and textures.  Next week we will be thinking about different bread products for breakfast.


We even learned how to rinse off our pots ready for washing up!



We ended our week with a visit from two paramedics and a trauma staff nurse.  We learned about the role of a paramedic and links between them and hospital staff and we discovered that they are involved in many more areas than we initially thought.  After an exciting look around the ambulance and a try on of their personal protective equipment, we found out how to make a call to the emergency services and when it is appropriate to do so.

para 1

para 2

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Friday 22nd January 2016 - Author Visit.

What a wonderful start to our week!  First thing Monday morning we had a workshop with author Billy Bob Buttons, who gave us some top tips for super writing: wow words, character description and a good plot.  We had a competition to see who could draw the best "Muffin Monster", based on the description in the book, which was won by Joshua who took home a signed copy of The Muffin Monster book and then we enjoyed listening to Billy Bob Buttons read his latest publication, The Boy Who Piddled in his Grandad's Slippers.


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Friday 15th January 2016 - Westside Gym

We followed up our swimming with a visit to Westside Gym this week.  As well as thinking about the benefits of exercise, we learned about the different types of exercise we can do and which parts of the body they benefit.  We looked at the range of equipment available at the gym and discovered that in addition to the gym equipment, there are also 40 classes available each week!  We were fascinated by the disco lights of the spinning class and the fact that the bikes didn't go anywhere!

gym 1

After an introductory talk and a tour of the gym, fitness trainer, Emma, put us through our paces warming up to the beat of Uptown Funk, followed by some press-ups, lunges and sit-ups.

gym 2

gym 3

Our session ended with a relaxing cool down with dimmed lighting.

gym 4

By the time we had walked back to school, everyone was ready for lunch and there were many empty plates!



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Friday 8th January 2016 - Inside Out

Welcome back to Term 3.  We have started the new year with a new topic, Inside Out, during which we will learn about what animals including humans need to survive and be healthy.  It got off to a great start with our spark - a visit to Stamford Leisure Pool, where we found out about how to be safe and hygienic at the swimming pool and then we had a swim in the pool.

pool 1

pool 2

We have been thinking about the human life cycle and the things that we have learned to do since we were born and to help us with this, we had a very special visitor come into class who was only 6 days old.


We asked the baby's mummy lots of questions and realised that we have learned to do lots of things since we were born already!

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Monday 4th January 2016 - Happy New Year!



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Friday 4th December 2015 - Healthy Soup Cafe

After our exciting shopping trip to Stamford Market last Friday, the children worked in small groups to prepare all of the vegetables that we bought throughout Monday afternoon, so that they could be made into soup.


Then on Tuesday afternoon our grown ups came into school and together, we enjoyed Potato, Onion and Leek Soup, Carrot and Coriander Soup and Slow Roast Vegetable (spicy!) Soup with some fresh crusty bread. 


 Here is a link to the KS1 Soup Cafe booklet

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Friday 27th November 2015 - Key Stage One Out and About in Stamford

Yesterday we walked into town to look at the different types of businesses that are in Stamford town centre and enjoyed a drink and a snack at the cafe in the Stamford Arts Centre.


On Friday, we went to the market to buy vegetables.  We bought carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, swede and celeriac ready for our soup cafe next week.  We really enjoyed having real money to spend and working out the change.


We are looking forward to sharing our soup with you on Tuesday afternoon.

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Friday 20th November 2015 - Fractions and Fruit

In KS1 this week we have been mixing our fractions and fruit! 

In Maths we have been learning to recognise, find and name fractions of shapes, amounts of liquid, playdough, lengths and objects.

fractions 3


fractions 4


In our creative curriculum, we learned how important it is to eat foods of all colours, because different coloured foods benefit different parts of the body.  We used our knowledge to halve and quarter pieces of fruit when preparing our Rainbow Fruit Kebabs. 

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Friday 13th November 2015 - Fruity Friday

This week we explored a range of fruit all in the interests of poetry.  We looked at, felt, smelt and tasted a range of fruit to support our creation of shape poems.

fruit 1

Some were prickly, but sweet ...

fruit 2

... some a little sour ...

fruit 3

... and some new favourites!

