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They are so fluffy!

After a false start, the eggs finally arrived this week for round two of hatching! 

The children were amazed as they watched the first few chicks make holes in the shell, which we later learned is called pipping, before finally emerging from their eggs totally exhaused and wet!

By Wednesday, all eleven chicks had hatched.  After 24 hours had passed, in which time they had dried and fluffed up, they could all be transfered to the brooding box.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/03/2018


Last week, year 5 were really busy sampling activities the Anglo-Saxons would have done during their every day lives.  Sewing, weaving, braiding and making walls from wattle (woven sticks) were among the favourite activities.  We also wrote our names in runes with a quill and ink to create a book mark.  This week we plan to write a report about all the activities we've experienced.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/02/2018


Year 5 have have started a new creative curriculum topic all about the Anglo-Saxons.  We have begun learning about what Britain was like after the Romans left in approximately 410 AD when our country was divided into seven different kingdoms. Our highlights from last week were playing a game about settling new areas and writing a chronicle (diary extract) about what happened at that time.

I really look forward to receiving some coded messages from the children's homework this week which should be written in runes!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2018

...and a partridge in a pear tree!

Well done to year five for their fantastic efforts when carol singing at Morrisons on Thursday 14th December.  The shoppers were obviously impressed by our singing as we raise a total of £72.72 in just under an hour! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/12/2017

Rocket launching

Thank you Year 5 for all of the wonderful rockets you made for this week's homework.  Some rockets were able to launched and some looked fantastic and will be hung from our classroom ceiling.

This morning, we added water before pumping air into the rockets, which were mounted on a specially designed launched pad made by one member of Year 5 with their Grandad.

We counted down 5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF when we released the rocket.  A few flew at least 6 metres into the air, which is  pretty impressive. 

Here are two rockets flying into space.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/11/2017


Year 5 visited Bugtopia at Rutland water as part of their Rainforest topic.  They had a fantastic time learning about the different animals that call the Rainforest home and even got to handle a few.  The strangest creature they held was the green tree frog that was infact a pale shade of blue!  More photographs wil be available on our gallery.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/11/2017

Crocus planting

On Thursday 9th November Stamford's Rotary Club visited school to raise awareness of their eradicate polio campaign. The class were split into three groups, each one was required to help cut and roll the turf before fertilising the soil, scattering 1000 crocus bulbs and laying the turf back down.

The children had a wonderful time and look forward to spring when the purple flowers will begin to bloom.  Lots of great questions were asked whilst planting, for example, 'Why are they all purple?' 

Purple was chosen as those children that have been immunised against polio, in one of only three countries that it still exists, have a purple dot placed on their finger so doctors know who has received the medicine.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/11/2017

Stamford Georgian Festival

Last week, year 5 had a fantastic time making lanterns for the Stamford Georgian Festival which takes place this weekend.  Although a little bit tricky at first, the children worked well togther using willow sticks, masking tape, clingfilm and tissue paper to make a lantern on a stick.  The idea being families can collect the lantern made by their child and take part in the procession run by The Arts Centre.

Lanterns can be collected from near the Arts Centre from 6:30 pm before the parade begins around 7:30pm.  It would be lovely for as many children and their families to participate in the event.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/09/2017

Welcome back year 5!

Last week we welcomed the children back to school after a long break.  In year 5 the children wrote me a letter describing many of the exciting places they've and activities they've enjoyed.

We introduced the new topic for the term which is all about the rainforests.  We have so far located where in the world they are located, discovering they all sit around the equator between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.  The children have also learned about the different layers and in the photographs you can see them enjoying making a 3D model called a diorama to represent the layers.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/09/2017

Perfect poems

Over the last week in year 4, we have been learning about lots of different poetry and having a go at writing our own poems too. We have written a range of poetry including haikus, kennings, calligrams, shape poems and a narrative poem. 

Can you guess what Paige was describing in her haiku?


White fur like the snow,

Black spots like the dark, night sky,

Lives in the ice cold.


Or what Sean was describing in his kenning?


Fast runner,

Football player,

Decent shooter,

Good sneaker,

Football liker,

Smooth mover,

Big chatter.


We have really enjoyed writing our poetry and are looking forward to compiling them altogether to make our very own poetry books!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/05/2017

Max respect!

This week year 4 have continued their learning about being healthy. We were visited on Tuesday by Delphine from Lincolnshire Home to School Safety Partnership. The organisation that she works for teaches 'Max Respect,' for walking to and from school and when using public transport.

During her visit, Delphine did lots of activities with us to teach us the correct way to behave when walking to and from school and the implications of what could happen if we didn't. One game that we really enjoyed was a human bus board game where we followed the bus journey and tried to make our way home. On each square there was an instruction to teach us. One instruction was 'you are not wearing your seatbelt,' which meant that we had to move back squares but there were also instructions such as, 'you are being polite and having a quiet conversation with a friend,' which meant we could move forward spaces. 

Another activity that we found particularly powerful was Peter's story. Delphine read us a story about a bus driver called Peter who struggled with his job each day because of the behaviour of some children on his bus. We then got into groups and had key questions to help us to understand his feelings. We have used this story as a stimulus to write our own story about an event that happened on Peter's bus that will leave our reader's with a clear message!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/05/2017

The digestive system!