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Friday 6th November 2015 - Welcome back to school.

It was lovely to see the children so excited to be back at school and we have had a very busy first week. 

Our PE this term is on a Wednesday and our focus is gymnastics.  This week we were thinking about how we can move around the hall, shapes we can make with our bodies and working with a partner to mirror actions.

gym 1


We are planning to do some food preparation soon, so we have been finding out why hand washing is important, when we should wash our hands and how to wash them properly. 

hands 1

We became so good, that we invited Year 3 to our classroom so that we could share our learning.

hands 2

hands 3

Special thanks to Taylor for the super photography of our shared learning event.


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Friday 16th October 2015 - Sentence work.

We have been thinking about sentences this week in English.  We have thought about what a sentence is and about the different parts of a sentence and how important it is that our sentences make sense.

sentence 1

We made a human sentence, rearranging the words to see how many different ways they could be arranged and still make sense.

Then we had a go at using conjunctions to link ideas together to extend a sentence.

Finally, we used conjunctions in our own writing so that we could extend our own sentences and make our writing more interest for the reader.


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Friday 9th October 2015 - E Safety

We enjoy using the iPads in Years 1 and 2, especially the internet to compliment the research we do using books from the school library.  So this week, we have been thinking about staying safe online.  We met the animated characters, Hector and his friends who helped us to think about the information we share online through a story that you can find using the following link:



We have also printed off a story book version for each of our children, so that they can share these important messages with you at home, whilst enjoying some colouring time!


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Friday 2nd October 2015 - Stop, Look, Listen, Think


We have been out and about again this week in KS1 and it was great to see the Year 2 children sharing their road safety knowledge with the Year 1 children.  We walked to a nearby street, where we followed the green cross code to cross the road safely.  Back at school, we have thought about finding a safe place to play, how to cross the road safely and the importance of being seen, especially as the dark evenings approach.



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Friday 25th September 2015 - Mud glorious mud!

We have been exploring the school grounds this week to look at all of the different trees that we have growing and to decide which are deciduous and which are evergreen.


Then when we had collected lots of autumn treasure, we had a look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and had a go at using our collection to create our own natural art, only we made sure that there was plenty of mud involved!



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Friday 18th September 2015

In Key Stage One this week we have been designing and using maps.  We began by thinking about our own classroom and which parts are our favourite and we created a plan showing where everything is.  Then we used Google Maps and Google Earth to zoom in on The Bluecoat School, which caused great excitement, especially when we "dropped in the little yellow man" to get a street view!  Finally, on Friday we used a site plan of the school to follow a trail to locate "treasure", which turned out to be eight letters, which we re-arranged to spell "Bluecoat".

trail 2

trail 1




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Friday 11th September 2015

Welcome to our Y1/2 class blog.  Have we really only been back at school for less than two weeks?  You wouldn't think so to see how confidently the children in Year 1/2 have settled into their new class.  Everyone in our class is coming into school in the mornings independently and have already produced some amazing work.maths 1

In maths we have been ordering numbers.

maths 2

We have also been grouping in tens to make our counting more efficient.


literacy 1

In Literacy we have used a variety of sensory experiences to write a sensory poem.


Then we had a really exciting afternoon on Wednesday when our classrooms nearly caused an explosion of the senses!  We had a sweet and sour tasting table, music to listen to, we made coloured glasses to change the way our world looks, a range of aromas and to top it all boxes containing goodness knows what for us to put our hands in and feel!



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Friday 3rd July 2015 - Rainbow Fish

This week in art the children have been looking at Rainbow fish and have designed and made their own.

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Friday 26th June 2015 - Seaside Sensory Experience.

This week in literacy the children used their senses to reflect and write about their experience of visiting the seaside.

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Friday 19th June 2015 - Sun, sand and sea.