Year 4 have had a very scientific two weeks. We began our new topic 'Healthy me!' by looking at our teeth. We looked at the different teeth in our mouths and their purpose. We also found out about why it is important to look after our teeth and what can happen if we don't. We particularly enjoyed listening to the singing dentist who made learning about our teeth really fun!

Following this, we wanted to find out what happened to the food that we eat after we swallowed it. Miss Stanworth decided that the best way for us to learn about this would be for us to see it! We carried out three experiments to see how the oesophagus, the stomach and the intestines work. It was really gross but fascinating to see how our lunch ended up as waste! Macauley said, 'Watching the food go through the tight intestines was disgusting but really interesting!' 

We are looking forward to continuing our learning about keeping safe and healthy next week with a visit from Lincolnshire Stay Safe Partership to take part in the home to school transport workshop.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/05/2017

Year 4 or Bear Grylls?

On Tuesday 7th March, year 4 were lucky enough to go to Rutland Water to take part in the bush craft day. The weather was glorious and the sun was shining brighly when we excitedly arrived at school.

When we arrived at Rutland Water, we were greeted by our guides Jo and Dale who led our activities for the day. They took us down to the Barnsdale Forest which was very exciting. We enjoyed lots of activities like den building, toasting marshmallows, wood carving and fire starting.

It was very exciting and we had a great time! We developed lots of skills and we are now prepared for if we are ever stranded in a forest!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/03/2017

Buzzzzzzzing in Year 4!

As we have been learning about the great outdoors in year 4, we were very fotunate to be visited by Eddy from Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association last week. Eddy had a lot of knowledge about these fantastic creatures and told us about all of the good things that bees do for us. 

We learnt lots of interesting things about bees like,

'Bees gather bees with their proboscis and take it back to a hive' Owen

'I learnt that it is not good to be a male bee in winter because the Queen will get rid of you!' Adam

'There can only be one queen bee!' Maya

'In the summer, there is approximately 2000 worker bees, 200 drone bees but only 1 queen bee.' Katelyn

We really enjoyed Eddie's visit and even got chance to look inside a bee hive. Our favourite part was tasting the honey at the end. It was super sticky and seriously sweet!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/03/2017

The Big Energy Project 2017!

We have had a really busy term so far and have been enjoying our topic all about the garden and being outside. As part of our topic, we have been invited, alongside other local schools to take part in the energy project. We were visited by John Yard, who is an architect and works for the energy project to introduce the topic. To take part, we need to design a self-sustaining school. We have been learning about renewable energy and so we had lots of thoughts about how we could do this. 

We will now work with year 5 to design our self-sustaining school and our ideas will be exhbiited in Stamford Arts Centre in March!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/02/2017

Down in the garden...(Where nobody goes!)

We have kickstarted the spring term by starting our new topic, Down in the Garden. We sparked our topic by going into the garden to explore. We couldn't believe our eyes! The garden has become tremendously overgrown so we have definitely got our work cut out!

We decided that we are going to need some help with our garden so we have written letters to the local garden centres asking for their support. We are going to post them this week! We also thought about our dream gardens and spent some time sketching what they would look like. 

Keep checking year 4's blog to see improvements to the garden throughout our project!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/01/2017

Monday 5th December 2016- The Gift

This week year 4 started their Christmas creative curriculum topic, 'The Gift.' We decided that we wanted to learn about giving to others during the festive period. We decided that we wanted to learn sign language as a gift to a member of our class who has parents with hearing impairments. 

We were joined in class on Monday by Jessica and Joanne from the charity Action on hearing loss. We were also joined by their translator Stephanie, who helped us to understand what Jessica and Joanne were signing.

It was a fantastic experience to learn some simple sign language and to listen to how just knowing a small amount of sign language can make such a big difference to someone who is deaf. We now all know the BSL finger alphabet and can use this to sign our names and simple words.

Ned said that he found the workshop, 'fantastic,' and he didn't realise that 'deaf people were exactly the same as us.' Owen described Jessica and Joanne as, 'inspiring!'

We are now busy designing persuasive posters and writing persuasive letters to encourage others to learn sign language too!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/12/2016

Monday 14th November 2016- Kendrew Barracks

On Monday, year 4 went on an exciting creative curriculum learning opportunity to Kendrew Barracks in Cottesmore. It was utterly fantastic!

We went as part of our Romans Return! topic to compare the roman army to the modern British army. It was a fascinating experience. 

Our day consisted of many things including a tour of camp. We saw where the soldiers live, eat, work and where families also live. We were surprised that on site there is a school for all of the soldier's children.

We also went into one of the hangers on site and compared the tactics of the two armies. Sergeant Mccaughey, who led our visit, showed us a virtual map from a recent training exercise in Kenya. It was amazing to see how the soldiers planned out their tour.  

Following this, we were treated to a drill demonstration. There were 20 soldiers and a drill sergeant (who was a little bit scary!) marching and following commands. We then got to have a go ourselves! Fortunately, the drill sergeant was less strict with us!

We know that roman soldiers were trained highly. We wanted to compare this to how soliders are trained today and we got to have a sneak peek in a circuit training session. A group of soldiers worked their way around fifteen different stations without stopping once! We were exhausted just looking at them!

To end our visit, we went to the weapons and kit stand hanger to find out about the modern kit and equipment that soldier’s use today. It was fantastic to see how different their weapons and armour were. We also tried on some of the modern kit and couldn't believe how heavy it was!