In Year One this week, we have been learning about money and measures in maths.  We enjoyed a carousel of activities involving coins and money up to £2, which included laying out different combinations of coins to make 8p along the tentacles of an octopus!  We also found different ways to pay for our shopping.  Then, we learned how to tell the time and to solve problems involving time.


We have also been very artistic this week, making sun collages, paper plate seahorses and exploring oil pastels to make a sea turtle.  Have a look at our amazing classroom display next time you come to school.






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Friday 22nd May 2015 - Sticks and dips.

We have enjoyed our clubs this term in Key Stage One and had some budding chefs in our midsts.  We have been very impressed with the cutting skills of the children and their mature, sensible approach to our cookery tasks.  This week we made hummus and prepared some vegetables and pitta bread to dip into it.  Very tasty!


cookery 2cookery

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The Snail and the Whale

We have been enjoying The Snail and the Whale by Juila Donaldson as part of our topic and literacy work. We made our own snail and whale puppets to recreate a scene from the story. We have also looked at settings, which has given us an opportunity to be more adventurous with our vocabulary. We also enjoyed a class debate over whether the snail should or shouldn't have travelled with the whale.


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Friday 1st May 2015

We have been rejoining compound words this week in Year One as part of our Phase 4 phonics work.

We enjoyed finding the two correct halves of a word and putting them back together again, making some unusual combinations on the way!



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Friday 24th April 2015 - Spring.

This week, we have been on a walk aound the school grounds looking for signs of spring and we completed a fact file about our favourite animals. The list of animals ranged from pets such as cats and dogs all the way through to great white sharks and dolphins. The children gathered some very interesting facts about their animals.


spring 1

spring 2


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Friday 17th April 2015 - Spring is here.

This week we began the spring element of our Whatever the Weather topic. We have been thinking about it being a time of new beginnings and new life, making links between animals and their young.


Here you can see how we were sorting animals using different criteria and we also matched adults to their young using the correct terminology.

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Friday 20th March 2015 - Out and about.

We had a very cross-curricular start to our week.  Having surveyed the colour of cars in the school car park to master our tallying skills, we sat at the front of the school to survey the level of traffic that uses Green Lane.  Then we set off for a walk to North Street.  Here, we used our senses to talk about the difference in levels of traffic.  The children saw a much wider variety of vehicles using North Street and they talked about how much busier it was and the dangers associated with that.  We decided that this was why there was the need for a pedestrian crossing and Mr Brockbank modelled how to cross the road safely using the pedestrian crossing whilst the children watched at a safe distance!  On our return journey, we chose a safer location to learn how to cross the road safely and once back at school, those discussions about senses were turned into some amazing senses poems about traffic.  So Maths, PSHE, Science and Literacy all rolled into one!

traffic 1

"We need to keep our toes behind the kerb."

traffic 2

"Stop. Think. Look. Listen."


We had a lovely end to the week celebrating our work with our families, whilst raising money for the Air Ambulance, so we now have our first £10 in the pot.

share 1

share 2

Next week we are looking forward to our Easter celebrations.

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Friday 13th March 2015 - What a busy week!

This week we have linked our maths work to our transport topic, measuring and finding the difference in lengths of vehicles and on Thursday, we used tallying to record how many cars of each colour were in the car park.



We have really enjoyed the Book Week activities and were very proud of the effort and enthusiasm that the children made with their costumes.  Congratulations to our winning pair.

book week

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Friday 6th March 2015 - A Surprise Visitor!

Way back in January, Thomas, a paramedic, kick-started our current topic with the gift of three toy emergency vehicles, complete with sound effects!  Since then the children have found out about how transport is used by the emergency services and have lots of ideas about how they would like to raise money for the Air Ambulance, which they will be sharing with you soon.  They were very excited when Thomas popped in on Thursday to have a look at their work which they shared with great pride.

visit 1

Thomas was particularly impressed at the idea of adding a built-in blue siren to the helmet of the horse mounted police.

visit 2



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Friday 27th February 2015 - Nene Valley Railway

What an exciting time we have had in Year One this week!  We enjoyed a story called The Train Ride, by June Crebbin which not only had repeated text so everyone was able to join in with the telling of the story, but the author used words that made the sounds of a steam train.  Then, on Tuesday, we were able to go on our very own steam train journey from Wansford to Peterborough, on the Nene Valley Railway (http://www.nvr.org.uk/).  See our gallery for a full set of photographs.


"Look!  This is where we are!  I can see it on this map."


Then we used our journey on the train to help us to include adjectives and adverbs in our writing with some amazing results.

What did you see?  What did you see?



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Friday 13th February 2015 - A busy end to Term 3

Well, halfway through Year One - it hardly seems possible! 

This week we have been "playing" with numbers - sorting them according to different criteria, ordering them and spotting the missing number in sequences.


We took the opportunity of time with Mrs Alderman, to complete the second quarter of our seasons canvas and we were very proud and excited with the results.


Enjoy the holidays! 

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Friday 6th February 2015 - A different approach to art.

We have had great fun this week with our transport theme.  In English we have been looking at stories with familiar settings and we compared Mrs Armitage on Wheels with The Train Ride and Mr Gumpy's Outing ready to write our own transport themed story next week.

In art, we looked at the work of Jackson Pollack and we really enjoyed used different toy vehicles and wheels from our construction sets to make our own version.


pollack 2

If you would like to find out more about Jackson Pollack and compare our work of art, here's a link:   http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/jackson-pollock-1785


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Friday 30th January 2015

We couldn't resist slipping back into our weather topic momentarily this week, when the snow finally made an appearance on a school day.  We rushed outside, caught the snowflakes as they fell and then collected some of the settled snow to bring into our class, which we looked at under the interactive microscope.

snow 1

Even the grown-ups enjoyed the moment!

snow 2


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Friday 23rd January 2015 - Working together.

We have been continuing to develop our independence skills this week.  When it was time to paint, we got ready all by ourselves, without any grown-up assistance. 


We even managed to get a "train" system going so that 2 children were helped at the same time!


We ended the week with an impromptu performance of our "Dressed for Fun" song for our grown-ups.  They thought we were great!


Next week, we begin our new topic Are We Nearly There Yet?



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Friday 16th January 2015 - The feather that changed the weather.

This week, we have been learning about clouds and rain using the story "Bringing the Rain to the Kapiti Plain" as our stimulus.  The story is set in Kenya, so the children have been thinking about how the weather in Kenya differs to the weather in the UK and finding out that different cultures have different beliefs and traditions surrounding the weather.  In our story, the main character, Ki-pat, stands on one leg to try and get the rain to come, so we have had a go at balancing on one leg too - very tricky!  When an eagle flew over the Kapiti Plain, it dropped a feather, "the feather that changed the weather" and Ki-pat used the feather to make an arrow which he shot at the cloud to make it burst! 

We looked at different types of clouds and breathed on spoons so that we could see how clouds are formed.



At the end of the week, we followed our usual viewing of CBBC Newsround with a look at the weather for the week ahead and the children were very excited to see that we may be able to do our "wintery walk" next week, as snow is forecast.  So, warm boots and clothes please for Year 1 - we may have a snowman called Olaf to build!


In maths, we have been learning the number bonds for the numbers up to 10.

Number bonds

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Friday 9th January 2015 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!   Welcome back to Term 3.

Everyone has quickly settled back into school this week after the holidays and we are beginning Term 3 by revisiting our ongoing topic, Whatever the Weather, so that we can continue to develop our knowledge of different weather types and look at our current season of winter.  We began the week making up our own weather using the story, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, as inspiration.  We had spaghetti rain, marshmallow clouds, mashed potato snow and showers of warm chocolate milk amongst many other mouth-watering ideas.  Then we looked at real weather forecasts and the language used and the children have created and presented their own weather forecasts.

weather 1

In maths, we stayed with the weather theme in our capacity work.  The children began by finding out what one litre of liquid looks like and then they went outside to estimate how big a puddle different sized containers would make when emptied on to the playground.