This was a fantastic experience that we all enjoyed thoroughly and learnt a lot from. We would like to say a massive thank you to Sergeant Mccaughey for his help in organising our visit and to the many soldiers who made our visit so special!

To see more pictures from our visit, please go to the gallery!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/11/2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016- Real Roman Land!

On Wednesday, year 4 went on another exciting creative curriculum opportunity to Castor C of E Primary School. Castor is a Roman town and, as part of the school’s support from the Lottery Heritage Fund, they have been able to develop and host guided walks around the surrounding areas.

We began our day with a walk around Roman Castor, crossing fields the Roman’s actually crossed themselves. We used our imaginations to think about what it would have been like during Roman times. We also visited archaeological sites where Roman artefacts have previously been discovered! Our walk was led by Mr Ratchford, who is the head of Castor Primary School and some year 5 pupils at the school. We really enjoyed learning from other children and their knowledge was fantastic!

In the afternoon, we were visited by Mr Nash from St Kyneburgha's trust. We looked at some things that had been discovered around Castor and investigated what they could be. We were particularly fascinated that the Roman coins had the name of the Emperor's around the edge, so we could tell exactly when the coin was from!

We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of information about the Romans in our local area!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/11/2016

Wk Beginning 3rd October 2016- The Perfect Parthenon!

This week, we have been learning about buildings that the Romans made. We discovered that there are still Roman buildings all over the world such as the Roman Baths in Bath!

We looked at what these buildings had in common and decided that their architecture was very important. We looked at columns and why they were important.

We then got into small groups to investigate what made the perfect Parthenon. We were only given two whiteboards, six pieces of card and some masking tape. We worked well within out groups and made our own designs. Some of us had lots of small columns, but others decided to have fewer taller columns.

When we had created our Parthenon buildings, we tested how strong they were by loading them up with dictionaries. If they could hold the weight, we tried weights! The strongest Parthenon could hold 24 dictionaries and over 10 kilograms in weight!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/10/2016

Tuesday 20th September 2016- The Roman Invasion!

Continuing with our Roman topic, we wanted to find out how the Romans managed to invade Britain.

We learnt about Julius Caeser's two failed attempts and what had changed when Emperor Claudius finally managed to be successful in AD43.

We decided to role play the successful invasion on the playground. We all took on roles as either celts, soldiers or emperors and invaded. We were impressed at the Romans tactics to split into three divisions and invade from different parts of the country. We also liked their peaceful approach with the Celtic people. We then wrote newspaper reports from to report what happened!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/09/2016

Thursday 15th September 2016- The search for the missing ninth legion!

We have started our exciting new Creative curriculum learning, 'The Romans Return.' We are really enjoying learning about this fascinating group of people and were surprised at how much of the Roman's history is in our town!


In English, we had been writing descriptions of the deadly Boudicca and wanted to go down to the Meadows to find Boudicca's plaque. After quite a long trek, we found Boudicca's plaque hidden in the fields. We were amazed! 

We spent some time at the Meadows thinking about what happened to the Roman ninth legion, after they were pursued by Boudicca and the Iceni tribe. We had several very interesting theories!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/09/2016

Monday 18th July 2016- Ready for a new adventure!

As we approach the end of the school year, year three have been thinking about our favourite memories from throughout the year.

Owen's favourite memory was 'when we went to Burghley park because we got to see some cool sculptures!'

Jayden's favourite memory of the year was 'Kingswood because I'd never slept somewhere else before and it was exciting!'

Katelyn enjoyed 'when we went to Lincoln because we learnt all about the Stone Age.'

Brandon liked it 'when we went down to Stamford Town Hall and into the dungeons because it was really scary!'

We all loved the MINI OLYMPICS because it was great to meet new people, join in with lots of sports and meet some famous athletes.

Miss Stanworth has had a fantastic year getting to know us and is really looking forward to another great year with our class in September!

Have a lovely restful summer and we will see you next year!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/07/2016

Monday 11th July 2016- Magical Myths!

Over the last few weeks, year three have been busy learning about popular myths and planning and writing our own myths.

We decided that we wanted our myths to be even more marvelous by writing them onto swords and designing our own hilts!

We couldn't believe how long they were!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/07/2016

Thursday 23rd June 2016- Mini Olympics!

Year three were lucky to be invited to take part in the mini Olympics event in Grantham this week. The event was organised by Inspire + and it was a fantastic day for all!

We began our day on the tennis courts waiting for all of the other schools to arrive. There was a fantastic atmosphere and we proudly waved our banner for all of the other schools to see! We then made our way over to the stadium for the opening ceremony. We couldn't believe how big the stadium was!

At the end of the ceremony, some real olympic athletes came onto the track with the young ambassadors to greet us. Lots of us even got high 5's! We took part in lots of activities such as netball, dance, athletics, PGL, boccia and wheelchair skills. 

Our highlight was the closing ceremony, where all of the children who had taken part in the day, all joined together to perform the dance that we had learnt. We had a super day trying lots of new activities!

Special mention to our young ambassadors, Demi and Riley, who were absolutely wonderful in representing our school!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 29/06/2016

Wednesday 15th June 2016- Prehistoric Day!

On Wednesday, year 3 visited The Collection in Lincoln to take part in a pre-historic day, as a spark for our new project 'PREDATOR!' We were very excited on the coach journey there and were looking forward to all of the fantastic things that we were going to see and do!

When we arrived at The Collection, we were surprised at how big the museum was! We started off our day in a cinema, where our guides, Eric and Linda, told us some key facts about the stone age and iron age. We then went and took part in a big dig, where Eric taught us about being an archaeologist. We learnt the correct strategy to dig, found our prehistoric items and then made a report about our items. It was very interesting!

After that, we learnt about stone age round houses and settlements. We had the opportunity to make a round house and made a stone age village! Following this, we had a guided tour around the museum where we looked at real stone age artefacts. We also got to hold some of the items.

After our lunch, we went back into the theatre where we learnt about the development of stone age humans. We took part in a play to learn about the way that stone age people lived and the inventions that they discovered. We finished off our afternon with a workshop in cave paintings. We learnt about why people in the stone age made cave paintings and the stories we can learn from them. We then had the chance to make our own cave painting.

It was a fantastic day and year three would like to give special thanks to Eric and Linda from The Collection Museum in Lincoln for making our day so enjoyable!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/06/2016

Wednesday 8th June 2016- The Amazing Myth Actors!

Today, we went into the new reading garden to listen to some magical myths. We listened to Beowulf and The legend of Kuang-Li because we are learning about myths and legends in English.

We picked out the features like heroes, villains and the journey in each story and then acted them out.

It was lots of fun! We are now looking forward to writing our alternative endings to the Legend of Kuang-Li!



Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/06/2016

Tuesday 24th May 2016- Bust a move!

During our dance lessons in year 3, we have been choreographing our own routines. Yesterday, we perfomed our dances to the rest of the class. They were fantastic!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/05/2016

Monday 16th May 2016- Burghley Park

Today, year three visited Burghley Park to take part in a science workshop. Our workshop, which was called 'Green plants; Who needs them?' started in the Brewhouse Classroom. We were guided through the different parts of plants and their function. We had chance to dissect some flowers to find the different parts that we had learnt about. We spoke about the food chain and why insects were important and what we could do to protect plants and insects too.

After enjoying our lunch, we headed up to the sculpture gardens to find some of the flowers, plants and insects that we had learnt about during our workshop. We had identification sheets and worked in groups to see how many we could find. We noticed that certain insects like certain plants and we watched a bee take pollen from the anther of a flower and put it onto the stigma, in order to make seeds. It was very interesting!

We were desperate to go further into the sculpture gardens to see how many sculptures we could find. We had to make sure our observation skills were good to spot them because some were hidden really well!

We had a fantastic day and are looking forward to using our plants knowledge to make an amazing display in the corridor!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/05/2016

Thursday 13th May 2016- Enjoying the new play structure!

We have had a super busy week in year three, learning how to use column addition effectively and doing some fantastic diary entry writing!

We are really excited that the sun has started to shine and that we are now able to use the new play structure! Here we are enjoying the play structure in the sunshine!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/05/2016

Friday 29th April 2016- Stamford Town Hall!

On Friday, year three enjoyed a fantastic visit to Stamford Town Hall. When we arrived at the town hall, we were amazed at the spectacular architecture of the building. We spent a few moments looking at the building and then made our way inside, where we were greeted by three councillors from the town hall. We split into three groups and started our journey!

We were lucky enough to go inside the Mayor's personal chambers and look at some of the historical objects that have been given to Stamford in the past. We were impressed by the shiny sword from RAF Wittering and the golden sceptre to represent the Queen! We looked at the Mayor's robes and couldn't believe how soft they were!

We then made our way into the council's chambers which was very impressive. The room was set out ready for a council meeting and we learnt about how somebody can become the Mayor and what the council's job is.

Our third activity was to explore the dungeons underneath the town hall. They were hidden underground behind some very heavy, and very old doors! It was very interesting to see how the prisoners were treated and how things have changed. We were very shocked!

We had a very informative afternoon and have learnt a lot about Stamford's history!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/05/2016

Monday 18th April 2016- Super Stamford Spark!

Today we began our new topic SUPER STAMFORD!

We decided that to spark our topic, we wanted to go into Stamford to see some of the fantastic things that Stamford has to offer.

Over the last few weeks, we have been being helped by Mr Kizilcali on a Monday and Tuesday, who is also trained as a tour guide. Mr Kizilcali led our tour.

We walked all of the way around Stamford and saw some very interesting places and things. It was also very interesting to find out some of the stories behind the places that we see all of the time!

We are now going to use this information to make some non-chronological reports about places to visit in Stamford!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/04/2016

Monday 21st March 2016- Year Three Love to Swim!


This week, year three are completing a mini topic called we love to swim! We have been enjoying our swimming lessons this term and have decided to learn more about why swimming is good for us.

We started off our week with a lovely walk down to the meadows in Stamford. When we arrived at the meadows, we watched the river moving and did some beautiful sketches of the river. We then had a walk around the river and noticed that the river changed and got much deeper.

When we arrived back at school, we looked at different scenario cards involving danger near water. We acted them out and spoke about what we would need to do to keep safe. Most of the scenarios included being able to swim. We concluded that swimming is a really important life skill that we need to learn to do!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/03/2016

Tuesday 23rd February 2016- Shelter Making!

We have come back to school after half term, excited to continue our learning all about volcanoes! We decided to think about what happens to the people who live near to volcanoes after an eruption and saw some devastating pictures where houses had been destroyed. We thought about what humans need to survive and one key thing that we said was shelter.