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Monday 8th December 2014 - Rockingham Castle

We have had a super day out today at Rockingham visiting a "real life castle" and whilst the outdoor temperature was bracing, the sun shone for us and rather fittingly having just finished our Fire topic, we were able to have lunch warming ourselves beside a real log fire lit especially for us.  A full set of photographs will appear as a gallery this week, but here are a few to keep you going!

castle 1

castle 2


castle 4



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Friday 28th November 2014 - Money, money, money!

This week we have been looking at the value of different coins and we are now beginning to find the total value of more than one coin.




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Friday 21st November 2014 - Fractions and Food!

This week we have been working in pairs to explore fractions through food! 

We used the "bridge cut" to safely cut with a vegetable knife, so that we could share pieces of fruit with a friend. Once we each had an equal amount of fruit, we enjoyed eating our fruit salad. fruit2Fruit 1fruit 3

Then we shared equal amounts of pepperoni and/or ham so that when we halved a pizza, we both had the same size of pizza with the same amount of toppings on it.


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Friday 14th November 2014 - Our visit to the fire station.

Today, Year One walked to Stamford Fire Station to learn about fire safety and to further the knowledge about the role of the fire service.  Our host Joanne Hussey was very impressed with the knowledge that the children already had and they had some amazing questions too!  Our full set of photographs will appear next week as a gallery.







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Friday 14th November - Time for a story.

On Thursday this week, we had a special visitor.  Thomas, a Paramedic, shared with us some of his favourite stories from when he was little and let us ask him some questions afterwards.  We were very interested to know about the links between the ambulance and fire service and asked some fantastic questions.




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Friday 14th November 2014 - Fire!

Our topic for November is "Fire!"  Last week we found out why we have bonfires and fireworks on 5th November each year and thought about firework safety. To mark the change of topic, we have exchanged the castle for our very own fire engine!

fire engine

fire engine 2


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Friday 14th November 2014 - Autumn

Catching up time for the Year One blog!

The end of Term One saw the completion of the first of our four canvases reflecting the seasons of our country.  The children thoroughly enjoyed contributing this piece of art with the support of our art expert, Mrs Alderman.

Canvas 1

autumn canvas 2

autumn canvas 3

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Friday 17th October 2014 - London

The children expressed a desire to learn more about our own capital city, London.  We have talked about the location, size and make up of London and looked at the famous landmarks and features.  The children have made their own red London bus and we soon hope to have our very own audio tourist guide to share with you soon.

harvey bus

ruby bus












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Friday 17th October 2014 - Autumn

Throughout this year, we are running a topic called "Whatever the Weather" alongside all of our other topics.  As part of this topic, we have so far considered the different types of weather that we experience in our country and enjoyed an autumn treasure hunt.


This week, with support from Mrs Alderman, work began on a year-long art project which is our seasonal tree.  The children used oil pastels to create the trunks and branches of the tree and next week will see the completion of the autumn canvas.




The children will continue to explore a range of artistic materials and techniques next week through three more autumn projects which we look forward to sharing with you in future class blogs.

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Friday 2nd October 2014 - Castles

As requested, we have had a week of castles in Year One!

The children have had great fun learning about the different parts of a castle, why and where they were built and how their construction changed over time.  Once again, all photographs are taken by the children themselves.


 "We need a cannon Mrs Giddings to shoot through the ramparts."

... and here is the improvised cannon!


cannon 2

"I'm ready!"


There has been role play, small world play, puzzles, writing and peaceful exploration of a wonderful set of books from our castle collection. 

small world



















Well done Year One for another week of unending enthusiasm for new knowledge and learning.

Next week: London and the Royal Family.


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Friday 26th September 2014 - Learning about England.

We had a lovely start to the week when families joined us to help create our "Floral Emblems of the United Kingdom" display which is now coming together beautifully in the KS1 corridor.  Thank you for your participation and support.

Having explored Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, we turned our thoughts to England and the children are having great fun freeze-framing their own scenes from the story of St. George and the Dragon, using their new digital photography skills to record the moments themselves.