We then got into groups and designed a shelter for these people! We had to think about the materials that we used because the shelter needed to be strong, durable, waterproof and wind resistant! 

We thought carefully about our ideas and how we should construct our shelters.

Even the governors got involved!

Here we are testing if our shelters were wind resistant...

...and if they were waterproof!

We had a fantastic afternoon and created some amazing shelters!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/02/2016

Violent Volcanoes!

We have been busy in year three this term, learning all about volcanoes. We have made our own model volcanoes!

First of all we made the throat of the volcano, using a bottle. Then we made the structure using newspaper and paper mache. After that, we painted it. When it was dry, we dripped red and yellow paint down the side of it, to make it look like lava. It was a lot of fun!

We can't wait to make them explode at our open evening!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/02/2016

Delightful Division!

We have had a very busy week in year three learning about division!

We started off by learning how to split a number into equal groups,

We then moved onto repeated subtraction. We went outside on Thursday and learnt how to do this skill physically. 

Here we are solving 18 divided by 2!

 Next week, we will be applying our new division skills to solve mathematical problems!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/01/2016

Thursday 7th January 2016- A visit from an explorer!

To kick start our new topic, 'A whole lot of lava!' year three were visited by an explorer, Adrian Hall.

We were very excited to learn about Mr Hall's expeditions to different volcanoes and we saw some of his fantastic photographs from around the world. Mr Hall told us what it was like to be an explorer and it was very inspiring.

We looked at some real volcanic rock (pumice) and were surprised at all of the holes in it. Did you know that pumice is one of the only rocks that floats?


After we had finished our volcano worshop, we wanted to learn more about what it was like to be an explorer. Mr Hall told us how important it was for explorers to be able to read a map so we spent some time looking at all kinds of maps.

When we had looked at the maps, we wanted to put our new skills to the test. Mr Hall had made us a map of the school and hidden some flags around the grounds. We had to use our new skills and our maps to try to find all of them. It was so much fun!

We had a fantastic morning and are really excited to learn more about volcanoes!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/01/2016

Wednesday 6th January 2016- Welcome back!

We are very excited to be back at school to start a new term in year 3!

We began our day yesterday by reflecting on 2015, and thought about our targets for 2016!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you this new year!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/01/2016

Tuesday 8th December 2015- Owl Visitors!

This morning, year 3 were very lucky to be visited by Simon, Caroline and Jo the owl from East Midlands Hawk and Owl Trust. We were very excited to learn about these fascinating creatures as we come to the end of our dark topic. 

Simon gave us lots of information about owls including their habitat, appearance, habits and wingspan. We even got to hold Jo using a falconry glove. Owls have very sharp claws! We were taught the correct way to hold Jo and were surprised at how light she was!

Another thing we were interested to learn about was an owl's diet. Simon bought in some real owl pellets and we were surprised at how they looked! We were then given the opportunity to dissect the pellets to find out what the owls had been eating. We were surprised to find real animal bones! 

We were then able to find out what animal they had belonged to using an identification chart. We were amazed!

We had a fantastic morning learning all about these magnificent creatures!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/12/2015

Wednesday 25th November- Brilliant Bats!

Today in year three, we were very lucky to have some visitors in our classroom!


Colin and Annette from Lincolnshire Bat Group came to our classroom to teach us all about these nocturnal animals!

They even brought three different species of bat with them!


First of all, Colin gave us a talk all about bats that you can find in Britain. Did you know there are lots of species of bats here in Stamford? After that, Colin and Annette gave us the chance to ask all of our questions that we had gathered about bats. Some questions that we had were, 'How many species of bats are there altogether?' and 'Why do bats hang upside down?' 

To end our workshop, we got the opportunity to have a closer look at the bats that they brought in with them. The three bats were all very different. One was the biggest species of bat found in Britain. She kept shaking to adjust to the temperature in our classroom. Another of the bats was a Long-Eared bat, and being a nocturnal animal, was fast asleep for the whole visit! The third bat was a Pipsqueak bat who was very active and was moving around his bat box!

We had a fantastic morning learning lots of interesting new facts and can't wait to use our new knowledge in our non-chronological report writing! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/11/2015

Tuesday 3rd November- Moonlight Walk

As a spark for our new topic, 'Are you afraid of the dark?' we stayed late after school on Tuesday to go on a moonlight walk. Whilst we were waiting for it to go dark, we thought about what our school environment is like when it is light so that we could compare it to the dark.

We were excited to go on our walk!

When it finally got dark, we put on our coats and wellies and went out to explore the field and garden. We found that although it was the same place, it felt very different when the light was gone!

We had a lovely time and are excited to learn lots of new things in our new creative curriculum!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/11/2015

Wednesday 21st October 2015- A Victorian Experience!

On Wednesday 21st October 2015, Year 3 had a Victorian experience day.

We all came to school dressed as Victorians. We looked amazing!

Our amazing Victorian costumes!

To start the morning, we had a Victorian school experience. We were surprised how different schools were, especially the teachers!

Practising our handwriting with slate and chalk!

After that, we took part in lots of Victorian activities, such as making gruel, washing with carbolic soap, Victorian decoupage and playing with Victorian toys.

In the afternoon, we were treated to some Victorian entertainment. We learnt about Punch and Judy shows and how they changed during the Victorian times. We created our own Punch and Judy booths and characters, and were then treated to a Punch and Judy show which we loved!