Goerge and the dragon


St George

Poor St. George - it looks as though the dragon has gained revenge!


The children then decided that they wanted to be traditionally English and have an afternoon cup of tea with biscuits!

cup of tea

Next week, we follow another child-led direction - the castles of the United Kingdom.









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Friday 19th September 2014 - Exploring the United Kingdom

We have had a week of new experiences in Year One, beginning with the cooking of Welsh Cakes, which caused the added new experience of our first (unplanned) fire drill of the year!  Then we tasted haggis, neeps and tatties, but the children declined the suggestion of an Ulster Fry-Up!  We have of course been exploring Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  In addition, the children made salt dough bread for the forthcoming harvest celebrations.


Welsh Cakes



salt dough bread


Loch Ness MonsterThe Loch Ness Monster!

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Monday 15th September 2014 - Year One Role Play Corner.

To begin our topic "We are the United Kingdom", we located the four countries of the United Kingdom: Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. 

A feature that appealed to the children about all four of the countries was castles. Here you can see a 'King of the Castle' in our role play corner!

King of the Castle

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Friday 5th September - Welcome back!

What a fantastic start to Year One! 

Everyone has returned to school looking smart in their school uniform and with great enthusiasm to learn.

Out first topic this year is "We are the United Kingdom" and the children have made a great start by introducing themselves and sharing information about what they have been up to during the summer break, favourite things and what they enjoy doing.  We have also been using Google Earth to find the United Kingdom, England, Stamford and even zoomed in to look at the Bluecoat School!

The children have made a confident start to their daily routines and next week, we shall have another new experience - visiting the library so that they children can bring home books to share with you.

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Gruffalo Live tomorrow!

The children in Reception are so excited about our trip to the Key Theatre in Peterborough tomorrow to see a performance of The Gruffalo Live. This story has been an absolute favourite and it will be fantastic to see it brought to life on the stage. We have fingers crossed that the sun will shine so we can enjoy a picnic lunch on the field when we return. Photos and a description of our trip will follow shortly!

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Sport's Day Maths!

Thank you to all of our parents and family members who cheered us on yesterday at Sport's Day. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are very proud of taking part and all our achievements.

We were so motivated by Sport's Day, we did some Maths around this theme this morning. We used metre sticks to measure where to put a hoop.

In teams we threw beanbags and added the totals and then recorded the results.


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Chick news

The chicks are having a lot of fun at Mrs. Shirtcliffe's house and are being very good house guests.

We have been teaching Isaac and Rory to hold them very carefully and gently stroke them. Here are some photos showing what they have been up to today!




The chicks are eating lots of chick crumbs and drinking plenty of water.  They are definitely bigger and some are starting to get proper feathers!



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The chicks at Mrs Shirtcliffe's house

We have had 14 chicks hatch in the Foundation Stage! The children have been learning about all the different things chicks need to grow and the best ways to care for the chicks in order for them to be happy, healthy and strong. The children went off for their week-end today and Mrs Shirtcliffe has brought the chicks home for the week-end so we can make sure they are warm, have enough food and water and are happy.

The chicks had not been in a car before! Mrs Shirtcliffe drove very carefully to keep them safe.

When they arrived, Isaac helped to put new clean bedding in the brooders.

       He also gave them food and water

The chicks are now all settled in their "holiday home" for the week-end.

Please check the blog regularly to see how the chicks are doing!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/06/2014

We have chicks!

The children in Reception have been so excited by the arrival of an incubator, brooder and 15 eggs in our classroom.  This morning we had 13 chicks!

This afternoon we actually had the priviledge of watching a chick being born. It took a long time and we had to be very patient, but there was a lot of excitement when it finally hatched just before hometime. Olivia said, "it is even more exciting than Christmas!"

We just have one more to go, so fingers crossed it will be here by the morning.

The children are keeping their own chick diaries to record all the changes and can't wait to share them with grown ups when they are finished. They have also done some fantastic paintings and life cycle pictures.