Chris explaining Punch and Judy in Victorian times!

We had a fantastic day!

We really enjoyed the Punch and Judy show!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/10/2015

Crazy Crime in Year 3!

During Tuesday's lunchtime, Year 3's classroom was involved in a crime.

There were black footprints leading from outside into the classroom and on top of the work surface. There was a black hat found on the patio, a letter from the criminal and some strange red fluff left on the window sill.

We also noticed that Paddington, our lovely, brown bear had disappeared. We think he got bearnapped!

Year three have been investigating the crime by taking notes, interviewing people for quotes and writing in the third person about the crime. We will use these skills next week to write our newspaper reports!

Brandon and Jayden interviewing each other

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/10/2015

Monkey Music for National Poetry Week

This week it is National Poetry Week and on Thursday, we are going to tell our poem to the entire school!

Our poem is called Night Monkey, Day Monkey and it is by Julia Donaldson.

Jack, Jayden and Chloe busy making music!


Today in Music, we used the instruments to put sounds into our poem.

We all worked really hard!

Now we all need to learn the words!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/10/2015

Friday 17th July 2015 - Welcome to Year 2.

Although we had checked the weather forecast and got the anticipated sunshine for most of the morning, we hadn't looked at or considered how windy our changeover day was going to be and it certainly made our morning interesting. 

tent 1tent 2

We managed to pitch two out of three tents for our day camp which was the spark for our topic starting in September - "Raise the Roof" in which we will be considering different types of shelter and homes for humans and animals. 



Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/07/2015

Friday 26th June 2015 - Ice-Cream Sundaes

Now that we have learned how to write instructions, using bullet-pointed lists and numbered steps using bossy imperative verbs, we thought we would turn our hand to recipe writing this week in Year 2.  So, in keeping with our current theme, we have written a recipe for an ice-cream sundae.  Of course, we just had to check it out!!!sundae

Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/06/2015

Friday 19th June 2015 - Underwater Adventure.

We have continued our Blue Planet theme this week in our writing, producing some amazing sea creature descriptive poems, but best of all, we went under the sea without even leaving school!  Off we went, out to play leaving behind our classrooms just as we would normally expect them to be and then the whistle blew for the end of playtime and we were shocked to find a total transformation had taken place.  We went into the Y1 classroom and climbed on board a huge rowing boat.


But ... oh no!  We capsized and had to swim underwater.  We swam under the sapphire blue sea and we saw a mermaid, a shipwreck, amazing sea creatures and so many wonderful treasures.  So, of course, we just had to write about our adventure!

sea 2

sea 3



Did you guess our riddle from last week?  The answer was Orca (Killer Whale).


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/06/2015

Friday 12th June 2015 - The Blue Planet


After our amazing visit to the Sea Llife Centre and the beach at Hunstanton, the children in Year Two have been working really hard this week, using the knowledge and experience gained during our visit to extend their writing.  We have had some super sea creature riddles and their Magic Pebble stories have generated some very exciting adventures.


Seaside 1

seaside 2

What Am I?

I use a high-pitched voice to locate my prey.

I have a baby called a calf.

I am black all over, but not my patch.

I live in a tropical ocean.

I eat dolphins and I am a carnivore mammal.

Our group is called a pod.

What am I?

(Answer in next week's blog!) 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/06/2015

Friday 22nd May 2015 - Shabbat and Shapes!

We have had a very busy end to Term 5 finding out about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat, Grace Darling and lighthouses and in maths, using place value to solve addition and subtraction problems and properties of 2D shapes!  Year 2 have definitely earned a week's holiday!

Shabbat 1

shabbat 2

We enjoyed trying on the Jewish artefacts, eating bread and jam and drinking our "red wine"!


shapes 2

Some of the properties we used to sort our shapes.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/05/2015

Friday 15th May 2015 - The Whale and the Snail

In literacy this week, we have been enjoying The Whale and the Snail by Julia Donaldson, which is a story about a snail who hitches a ride on the tail of a blue-grey humpback whale in order to see the world.  Inevitably, things go wrong and the whale ends up beached on the sand, but the tiny snail saves the day.

We had a class debate to discuss whether the snail should go or stay, then we chose some of our best arguments for and against and put them into speech bubbles and reported speech.  We used time connectives to recount the journey through the eyes of the snail and now we are writing a diary of our favourite moments of the adventure.



snail whale 1

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/05/2015

Friday 8th May 2015 - Cake sale - sold!

We had a fantastic response to the Key Stage One cake sale held on Friday in aid of the Air Ambulance.  The children of the Key Stage One cookery club were busy icing "Bluecoat School Air Ambulance" buns on Thursday after school and during Friday morning playtime their efforts flew off the table quicker than the 8 minute air ambulance response time!

cake 1

cake 2

Thank you to everyone that donated cakes and/or brought in money to support our event.  We sold over 300 cakes/biscuits, raising £63 for our chosen charity.

cake 3

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/05/2015

Friday 1st May 2015

We have been continuing our work on multiplication in Year 2 this week solving real life problems.  We have been using something called "RUCSAC" to help us to remember the steps that we need to follow to solve a problem.



Then we have been using the "inverse" operation to check our work.  We met Mr and Mrs Inverse to help us to remember which operations to use!

inverse 1

inverse 2

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/05/2015

Friday 24th April 2015 - We've germinated!

seed week 1 b

There was great excitement this week when we came to check our sunflower seeds as most had germinated and some even had the shell of the seed still attached "just like in our book", A Seed is Sleepy, by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long.

seed week 1

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/04/2015

Friday 17th April 2015 - Spring is in the air.

Welcome back to Term 5!

As part of a mini-project, we have been thinking about the current season of spring, enjoying the changes that are happening around us with the blossom on the trees and colours of the spring flowers.  We have linked these changes to our own feelings, producing some super adjectives and poems.  We have even done some planting of our own and are hoping that our sunflowers will tower above us all!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/04/2015

Our Trip to the Forge

On Friday we set of for Chain Bridge Forge in Spalding.

chain bridge forge trip

We explored the 200 year old building and all its old fashioned tools.

We had a chance to experience working the bellows. It was really hard work and made our muscles ache. Many years ago young children like us would have been given the job of keeping the fire hot by pumping the bellows.

working the bellows

We all had a chance to do some blacksmithing and made iron coat hooks.



“That blacksmith was really strong,” Remarked Ashton.

Upstairs we had a look at a 3D printer in action.

“It was awesome!” said Brandon, “It can make colourful things.”

There are lots more photographs in the gallery area of our website.

Check out the Chain Bridge Forge website for opening hours if you would like to experience it for yourself at http://chainbridgeforge.sholland.org/

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/03/2015

Rock On!

On Thursday afternoon Mr. Abel came to show us two of his guitars.


He treated us to a concert. Everybody liked the electric guitar best.

We even played air guitar.


After the concert we showed Mr. Abel how we can play Three Blind Mice on the ukuleles.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/03/2015

All the colours of the rainbow

This week we were challenged to make all the colours of the rainbow using just red, yellow and blue powder paints.

See how we got on...

primary colours



Do you have a handy way of remembering all seven colours of the rainbow in order?


Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/03/2015

Make or Break week

This week we have had a brilliant time disassembling the gadgets and gizmos you so kindly donated. It is fascinating to see all the wires and components inside. Our favourite things to investigate have been the televisions.

disassembling a TV


We have also been sawing and sanding ready to make ourselves some claves to play in music. 





Posted by: The Teachers on: 27/02/2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been busy making origami hearts to give to our loved ones on Valentine's Day. Look out for a secret hidden note!

origami hearts

Many thanks to Lacey for giving us the idea, and to her Dad for coming in to help us make them.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/02/2015

Build it up.

On Thursday we watched some builders laying a brick wall.

laying bricks

 We observed carefully to see how they did it and what tools and materials they used.

tools and materials

Back at school we began planning our own bricklaying project. We are hoping to make a raised bed in which to plant vegetables next term. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/02/2015

Let it snow!

We have had a busy week, finishing our friendship stories and getting really quick at remembering our number facts.

On Thursday we had a well-deserved treat when it snowed!

snow 3


snow 2


Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/01/2015


This week we have been scientists, exploring materials to see which are waterproof and which are absorbent, which are transparent, translucent and opaque.

 exploring materials

We are enjoying our new handwriting jobs.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/01/2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

We have come back to school full of beans and ready for an exciting and challenging term. We have started working on a story about a boy who works hard to achieve his goals, and in assemblies we have been inspired by the story of Sarah Outen and her round-the-world adventure. What adventures will we get up to? Watch this space!...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/01/2015

Christmas is Coming!

After two weeks of learning songs and lines, making T-shirts and rehearsing, we finally performed our Christmas play on Thursday. Mrs Hines, our parents and grown-ups were extremely proud of us, and some even shed a tear of joy!

The cast


The choir


The narrators


Wednesday was Christmas dinner day. We enjoyed the silly cracker jokes, scoffed our turkey and got very chocolatey faces from the yule log! No sprouts, though. Sigh.


Not long to go now until the big day!!!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/12/2014

Fabulous Fineshade

On Wednesday we bundled oursleves up warm, pulled on our wellies and went off to Fineshade Wood.

We spent the morning as Nature Detectives, searching for signs of animals and keeping our eyes peeled for the trees and leaves we have learned to identify.

nature detectives

After a delicious alfresco lunch we marched off to find the tree house deep in the woods. We worked together to gather fallen branches, heave them into place and figure out how to use them to make shelters.

shelter building

Everybody had a chance to climb up into the tree house. It was a real challenge for everybody, and we felt truly proud of ourselves afterwards.

tree house

Thank you to all the adults who came with us, especially for helping us to climb the treehouse and build our shelters.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/11/2014

Cooking Delicious S'mores

We have started to think about how useful wood is.

Yesterday we cooked delicious s'mores on a wood fire.

roasting marshmallows

enjoying delicious s'mores


Come and make one on Thursday at the Gallery opening!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/11/2014

Sticks and Stones


This week we started our new project 'Sticks and Stones'.

We started off by investigating the wood and stones brought in from home. We found ways of measuring them to find out which was the longest, thickest and heaviest. Congratulations to all the winners!

Next we used them to make natural sculptures.

natural materials sculptures

Then we went for a leaf hunt around school.

gathering leaves

Back in class we examined the leaf shapes to identify which trees they come from.

leaf identification

Look out for a night-time leaf hunt on our next gallery opening evening!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/11/2014

Remembering Nursery

This Thursday was National Poetry Day. The theme this year was 'Remember' so we decided to write a class poem about our memories of Nursery.