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Everyone in Foundation Stage was so excited today as we released our butterflies into the garden.  We have observed them growing from tiny caterpillars to cocoons and then turning into beautiful butterflies.


We hope you all have a very happy half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you in school again on Monday 2nd June 2014.


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Well done Reception!

We were so proud to win the Lunchtime Award again!  We have throughly enjoyed joining the main school on the playground and field at lunchtimes and afternoon play.

We transferred our cocoons into the butterfly net today and have everything crossed we can observe butterflies emerging next week!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy week-end in the sunshine.  See you Monday when we will be opening a Forest ice cream parlour and Ranger's Office - photos to follow.


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A fantastic trip to Fineshade Woods

The weather was soggy, but the enthusiasm and excitement was incredible as we headed to Fineshade Woods in the rain.  We had a fantastic morning exploring the woodland paths and habitats, learning about the different types of trees and foliage on the forest floor.  We hunted for a Gruffalo, we didn't actually see one, but many of the children were convinced they had seen orange eyes in the trees and had heard a "roaring" sound!

After lunch the rain eased ...... hooray!  We then had a fabulous afternoon hunting for minibeasts and learning their names and features.  We found centipedes, snails, slugs, woodlice, worms, beetles and flies buried in the forest floor and under logs.

Attila said on the way home, "Can we go again?" and Thomas said "I loved the beast hunting best!"

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and although very tired, came off the bus with beaming smiles.  They were a credit to themselves and the school and were a delight to take out for the day. 

A big thank you to Miss Tubb, Mrs Walton, Mrs Dwyer and Mrs Dean for coming with us and helping.

Below is just a small sample of photographs from our day. More photographs will go on the gallery section tomorrow, so please check and enjoy highlights of our trip.  We are looking forward to doing lots more learning about woodlands and minibeasts.

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2 more sleeps until Fineshade Woods!

We are all very excited about our coach trip to Fineshade Woods on Thursday.  We hope to meet a Forest Ranger, find lots of natural materials, hunt for minibeasts living in their natural environment and perhaps find a Gruffalo on the Gruffalo trail.

We counted today that there were two more sleeps to go and enjoyed sharing fiction and non-fiction woodland books in our new reading area.  We can't wait to share the photographs of our visit in the Gallery section of the website at the end of the week!

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Grandparents' Day

We would like to say a big thank you to all the Grandparents who joined us yesterday morning for Grandparents' Day.  We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to join in with all the activities and learning with your grandchildren, it was very lovely having you in our class.

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First week back

It was lovely to see all the smiling faces coming into Reception, eager to learn on Tuesday.  We have had a very busy first week back after the Easter holidays.  Our theme is centred around the Eric Carle story, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".  We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, sequencing and re-telling the story and thinking about the days of the week.  We have made grass caterpillars and are learning about how we can make them grow into Very Hairy Caterpillars, so we can create our own stories!

Next week we will be thinking how healthy eating, hygiene and exercise all contribute to good health and will be keeping a snack diary. 

We look forward to welcoming Grandparents on Wednesday morning for Grandparents' Day.

Have a lovely week-end, see you Monday



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Happy Easter

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Easter disco last night.  It was a very good event and a fabulous way to end a brilliant term.

This week we have been doing lots of Easter and Spring themed activities.  The children had lots of fun hunting for eggs and entering our egg rolling competition.  Photos will follow in the gallery section of the website.

The Reception team would like to wish you a very happy Easter holiday.  We look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

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Things we are proud of this week!

   This week in Reception we have been learning about wind and air.  This is our new creative display. It shows our blow painting and bubble painting. We had so much fun blowing through straws and exploring what happened to the paint!










 I'm forever blowing bubbles!We needed a lot of puff to get big bubbles!

Blow paintingWe experimented by blowing paint across the page using straws.


We were so proud to win Lunchtime Award for really good manners and behaviour at lunchtime all week!

Hooray, we won!

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This is Reception's blog.  This will update you with information and photographs of all the exciting learning we have been doing.  Please check regularly!

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