Everybody had the chance to visit Nursery to remind ourselves of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings.

We had lots of different ideas, and chose some of the most popular ones to make this amazing class poem.

remembering nursery poem

We practised hard all week to learn the words by heart and to say it nice and clearly and all at the same time. Then on Thursday we performed it in front of the whole school. Mrs. Magan came to watch us and said she thought it was wonderful. We were all amazing!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/10/2014

flying kites

This week we are learning about China in the continent of Asia. We discovered that a popular pastime in China is kite flying. With the help of some of our parents we had a go at constructing kites, then took them outside to fly them. They worked pretty well, although we have some ideas about how we could design and make some even better ones. Thanks to all the grown-ups who helped out - we had a lovely time!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/09/2014

Morocco Mania

Last week we found out about the country of Morocco in the continent of Africa.

On Thursday we had a Moroccan afternoon. We tried tying turbans, listened to Moroccan music, and sampled Morrocan food and drink.

eating cous cous Enjoying fruity Moroccan couscous


oranges and cinnamon

It's a thumbs up for oranges with cinnamon.


moroccan tea

"More Moroccan Mint Tea for me, please."



Modelling the latest Moroccan turban fashion.


moroccan building

Flat Mrs.Bloor enjoying a rest by a Moroccan fountain.

Many thanks to Mrs. Scullion and Gemma Scullion for providing all the artefacts and food,

and well done to all the children for working so sensibly and safely when slicing the oranges.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/09/2014

Flat Friends Return!


Our Flat Friends have begun to arrive back from their holiday travels with some exciting tales to tell.


Flat L. went to Hastings for a paddle in the sea and spent all her money in Hamley's toy shop in London.

Flat L. in Hastings




Flat J. visited Wales. He saw some mountains and had a wild time at Twycross zoo.

 flat j



Flat A. spent a busy day at Grandma's house and made a little book all about her adventures.

flat a


Flat Mrs. Bloor went to Walt Disney World in America. She ended up going on safari in Africa with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.flat mrs.bloor on safariw with Mickey and Minnie Mouse


A big thank you to everyone who has sent back their flat friends. We are looking forward to some more soon.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/09/2014

Friday 11th July 2014 - What a week!

We have had such an exciting time this week with the opening of the Year One gallery. 

With Mrs Bloor, we made bread just like the Little Red Hen and masks and rehearsed for our rap. We have great fun collaging the Gingerbread Man with all of our photographs and we were so proud to see all of our hard work displayed in the school entrance hall.  Thank you for coming to support us.

It has indeed been a "zipperdy-do-da satisfactual"  week! 

Y1 Gallery

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/07/2014

Monday 30th June 2014: Rand Farm Park

A great big thank you to all the children and adults in Year One for making our visit to Rand Farm Park today so fantastic! 

The journey ... smooth, without a glitch.  The sun ... shone, but not too hot.  The children ....  truly amazing!

Quotes of the day:

"Would you believe it ... all of Year One out on a bus for the day?  It's great!"

"I can't wait to get home and tell my Dad about all of this."

"This is the best day ever!"


More photos soon via the Gallery section.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/06/2014

Fighting fit! Friday 6th June 2014

We have had a busy first week of term in Year One working towards our Legacy challenge.  On Tuesday we had porridge for breakfast with honey and raisins, which gave us the energy we needed for our Sports for Schools fitness challenge.

On Wednesday we walked to the pool and everyone was really impressed with our swimming.

Then today, we have been trying out different healthy cereals which gave us the fuel we needed for our PE lesson. Sports for Schools Fitness Circuit.





Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/06/2014

Wednesday 21st May 2014 - Fruit kebabs.


We have really enjoyed making fruit kebabs as part of our healthy eating topic.  We thought about how the different flavours tasted when they were put together and which were crunchy or soft.  We also talked about eating different coloured fruits to give us the range of nutrients we need to be healthy. 

We'd love to hear about the rainbow of fruits and vegetables that you have tried out at home.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/05/2014

Friday 16th May 2014 - Sowing and Growing

Replanting the wheat.Sunflower seeds.








We have had a busy week in Year One. Our wheat has grown so quickly that we have had to replant it into a bigger growbag just two weeks after planting the seeds.  We have also planted sunflower seeds this week, so we are hoping that they grow just as successfully.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/05/2014

Wednesday 30th April 2014 - Swimming

We went swimming this morning!  We were all very excited when we arrived at school.  Walking to the pool did not feel as far as we thought it would and we were all really sensible.  Once we were changed, everyone went into the water and had lots of splashy fun.  Everyone was brave and the verdict is MEGASPLASHTASTIC!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/04/2014

End of Term 4 Award


Our lunch time award.


Year One won the lunch time award! 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/04/2014

Our Homework - Tuesday 1st April 2014

Chiara with the winning homework

We brought in some colourful homework this week.  Mrs Clifton has just been in to judge it, but we will not know the winner until Friday!  We are so excited!


Here is Chiara with her winning homework.  Well done Chiara!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 01/04/2014

Library Books

Please return all library books tomorrow ready for the end of term.

Thank you.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 31/03/2014

Welcome to the Year One blog!

Lottie mastering the spinning plate.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our open evening last night.  It was good to see you trying out our circus skills and well done to Lottie who is determined to master the spinning plate before the end of Term 4!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/03/2014

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